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Blinding LED lights flashed everywhere as hundreds of pictures were being taken. Photographers, fans, managers, and celebrities flocked the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, ready for the movie event of the year. One could see Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt if they squinted far enough, up by the doors, smiling as they walked in to see another fabulous movie of theirs, or Sandra Bullock signing autographs for the teenage fans. Of course there were other celebrities there, not just the actors. Kanye West decided that this would be the outing of the season for him and was with a blonde who had no big name. Billionaires, professional athletes and whoever else could get their hands on the list walked the red carpet, shining bleached smiles and acting nice for the camera.

Darcia Grace, heiress to Grace Industries, stepped out of the black Beamer, letting the valet take her hand to help her out, and flashing a bright, red-lipstick coated smile to everyone. She too chose tonight to make her monthly outing, opting out of her usual charity function in order to gain more press. As much as Darcia loved playing the role as a genial, child-loving and very charitable billionaire, she'd much rather attend a much more public gathering, one considered fun compared to giving soup to the underfed. As she took her first steps in Louboutin heels and an Oscar de la Renta dress, she felt in the middle of glory. Everyone cheered for her, demanding her attention and calling her name loudly. She grinned at everyone, posing for pictures and waving at the younger kids. These were the events she loved the most; next to the Oscars of course.

"Miss Grace! Please, just a quick interview!" One fashion magazine called, and she complied, walking over gracefully and giving the interviewer a small but gracious smile.

"Hello," she said, her voice like an angel's whisper, her eyes shining. "What's your name?"

"Uh, Jackie. Jackie Hart. Thank you for speaking with me!"

"Oh, no problem at all. What magazine are you from?"

"CQ, Miss Grace," the reporter said nervously, fumbling to turn on her recording device.

Darcia laughed. "Please, don't call me that, I sound like a schoolgirl. Darcia is just fine."

"Oh, o-of course. Um, I will make this quick then, Darcia," the reporter stammered, savoring the way she said 'Darcia.' Darcia nodded, glancing around to see that a Porsche had just driven up, and all of the attention going to the person climbing out of the front seat. "Who are you wearing?"

Darcia brought her attention back to the interviewer. "Oscar, and Louboutin, of course. Though the jewelry is mine, as always."

"Brilliant. Is the dress from his Winter collection?"

"Actually, Spring. He only had the designs when I decided that I wanted it. So I guess you could say that I'm wearing the prototype," Darcia laughed.

The reporter joined in shortly. "Of course. And what's going on with your company? Anything big coming out? New weapons, or in your case, jewelry? I like the earrings, by the way."

"Oh, thank you!" she said, sincerely, moving her long hair behind her ear to show off the glowing blue piercing. "They're a prototype and I think they'll become my signature look, which of course means no one else can have it!" she laughed shortly. "Anyway, the company. I can't really divulge on the weaponry, as the Big Man wouldn't be too pleased. He's working on a new project you see. Oh! I wasn't supposed to say that. Oh well, our little secret, eh?" she winked. "Well, us and the rest of the world's secret, at least."

The reporter laughed. "Your secret is safe with us. Now, if you will, can you tell us anything about the gover-"

"And how am I the only one not getting an interview around here? I find that hardly fair."

Darcia turned around to see Tony Stark standing behind her, clad in a rather expensive Armani suit. "Tony! How lovely that you should come in. Speak of the devil, as they say. We were just talking about my father's advancements in weaponry. Anything you like to put in, since you were once so heavy into the field of general warfare yourself?" she grinned, winking at the handsome man.

"Of course. Don't get too carried away. I heard your dad's making a mean investment in tanks, and if he's using my Iron Man suit as any blueprint, then he needs to know the possibilities of...disaster." Tony said, flashing an extremely fake smile at the reporter. Darcia rolled her eyes.

"Because nothing can be compared to the Iron Man, am I correct?"

"Absolutely. Now, if you'll excuse us sweetheart, I believe the movie is about to start," he winked at the reporter and escorted Darcia off with him, holding her arm and grinning to the cameras with a certain debonaire. The reporter objected meekly, but went unheard. "I've got to talk to you about something," he murmured, waving to a news camera.

"And you have to do it on the only night I get to have fun?" she replied, following suit.

"Please. You're always having "fun." Or whatever you call," he looked down at her, underneath his sunglasses, "what you do."

She peered up at him. "I'm impressed. I only smell a fragment of Bourbon. Cutting off, eh?"

"Yes, well, Pepper thinks it's bad for my health or something. Anarchy, I say. I'm perfectly fine." For extra measure, Tony knocked on his Arc Reactor. "Speaking of which, I see you've been messing around with forbidden toys." he inquired, brushing back her light brown hair to reveal her dazzling earrings.

"Do you like them? They remind me of you, minus the smartass remarks and ego."

"Charming as ever. Where did you get those anyway? The leftover blueprints have been destroyed."

"I made them, without your help, thank you. You should've answered my call a few weeks back. It's rude to keep people waiting."

"I was kind of busy. You know, saving the world and all."

"Let's not be too proud of ourselves, Stark." she replied, complying with a photographers request for a posed photo. "I sure hope nothing spreads about us again. The last time this happened, things went south. And you know how I hate rumors."

"Which is why we stopped it from being a rumor, if I remember correctly."

"You do."

Tony grinned. "It's nothing we can't handle. We're two friends going to an event together. That's it. Plus, the world knows I'm dating Pepper. And you're still dating that soccer player right? Torres or whatever? From Chelsea?"

"Eugh, not anymore. He was too whiny, "Why can't I ever score? Why won't you come home early?" Blah, blah, blah. It was annoying."

"And how come I didn't know about this change in relationship status?" Tony asked, mock hurt flashing across his face as the continued their way down the red carpet.

"Maybe if you called me back, I would've told you."

"Fine. I understand where you're going with that. But what I'm saying is-"

She interrupted him. "Please don't tell me you came down from New York to complain about my love life to me. I'm rather not in the mood." Another smile to a photographer, this time demure. Tony held up a peace sign.

"Of course not. I came on important business. On regards of SHEILD," he paused for dramatic effect, letting that sink in.

"SHEILD? What about them this time? We've already dealt with them once before when the Demigod came to New Mexico. Is he back?"

Tony bobbed his head. "Yes and No. Thor is here, but that's not entirely what this is about. We need your...area of expertise...for a small mission."

"Ugh, Tony. You know I only get into government issues when I have too much time on my hands. These days, I don't seem to have enough time to eat, much less be a nanny to a bunch of superheroes."

He stopped walking, standing in front of her, hands up. "No no no. We have Pepper as our nanny this time. We need your help with things like these," he fingered her earring, "and things like these," he grabbed her hand, looking at her fingers. She snatched her hand away.

"Don't cause speculation, Stark. I don't want the press hacking questions as to why you're so interested in my fingertips. Not many people know about them."

"Sorry." He did not sound sorry at all. "All I'm saying is," he started walking again, reaching the doors to the theatre, "come with me to New York, tomorrow. I have my plane waiting at your airfield."

"Of course you do," she turned around and gave one last smile and wave to the crowd, Tony following suit. "Fine, I'll come. But I'm not promising anything. And you owe me a Scotch. You ruined my night." She turned from him and walked through the door.

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