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Silence. That's all I heard as soon as the pain had stopped. It had seemed I had spent weeks in so much pain that I thought for sure by the time it was over I wouldn't be alive any more. I had almost even tried to beg for death through the pain, but a part of me was insistent that that wasn't what I wanted; no matter how much pain I was in. The only thing I could focus on towards the end of the pain was a very loud consistent thumping sound that seemed to get quicker and quicker. The moment I was ready to yell for someone to make it stop because with that sound and the pain, I couldn't take it anymore and something had to go my way at least once throughout this never ending pain, the sound stopped with what seemed like a deafening thump.

For a few seconds after that, I laid motionless and waited. I don't know what I was waiting for, but I was waiting for something. Something was supposed to happen, there was a reason I went through all that pain. There's no way I would have gone through all that pain for nothing.

All at once, my hearing seemed to come alive with sounds that I never knew existed. A brief memory of me being in a cabin deep in some frozen wasteland crossed my mind as the wind raging outside reached my ears. For the life of me, I couldn't remember it ever being this loud. I heard what I thought was a footstep towards me from somewhere outside and instantly I reacted. My instincts reacted, all to keep me safe from this new, unknown world.

I bolted straight up from where I was laying and almost went through the wall when I pressed myself to it. Right across from me was a blonde woman with amazing golden eyes that seemed to darken slightly as we stared at each other. Did that mean she was getting ready to attack me?

"Welcome to your new life my love." The blonde woman practically purred at me. Her voice seemed really familiar but I couldn't place it with anyone. I felt panic rise in me as I slowly realized that I couldn't recall anyone from my past. My panic was quickly replaced by aggression when the unknown blonde took a step towards me.

I growled threatenly at her and crouched down in a defensive manner in case she attacks me. I had thought I sounded pretty scary, but the woman only laughed at me. At least she didn't take another step towards me.

"So that's how this is going to be? The big bad newborn wants to play? Just remember I'm a little older than you and I've had a long time to learn how to play Bella." The woman said with a smirk, clearly enjoying herself. After a brief pause, she added a question. "Do you remember anything?"

I wanted to verbally answer because that would be the appropriate thing to do, but a part of me still saw her as a threat. So I only growled in response.

"I'll take that as a 'no'. Let's remind you of a couple things then shall we?" The woman said with a wicked grin. "First, a newborn really only has two main emotions. Aggression and lust. The second thing is that a mate always knows its mate on an instinctual level. So, even though you may not remember me right now, I'm betting we're about to have a lot of fun." The woman said as she took another step towards me with a wide grin on her face.

I sensed that this woman is in fact a lot older than me that what she appears to be. I don't know how I knew that, but something about screamed at me that she's stronger, faster and knows a lot more about surviving that I do. So, to try and not face off against this woman, I tried to back away… taking the wall with me.

I tumbled out of the small cabin, falling on my back because I wasn't expecting it and was too shocked to catch myself before I fell, and quickly stood back up only to see the blonde woman advancing on me. I started to back away, but was distracted by a voice from someone that not only did I not know, but that I also didn't realize was here. The darn wind was blowing against, not giving away any scents of other people.

"Have fun Kate, take it easy on her; she's new to this life and you'll have plenty of time to… explore." The unseen woman said before I heard several different sets of feet running away from here.

"Oh Tanya, she's just trying to ruin my fun. I've waited a while for you Bella and once you've started, I would be perfectly okay with us not stopping for a day or seven." The woman I now know as Kate said.

Because I was distracted by the unknown voice and trying, and failing miserably, to find it, I didn't realize how close Kate had gotten to me until it was too late.

"Gotchya." Kate said as she tackled me to the ground, instantly angering me.

I felt the beast inside me anger at Kate for tackling me when I wasn't paying attention. I felt anger at being humiliated for being tackled. I felt anger for not knowing much about anything right now. Over all I just felt anger and it instantly ruled over me.

I growled in warning at her to get off of me. Instead of getting off of me, just leaned in closer as she held my hands to my side.

"Are you pissed off my little newborn?" Kate asked to which I answered with a growl. "Then get come and get me back." She teased. Before I could even recognize the challenge in what she said, she quickly placed her lips on mine and my anger quickly melted away.

My eyes slammed shut and all I could think about was Kate's lips on mine. All I could think about was how this kiss was so much better than all the other ones I had ever experienced.

