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I woke up to strong, cold arms wrapped around me. Somehow in the night I had somehow managed to lie on top of Kate. My arms are weakly wrapped around her waist while my face is in the crook of her neck; her intoxicating scent almost makes me want to fall back asleep. Her arms are wrapped tightly around my waist; both hands have already found themselves under my shirt. I wouldn't be surprised if right after I had fallen asleep her hands took claim to having contact with my skin. Kate seems to be really into the whole physical contact thing; I believe that's because she hasn't had a mate for nearly a thousand years.

In my still slightly sleep induced haze, I cuddled as close as I could to Kate to feel more of her body against mine. There wasn't much space between us, if any actually, because Kate already made sure to keep me close through the night. I moved my legs slightly to become entangled with her just a little more.

"Good morning." Kate said in a sultry voice.

"It's not happening Kate." I said from position against her neck.

For the last several days Kate has been trying more and more to have sex. I already know from her past that she is a very sexual person and I expect that in time I will be also. I doubt in the future that I'll want to stop having sex with Kate because… well… it's Kate, enough said. But for right now, I'm just not ready yet. Our relationship is still new and I want to build a little on our foundation before we do have sex. I know we're soul mates and we don't really need a foundation because we are meant to be together, but it feels right to wait a little.

"What? I just said 'good morning'. I'm just being polite." Kate said with mock hurt in her voice.

If I was just focusing on her voice, then I would have probably given her the benefit of the doubt and believe her. In truth, there's nothing wrong with saying good morning when I just wake up in her arms. I happen to actually really enjoy it.

The problem I have is her wondering hands. One hand has already slipped inside my pants and is cupping my ass; which I have to admit I kind of like. The other hand is awkwardly slipping higher up my back and slightly down my side. I'm sure if I let her continue, her hand will end up on my breast.

If I let that happen that it will be much harder to say no to her. I'm just simply not ready for sex yet. Kate is okay with that. She's told me numerous times that she'll wait as long as she has to for sex. The reason she gave me is she more than okay with it because she feels like she won a huge victory from winning me Edward. She then tends to go on a little tangent about how much she doesn't like Edward (using some colorful words in both English and her native tongue).

Even though Kate is okay with waiting, she still seems to have no problem to make advances with me. To be honest, I enjoy this little game of ours. Kate tries her hardest to see how far she can get before I pull away and I like to see how hot and bothered I can get Kate before I pull away. It's even more amusing when this happens in front of her coven and the Cullen's.

I remember one time when Kate tried something while we were watching a movie with the Cullen's and I told her no, someone made a comment about how much we complement each other. I think it was Tanya who said that for as much fun Kate likes to have and for how much Kate likes to go a little over board sometimes; I'm able to keep her in line and make sure she doesn't do anything too stupid.

I've heard several of the vampires say similar things about me and Kate and I can't help but agree with them. I like to have fun yes, but not nearly as much as Kate does. I love how much we tend to balance each other out.

"Your hands seem to want to say good morning too." I said with a smile.

Her hand squeezed my ass a little, almost as if she was agreeing that her hands sometimes have a mind of their own.

"And who am I to stop them from being polite to the love of my life?" Kate said, inching her hand that's not on my ass a little closer to its' goal.

Kate can be romantic, I swear she can. Lines like she just said, even though they're insanely corny, always make me swoon for her. I can't help it. Every time Kate says something sweet like that, my heart swells with more love for her. Usually when she does that and we're alone we end up in a make-out session. I think that's why Kate does it, but I don't mind because I know she means it.

"Someone who's libido has high expectations." I said as I started to slowly remove myself from her arms.

"Well, go big or go home right?" Kate asked with a smile.

I nodded my head 'no' with an amused smile on my face. I managed to lift myself up off of her but before I actually left her embrace I gave her a quick good morning kiss. I didn't used to like to do that because of morning breath. But after Kate telling me numerous times that she doesn't smell any morning breath (that or she doesn't care) and her always getting a kiss anyways before I can escape to the bathroom to brush my teeth, I gave up on trying to avoid a good morning kiss.

"Don't go home just yet though." I said when I pulled away from the kiss.

I stumbled out of bed, more from Kate holding onto me than my ability of being clumsy and started to walk towards the door to go to the bathroom.

"Not without you." Kate said and she moved to lie on her side and propped her head on her hand as she watched me leave.

I was pleasantly surprised when I finally went downstairs and found Kate had breakfast made for me. She had everything laid out on the table and was sitting next to my chair reading the newspaper. With a quick kiss to Kate, I took my seat next to her.

"Thank you Kate; this looks amazing." I said before I started to eat.

Since Kate and I started going out, she has made me breakfast every morning. She claims she does it because she loves me and just wants to see me happy; but Emmett, Irina and I happen to believe she does this to try and butter me up to give in to having sex with her sooner. Either way I win.

"Anytime." Kate said nonchalantly.

I continued to eat in silence as Kate continued to read the paper… actually just the comics in the paper. Charlie leaves them out for her since he knows she's here every morning to have breakfast with me.

Once I finished eating I started cleaning up. When Kate first started cooking for me, she would also do all the cleaning; claiming she was faster so she should clean so we can have more time together. I felt so guilty though that she did all this work for me to cook a delicious meal, not eat anything then she would clean it all up for me. After about a week I finally convinced her to let me clean up.

"Tanya called me while you were in the shower." Kate said as I started to wash the dishes.

"What did she say?" I asked without turning to face her.

The Denali Coven chose to stay in Forks until Kate and I decided to leave. With Edward gone, the Denali's have no problem taking advantage of the Cullen's hospitality and have been staying there.

"She wants to talk with us." Kate said vaguely while sounding distracted.

I know she's not being vague on purpose. The first time I washed the dishes we naturally talked while I did so. At one point I had turned around for some reason or another to make a face of some sort at her. I only turned my head to look over my shoulder and what I caught her doing both flattered me and embarrassed me. Kate was very obviously staring at my ass while I washed the dishes. Even after getting caught staring, she continued to do so with no shame. She claimed that since we're mates she has full right to stare as much as she wants, especially since she can't touch as much as she wants to right now. Since that day, I've made sure not turn around until I'm done washing so I don't get embarrassed at catching her staring at me since I know she still does.

"About what?" I asked curiously.

Normally if Tanya wants to talk with us she just comes over or waits for us to go over to the Cullen's. So whatever it is that Tanya wants to talk with us about must be important.

"About what our plans are." Kate answered, now purposefully being vague to try and annoy me. I can tell by her tone she's doing it on purpose now. She no longer sounds distracted.

"Plans for what?" I asked, doing my best not to show my annoyance. She'll eventually give me to full answer and since it's not really important that I know right this moment; Kate's game of trying to annoy me isn't working.

"Plans for us." Kate answered.

I put the last dish in the drying rack and turned to face Kate. I leaned against the counter and without saying anything, waited for her to elaborate. Kate knows I'm not annoyed, just that I've caught on to her game and won't let her play anymore. Kate gave me a sheepish grin from being caught before giving in.

"She wants to know what we plan to do about you being turned into a vampire. We both know that it has to happen. We have to, especially because of the laws." Kate finally explained.

Oh. We haven't really talked about that too much. You could say that we've stuck in the 'honey moon' phase of our new relationship and haven't really talked about the serious issues yet. Figures Tanya would want to know. As coven leader she wants to make sure we all keep out of trouble.

"So, tell me babe; what… or actually when, do you want to be turned?" Kate asked with a smile about finally making sure she will get to have her mate with her forever.

Only one answer crossed my mind.

"Good question." I all but mumbled as I started to get lost in thought about what it is that I actually want to do.

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