Emily Prentiss walks into the office of the BAU press liaison and can't help but laugh. Jennifer Jareau had only been back from maternity leave for three days and already her office had been "JJ-ed". Where Jordan Todd had kept the office neat and tidy, every folder, piece of paper, and paperclip in its place, JJ's office style was chaotic. Only the liaison herself truly understood her so-called filing system. But Emily's heart is warmed by the change and she can't help but think she wouldn't have it any other way.

Knowing there is no way she will find the report she is looking for without a map, Emily heads to the BAU conference room. As various reporters and police departments had heard JJ was back, her phone began to ring nearly constantly as people angled for press statements or to get the team to help with a case. To get some peace and quiet, JJ had taken over the conference room to get through a stack of case files. Emily taps on the door before walking in.

"Hey, JJ, how's it going?"

JJ sits back and stretches, "Let's see, it's 9:15 and I still have 5 more files to go through before out 10 a.m. meeting. I'd say it's not good so you better have a good reason for interrupting me."

Emily raises her hands, "I do. A report arrived by FedEx for me yesterday. From Franklin County, TN sheriff's office. Ned said he put it in your office because it looked confidential."

JJ rolls her eyes. "I was wondering about that. I know Ned is new in the mail room but someone needs to tell him just about everything we get sent is confidential and to just put it on your desks. I don't have time to baby sit your mail as well as mine. I mean who—"

"Whoa! Hey! Easy, JJ!" Emily tries to calm the liaison as she starts to get agitated. "You're preaching to the choir. I promise you, first chance I get I will show him the errors of his ways," she says with a grin.

JJ can't help but chuckle. "Good. You're report is in the second stack on the right, about half way down."

"Perfect. Thanks, Jen." Emily starts to leave then stops and turns back. "Have I told you how great it is to have you back at work?"

JJ smiles warmly at her girlfriend. "And here I thought you liked me at home barefoot and pregnant."

Emily winks. "That was pretty good, too."

JJ's laughter follows Emily back through the bullpen. Braving JJ's office once more Emily looks at the stacks on the desk. She frowns.

"Which stack does she consider the right? And on the desk or the counter? Good grief, JJ, thank God you aren't this messy at home," Emily mutters to herself.

She does not find the report in the second stack on the right as she faces the desk. With a sigh, she moves behind the desk to get access to the counter filled with case files. No luck there either. She drops down into JJ's chair and looks at the piles on the desk.

"Okay, maybe she meant her right as she's sitting here," Emily theorizes.

Just as she finds the folder she needs, she hears a voice approaching the door.

"Agent Jareau's office is right here, Sheriff."

"Thank you. I can take this from here."

Emily looks up in time to see a man shove one of the security escorts away, step into the office, draw a gun and slam the door shut. He locks the door and glares at Emily.

"Well, Agent Jareau, we finally meet face to face."