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Lunch went by a lot faster than I thought it would have. I'm not really looking forward to talking with the Cullen's so I had hoped lunch would have been a longer delay. I have been through a lot with the Cullen's; I don't want to lose them over this. I don't think I will, but there is always that small chance that it could happen. The Denali's are the Cullen's cousins, so even if the Cullen's no longer like me I will at least still see them because of the family connection.

Using my truck, Kate drove us to the Cullen's house. The moment we sat down in the truck, I had Kate's hand in a death grip. There's no reason I should be nervous, these people are my family. If anything, they should be happy for me… right? I found my real mate, that's a good thing.

"You know, instead of telling the Cullen's, we can always just go someplace and consummate our relationship. I personally think that is the best course of action." Kate said when we were about half way to the Cullen's house.

"Kate! First off, just no. Second, they are family; we're not going to blow them off." I said trying my best not to smirk and to ignore my blush.

I know what she's doing. I know she doesn't actually mean… well she does, but she mostly just offered that to get me to relax and think about something else. This is her own weird way of distracting me. I really do appreciate it, even if she sometimes has no filter.

"So, instead of blowing them off can I –" Kate started but stopped when I covered her mouth with my hand, which she promptly licked.

"Kate! I swear all you think about is sex." I said as I wiped my hand off on her shirt.

My tone told her that I'm annoyed, but the small smile on my face tells her that I'm thankful for her distraction.

"That's not true Bella. I don't think about just sex in general. I think about us having sex, there's no way I would think about someone else." Kate said with a smirk.

Instead of answering her, I just rolled my eyes. I know that if I answer her, she'll just keep going until I yell at her to stop, or until my face looks like a tomato. Her real objective is complete, I'm not as nervous anymore. With Kate at my side, I know for a fact that I'll be fine.

Before long, Kate parked in front of the Cullen's house. I'm not sure why, but I somewhat expected Esme to come running out, yelling at me about ruining Edwards happiness and that I'm no longer welcomed in her home. Of course, that didn't happen.

As soon as Kate turned the truck off, she was immediately on my side with the door open. Silently, I took her offered hand and we walked towards the front door.

Without knocking, Kate just let herself in. I suppose she did this because not only do we both know that the Cullen's already know we are here, but also she is their cousin. Family normally doesn't have to knock to come in; at least close family doesn't.

Kate led me straight to the living room where I'm sure the Cullen's are all waiting for us. Sure enough, the moment I walked in, I was enveloped in a hug by Esme.

"Congratulations Bella." Esme said when she finally pulled back.

The look on her face was one of happiness, but there was a bit of sadness there.

"Alice told us already." Carlisle said as he pulled me into a hug next. "We're just happy that you're happy." Carlisle said.

It took all my will power to not tear up from being so happy.

"I guess Rose was right all along, you weren't meant to be one of us." Emmett said with a smirk. "You were meant to be a Denali." He finished with a huge grin.

This went a lot better than I thought it could have. I should have known that ultimately all Carlisle and Esme and really just the whole family, want is for their whole family to be happy. That includes me and Kate. It's just unfortunate that Edward still doesn't have a mate. I'm sure he'll find his mate eventually.

We spend the next couple hours just talking about how it all happened. Alice and Esme, especially Alice though, wanted to know how it all happened. It was actually nice to hear Kate's version of what all has happened. Though, when both she and Alice started talking about a wedding, I decided it was time to leave. I just started this relationship; it's way too early to be talking about getting married. Though, I can see myself eventually marrying her, just not right now.

As soon as I got home, I started on cooking something nice for the three of us to eat. Basically I just cooked Charlie's favorites. I know Kate won't be actually eating, so I served the three plates and made sure both mine and Kate's plates weren't that empty. This way, Kate can sneakily put food on my plate to eat so that it looks like she's eating.

When Charlie got home, he was really surprised about the meal and of course naturally suspicious. He had no problems eating it though without asking anything accusatory. It was only after Kate and I cleared the table that Charlie got serious.

"I know you didn't cook my favorite foods just because you felt like it Bells; what's going on?" Charlie asked.

He gave Kate a quick look that meant he pretty much knew that whatever is going on has something to do with her.

"Well, I have some news for you dad. Some good news." I told him hesitantly.

"Go on." He said, his face not giving away what he's thinking.

I'm sure he's waiting for the bombshell that something big happened like me getting pregnant. I can guarantee that's never going to happen… unless Kate is hiding something from me…

"I broke up with Edward." I said quickly.

At first I thought I was going to see a huge grin break out on Charlie's face, but then with a twitch his face was back to a poker face. He didn't need to say anything for me to know that he knows there's more to tell him.

"I broke up with Edward because… because I fell in love with Kate Denali." I said.

I couldn't stop the huge grin from forming on my face if I wanted to. Saying those words out loud make me so happy. The same time I talked, Kate had grabbed my hand, above the table of course because doesn't care about P.D.A. and I couldn't help but give her a quick look after I told my dad I love her. Naturally, she has a mating grin on her face.

"I'll be honest here Bells, I'm glad you left Edward; he wasn't good for you." Charlie said, gaining both mine and Kate's attention again. "But, I wasn't expecting this." He finished.

I felt my face drop at his words. I should have thought of this. Charlie has been in a small town his whole life; he wouldn't be used to this kind of relationship.

"I can assure you Charlie that I love Bella and I will do my best to make and keep her happy. I know you don't know me that well, but I can assure you, we are more of a match than you know." Kate said, looking Charlie in the eye. "Your daughter keeps me in line, helps so that I don't go over-board with my jokes. At the same time though, I help her have fun all the time. We belong together Charlie." Kate said.

