Emily stares down at the little boy sleeping so soundly. JJ walks up behind her and wraps her arms around the brunettes' waist, mindful of Emily's sore kidney area.

"He's so perfect," Emily says with wonder.

JJ smiles. "I happen to think so, too, but I've been told I'm a bit biased." She kisses Emily on the neck. "How's your headache?"

"Tolerable." She leans back into JJ. "Have you forgiven me yet?"

"For what?"

Emily turns in JJ's arms. "For not telling him who I really am. You can't tell me you weren't ready to storm in there and tell him the truth."

"Oh, you think you know me so well, do you?"

"Yes." Emily leans forward and kisses JJ's nose. "Plus Reid told me."

JJ laughs. "Figures." She wraps her arms around Emily and leans in close. Emily holds her tighter, rubbing JJ's back. "I was so scared, Em."

"Me, too, Jennifer. All I could think was we'd just gotten started and…" Emily's voice chokes off.

JJ leans back. It is so rare to see Emily cry. It had torn JJ and Garcia up as Em had broken down in the office of the analyst. To see the tears still there, to see how raw the pain still was hurt JJ worse than anything she had ever had done to her physically.

"I love you, Emily. I know it hurts in here right now," she says, patting Emily's heart. "But I promise you it will get better."

"I couldn't stop him, Jay. I…I noticed when he didn't say he'd see his daughter. He made me promise to help her. And I didn't put it all together in time to stop him."

"My God, Emily, you'd been held hostage for 2 days! You're not superhuman! You hadn't had any real sleep, not any real food, you'd been beaten, how could you expect to work it all out in time? None of this is your fault."

Emily pulls JJ close again. "Please…keep telling me that," she whispers.

"For as long as you need. Now let's get you to bed." JJ smiles. "You look like shit, Prentiss."

Emily laughs and JJ is thrilled to hear it and see it in her eyes. "Always the charmer, Jareau. Always the charmer."

Arms around each other, they head to bed to start the healing process together.