10 Reason

…on why not to accept that stupid marshmallow`s love…

1." I hate that white spiky hair of yours"

"Well Muku-chan I hate that pineapple blue hair of yours too~"

2." I hate that spoiled fish! (Bluebell)"

"I hate that dog of yours as well Muku-chan~"

3."I suffer a lot already,go away"

"Don`t worry,I`ll make love with you,till you forgot all your suffering~~" *wink*

4."I hate perverts!"

"But your friends with the birdie~"

5."I hate sweet things"

"I can be bitter too Muku-chan,how about I demonstrate it on bed?~~"

6."I hate you…"

"I love you Muku-chan~"

7."I hate the Mafia"

"Not all of them are bad~,take me for example~"

8."I hate marshmallow"

"You don`t have to eat them~"

9."I don`t know what love is about"

"Then I`ll teach you,so Muku-chan you wanna know how to be a loving wife or a loving partner?~~"

"….." blushes

10."I love you Byakuran….."

"Then I`ll -…what?..." eyes gleam and tackle Mukuro on the bed.

"B-Byakuran!" shocked.

I`am back~~! and is having a 2 weeks holiday *smirk* going to update lots of them... please await the coming of new fics like "The Bewitching Twin Mists" (Dae69)...I think I need a new title for that..., " Of poem and Confession" (CavallonePrimoxAl), and~ a collab fic with Vongola XII titled " How I say `I Love You`" :D mine is a G27 not sure what pairing that ananas will used though~ *evil mode on*