If Charlie wasn't here, I would have already launched myself into Kate's lap and kissed her. She sounded so sincere and serious that there's no way anyone could ever doubt what she just said.

Charlie sat back in his chair and scratched the back of his head. After a couple minutes of him thinking things over, he finally talked.

"First off Bella, I will always love you, no matter what. What I meant by I was expecting this is that I never once thought you would have liked girls. But I can tell by just the way you two are acting and the fact that Kate came over to be here for this, just tells me you guys are very close. I don't think you've known each other long enough for it to be love, but you two definitely have strong feelings for each other." Charlie finally said.

I immediately got off my chair and gave Charlie a hug. Luckily he knew what I was going to do, so he stood up so I wouldn't have to lean over awkwardly to hug him. He just lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.

"Thank you so much dad." I said when I finally pulled away.

"If anything I should be thanking you for finally breaking up with that boy." Charlie joked, causing all three of us to laugh. "But seriously though Bells, don't ever doubt how much I love you." He said seriously once we calmed down.

"I think I'm going to go to bed now. Today's been a long day and I just want it to be over." I said.

"You may be over eighteen, but this is still my house. That door will be open with just you two in there." Charlie said, his protective dad mode kicking in.

"Don't worry about it Charlie, I actually have to go see my family now anyways. Plus, when we fool around, it won't be where we can be interrupted." Kate said as she stood and started pulling me out of the kitchen.

Just as we left the kitchen I could see Charlie's face go just as red as mine.

"Kate!" I yelled in a reprimanding tone which only caused her to laugh.

Kate let me out the front door onto the porch. Kate wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me flush against her. I responded by wrapping my arms around her neck.

"I think my dad will notice there isn't an extra car here and no one drove up to pick you up." I whispered.

I don't know why I whispered, but the mood just screamed 'whisper only'.

"Just tell him I walked, he doesn't need to know anything else." Kate whispered back to me.

"You gonna go to my room?" I asked as I lowered my head to rest against her shoulder.

"I was going to actually go read a book because such a better use of my time." Kate answered sarcastically, making me giggle. "Of course I'm going to your room, what better location to try and get in your pants than in your room?" Kate asked in a very serious tone.

"I would think someplace where your family won't be." I answered with a smug smirk that even though she can't see I know she knows it's there.

"I could always cancel." Kate said then paused. "But apparently Tanya doesn't want me to." Kate said in a slightly annoyed voice.

I pulled away from her slightly, but kept my arms around her. If Tanya is within hearing distance, then I suppose I should go call Renee and get that over with so that I can talk with the Denali's.

"I'm going to go call my mom and tell her; then we can all talk." I told Kate.

"Make it fast." Kate said as she leaned in as close as possible without our lips actually touching. "I can't promise I won't distract you while you're on the phone." Kate said in a sultry voice.

Before I could even think of a comment, Kate's lips attacked mine. Before I could get too distracted with the kiss though, I found the strength to pull back.

"If you do that then I'll hold back everything for a month." I threatened before quickly making my escape.

I believe the only reason I was able to leave Kate's arms was because she was in shock because I actually threatened to do that. I'm sure in her world she doesn't think it's possible to go a day much less a month without some sort of physical contact between us.

I closed and locked the front door behind me then quickly, but carefully, made my way to my room. I yelled out to Charlie that Kate was walking home already and that I'm going to bed. I know Charlie would have preferred to offer Kate a ride than to have her walk home at night since it's not safe, but I closed my bedroom door before he could get the chance to make the offer.

As soon as I got to my room I quickly called my mom and told her what happened. Unlike Charlie though, Renee wanted details… like Alice did. Fortunately I had an escape though. All I had to do was tell her that Kate was here and that we were going and that got Renee to get off the phone quickly.

Kate crawled through the window and instantly I was pulled into a hug. When I pulled away I saw the other Denali's crawling through the window.

"Miss me sexy?" Kate asked with a smirk.

"Always." I answered truthfully.

"As touching as this is, I believe we're here for a reason." Irina said with a smile as she ignored the glare Kate sent her.

"Well, yeah, as I'm sure you all know, Kate and I are official now." I said after Kate turned me around in her arms to face her family while she held me to her.

"Well yes, we knew that was going to happen." Irina said with an eye roll.

"What we're curious about though, something Kate has neglected to tell us, is how Edward reacted." Tanya said.

Of course they would want to know that. Mates always, somehow, find each other so it was no question of whether Kate and I would be a couple; just a matter of when. They didn't however; get to see us tell Edward, so they would naturally want to know how his over-protectiveness acted.

I briefly told them what happened, with Kate pitching in her two scents occasionally.

"Good." Carmen said with a smile.

"I was hoping our talk did some good." Tanya said with a smirk.

"Talk?" I asked her.

"Didn't Kate tell you?" Eleazar asked me.

"Apparently she didn't." Irina answered for me.

Before I could turn around and demand an explanation from Kate, except more like ask than demand, Tanya spoke.

"We simply had a very engaging conversation where I convinced Edward that he has no right to mess with someone else's mate." Tanya said with a smile that told me she only told me the 'pg' rated version of this story.

At least this explains Edwards' reaction. Not that I was really worried about it, just surprised. I bet anything Tanya had more than just a conversation with Edward. No offense to Edward, but he can be really stubborn sometimes. I wouldn't be surprised if Tanya threatened him to back off or something.

"Thank you Tanya." I said sincerily; it's one less thing I have to worry about.

"You're my sister's mate Bella; as far as I'm concerned that makes you my sister and I look after my sisters." Tanya said with a smile.

I think, no, I know I'm going to like being in this family.

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