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Summary: Bella and Edward have set the date for when they are to get married. Bella finds herself spending more and more time with the Cullen's in preparation for her wedding. To help plan, Alice has invited their 'cousins' the Denali's to help. When Kate first see's Bella she's knows instantly that Bella is hers', unfortunately Edward sees this as well and will do what he can to keep Bella.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to wearing these things Alice." I whined to Alice.

Every day for at least an hour, Alice has had me practice walking in heels. Not only does my feet hurt from wearing the things so much, but so does my ego from the constant tripping I've done that thankfully Alice has caught me. At least this time our 'learning to walk in heels session' will be cut short because the Cullen's cousins are coming in today. Alice invited them over to help with the wedding to make everything perfect.

"You will Bella, trust me, I know this. You just need more practice. That's why we're practicing now when there's still plenty of time before the big day for you to get this down." Alice said as she carefully watched me walk across her bedroom floor.

No sooner did she say that did I feel myself start to trip and possible hurt my ankle, but of course Alice saw this coming and caught me in time before anything bad happened. Once I was steady, or as steady as I could be, on my feet again, Alice let me go and motioned for me to continue walking.

"Told you." I mumbled, making Alice roll her eyes at me.

I slowly started to walk in a line to hopefully get to the other side of her room. My plan is the slower I walk the easier it will be to keep my balance. Then as I get better at walking slower, I'll pick up my pace. I personally think that's a really good plan. I had taken two steps when I heard Emmett yell from downstairs.

"Our cousins are here!" Emmett yelled at the top of his lungs.

I've been feeling a little nervous about meeting them. Edward has told me countless times that they will like me and that I have nothing to worry about, but I'm still nervous. As soon as I start to feel my nerves, I then feel a blanket of calm wash over me.

"Thank you Jasper." I said quietly, embarrassed at having to need his help to calm down and at being caught being nervous. Though it was an empath that caught me; so I shouldn't feel that bad.

"Jaz says you're welcome. I'm going to say hi to them. I would say keep the heels on to get in more practice, but I think you would be more comfortable in your regular shoes. So change into them and meet us downstairs okay?" Alice said.

"Okay, thank you Alice; I'll be down there in a second." I answered.

Alice nodded once at my answer then vanished out of sight. As quickly as she disappeared, Edward replaced her spot. Knowing that I can barely walk in these things, Edward lifted me into his arms and carried me over to Alice's bed so that I can put my shoes back on. As Edward picked me up, he gave me a chaste kiss on the lips. My hands went to tangle in his hair, but before I could get his head in my grasp, I was sitting on the bed and he was a couple paces away from me.

"Thank you Edward." I said, ignoring the fact that he just distanced himself from me again.

"Anytime Bella." Edward said in his velvety smooth voice. "I decided I should go downstairs with you to introduce you to my cousin's. I know you've been nervous about meeting them and I don't want you to be." Edward said in a caring tone.

I can't help but feel touched at his words. I was kind of hoping he would go downstairs with me to meet his cousins. I would have thought he would have waited downstairs for me to go to him since he was already down there when Alice banned him from our sessions a week ago.

"Thank you Edward, I really appreciate that." I said as I tie the laces on the first shoe I put on.

"Of course Bella; I'm your finance, that's what I'm supposed to do." Edward said.

I quickly put on the other shoe and stood up when it was. As soon as I stood, Edward was immediately at my side with his arm around my waist. He started to guide me out of Alice's room and to the staircase. As we descended the stairs I could hear laughter coming from the living room. I could hear Emmett's booming laughter and Alice's bell like laughter. There was also at two other voices that I couldn't recognize, obviously the cousin's. One of their voices though, at least their laughs, sounded so smooth and velvety that it made me instantly rank it better than Edwards.

As we reached the bottom of the staircase and then the living room, I was able to see the Cullen's five cousins. There were three blondes; well one was more of a strawberry blonde, and two Hispanic looking vampires sitting in various seats around the living room.

"This must be the Bella we've all heard so much about." The strawberry blonde said as she stood up from her spot on the couch. "My name is Tanya Denali and this is my coven, my family." Tanya said as she made her way to me.

When she reached me she shook my hand in greeting and turned to partially face me and the rest of the room. I think this is the first time I've met a vampire and they didn't comment on my scent. Even the Volturi commented at some point about how I smell to them.

"The couple on the loveseat is Carmen and Eleazar. The one next to Alice is Irina and finally the last one is Kate." Tanya said, introducing her family.