I would have taken a brief moment to be thankful for my memories for coming back but all too quickly Kate's lips were off mine and she was running off into the snow. I felt my beast quickly take control and we both agreed that we had to catch Kate, we just didn't agree on what to do with her when we caught her. I was perfectly okay with just kissing her for eternity but my beast wanted to take her; make her ours. A part of me didn't want to do that, but as I bolted after her and the adrenaline of chasing my prey… I mean Kate my girlfriend not prey; I was starting to see the appeal of what my beast wanted.

I chased through this snow storm for what seemed like hours. Every time I thought I was about to catch her, she somehow managed to get a burst of speed and get farther away from me again. Every time she escaped me, I kept getting more and more upset. I went from wanting to kiss her to wanting to teach her a lesson of escaping me. My emotions were far from my control and my beast was too mad from Kate's taunting to fully realize that even if I actually really did want to hurt her for making fun of me, I never would, I never could.

When it seemed like all Kate was doing was toying with me and I was about to just give up on chasing her and run away, I smelled something that instantly got all my attention.

This rich aroma, though it seemed like it wasn't as good as it could have been, instantly had my full attention. I felt, for the first time since I 'woke up', my throat flare up with such an intense flame that I thought it was on fire again. Instead of chancing Kate, I started to race after the scent, knowing that once I found it I could use it to get rid of the burning in my throat.

"Eat to your hearts' desire, there's plenty for you." Kate said as she ran beside me. I barely registered her words and was only slightly annoyed that I hadn't seen her start running alongside me. The annoyance I felt was brief and was quickly replaced with what I now recognize as hunger as I followed the scent.

I don't know what animal it was because I wasn't able to focus enough, but as soon as I found the… herd or whatever they call it, I lost all control of what I was doing. The beast wanted this scent and I was all too willing to let it because I wanted the fire in my throat to stop.

All too soon, it seemed to me at least, there wasn't any left. Most of the animals had fled by the time I had started drinking from the first one. I was able to follow quite a few of them though as they ran to drink from them. The chase, or the hunt, was fun and being rewarded for it was even better. I only stopped, not because the fire in my throat was easily ignored and not because I was pretty sure I had gotten all the animals within a reasonable distance, but because Kate was laughing at me.

"Don't laugh at me." I had wanted to say that as a request, but it came out as more of a demand and with a bit of a growl in the words. I guess this is what the Denali's said about not having full control of my emotions.

"I'll laugh at my newborn all I want; especially when you have such poor manners. You didn't even offer me some." Kate said with a pout as she walked up to me.

To be honest, I hadn't even realized Kate was still following me as I chased down my food. All I was focused on was catching and eating, drinking actually, my food. There was even a brief thought of remorse for my reckless killing, but my newborn lack of caring quickly got rid of that feeling. I can only assume that once my newborn stage is over I will start to feel the guilt of killing these animals, but I also assume that by then, I'll be so used to it that it won't phase me anymore.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't see Kate walk up to me and only realized it when she was so close that we were just barely not touching. I saw her finger come up to wipe some blood off of my shirt and stuck her finger in her mouth. I saw her slowly suck on her finger and instantly lost it when she moaned.

Without thinking of any consequences or of even what I was doing, I tackled Kate into the snow and kissed her with force. My hands held her willing ones above her head as my mouth practically attacked hers. I straddled her hips and I couldn't help but slowly rock slightly from the sudden lust that had hit me from when she moaned.

Even though I knew I didn't need it anymore and for as long I had known Kate she didn't need it either, I eventually let go of her mouth for the unneeded breaths and starting kissing down her face to her neck. Once my mouth reached her neck, I started sucking, trying my best to mark her. It didn't dawn on my lust ruled head that since she was a vampire, she doesn't bruise, so I was trying to mark her in vain.

"Oh, my little newborn, you have so much to learn and I'm so looking forward to teaching you." Kate moaned as I continued sucking her neck.

Since I was so focused on my impossible self-assigned task, I hadn't realized Kate had flipped us until she removed her neck from my mouth so that she could latch her mouth onto mine. I felt her hands caress my sides, slowly lifting my shirt as high as it could go. My hands had, unbeknownst to me until I felt her start to rock, found her ass and had started to massage it.

"This is how you mark what is yours young one, maybe someday I'll let you." Kate said in sultry voice that made me moan.

Before I could ask her what she meant, I felt her teeth sink into my neck. My back arched up so high from the feeling of both lust and pain that the bite had given me. I could feel Kate sucking like I was human and she was draining me and the feeling was almost enough to give me an orgasm.

"Let the fun begin." Kate said once she let go of my neck and stared down at me with jet black eyes that spoke volumes of the lust we were both feeling and about to enjoy.

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