As Tanya introduced them all I nodded to them and gave a slight, awkward wave to which they all nodded back to me. When Tanya introduced Kate though, it was different. For some reason the small hello I had planned to say got caught in my throat and I couldn't raise my hand even a little to wave at her. Her eyes, though the same color as everyone else's in this room, are so captivating that I can't stare away. To me it seemed like we had spent years staring into each-other's eyes, but I know it was just maybe a silent few seconds. That was all the time that was needed for Edward to apparently get upset about something though.

"You will do well to keep those thoughts silent about my fiancé, my mate." Edward growled out, earning everyone's attention.

Because she was so close to me, I could see Tanya stiffen slightly at Edwards' growl. Looking at her face though, I could easily tell she didn't stiffen because she was afraid, she seemed to be holding herself back from either saying or doing something.

"I will think anything I want to child and trust me when I say I have a very vivid imagination." Kate hissed out to Edward.

Carlisle seemed like he was going to say something, but Edward cut him off. It seemed everyone became very tense from the few sentences Kate and Edward tossed back and forth between each other.

"I'm taking Bella home. Alice, you and Bella can discuss our wedding tomorrow. Come on Bella." Edward said as he tugged my hand to follow him back out of the room.

"I'll see you tomorrow Bella." Kate called out in a very sweet voice as Edward and I left the room.

Everything that just happened was very confusing, but I know better than to ask Edward about it right away. He'll never answer any of my questions so soon after being upset. Whenever this happens all I have to do is wait until we get back to my house, or sometimes the meadow, and once he calms down, I can talk to him and he usually tells me what made him upset. Usually it's just about something Rosalie thought about me not belonging in the family, which is nothing new but it still upsets Edward or it's something Emmett thought about Edward and I not being intimate.

Edward rushes us out of the house and to his car, which is parked right outside. I only trip twice in our haste, him catching me both times, before I climbed into his car. As I buckled up my seatbelt and he drove off and away from the house, I glanced over at him and I can see he's still visibly upset. Whatever Kate thought apparently really affected him.

The entire drive back home was done in silence. I almost commented about how he might end up breaking the steering wheel with how tight he was gripping it, but I thought better about it. There's no reason to get him even more upset. When we pulled up to my house I was happy to see that Charlie was still at work. He's been working very random hours lately because of being short staffed at the station. So not only is his schedule out of whack, but he's also pulling a lot of hours. I'm perfectly okay with that because then I get more time at my home with Edward without having to worry about Charlie catching him. Not that Charlie would stand a chance of doing that, but still.

Edward, like always, was around on my side of the car and had my door open less than five seconds after he turned the car off. He held his hand out to help me out of the car, just like a gentleman, and lead me to the door. Once I let us in we went straight to my room. I immediately laid down on my bed, my back against the headboard and Edward went to sit in the rocking chair. After a few minutes of silence, I decided I couldn't take it anymore.

"What happened Edward?" I asked trying to sound as concerned as I could.

Edward let out a heavy sigh and ran his hand through his hair. I know this act, this ploy. He's thinking of something to tell but in reality tell me absolutely nothing at all. I really hate when he does this. He says he doesn't tell me things to protect me, but it's still very annoying.

"It's nothing to worry about love. Kate just thought some things that I don't agree with." Edward said.

"What did she think?" I probed, knowing I won't get an answer.

"Just some stupid things. Look, I'm really sorry, but I have to go hunt to calm down. I'll be back later tonight though okay?" Edward said.

His eyes were dark, but not as dark as he's let them get in the past. So I know that he's not necessarily hungry, but he's going to use the hunt as a means to calm down. Perhaps when he gets back he'll let me know exactly why he got upset. I just wish he wouldn't have made me leave his house so soon, I was planning on spending all evening there, Esme had even told me she picked out a new recipe she wanted me to try.

"Okay Edward, just hurry back. We can talk when you get back." I said.

He gave me a grateful lopsided smile that made my heart skip a beat and he gave me a kiss on my forehead before disappearing out of my window. With a sigh I slowly climbed out of my bed; I guess I'll go find something to eat since it's almost dinner time. If I start cooking now I know I'll be hungry by the time it's done.

A/N: Okay, so I finally have a direction for this story and I'm expecting this one to another long one as well. So, Never Stood a Chance, I'll make Kate winning over Bella a little difficult, especially since she's still with Edward. Also, so you guys know, I like all of the Cullen's (except Edward) so I'm not going to make any of them stand in Kate and Bella's way… sort of…

Also, in case anyone cares and since I know people asked in Never Stood a Chance, the actress I picture as Kate is the one from the movies. I like who they picked to be Kate, even though I only remember seeing her for like two seconds.