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Chapter 3

Twiggy's POV

I heard a thud from upstairs. I wonder who was awake at this ungodly hour. I waited and saw Cassandra.

"What are you doing up?" I asked.

"I couldn't sleep; I remember that there was more traps set up for Zomba," Cassandra said.

"Where is it?" I asked.

"Over head the doorway over there," she said. I opened the door and cold water fell on my head. Cassandra laughed very hard that I thought she would pop a lung.

"You did on that purpose," I said.

"I have no clue what you are talking about Twiggy," she said.

"Cassie, you know perfectly well what I am talking about," I replied.

"Well, it has does have something to do with the fact you replace my sheets with bear skin," she said.

"Well, I hope you wouldn't mind opening the closet, I left a shoe in there," I said.

Cassie opened the closet and ten buckets of Orange Juice fell on her. "Twiggy, when I get my hands on you," She screamed.

"You have to catch me first," I said/I ran to the couch in a second, awaking Baby Fangs and Erica.

"Gaa," Erica said.

I grinned. "I wouldn't leave you out, we just wait for everyone to wait awake in five…four…..three… two…!" I shouted. Alarms rang waking up Alex, Sam, Alex Rider, Martin, Brielle, Scooby, Oswald the Lucky rabbit and Shaggy.

"Brother, I do believe you want a prank war," Brielle said.

"Now, what was your first clue?" I asked.

"Rait, re rave ro rapture rhe rhemon roday," Scooby said.

"Scooby, if we stay here, they are bound to track us and we can have a fun time while waiting," I said.

"A prank war at four in the morning," she said

"What better time? We can divide into two teams of six, and then break apart when we are down to the final seven," I said.

"I am calling team captain of the first team," Cassandra said.

"I call the second team captain. Let's pick first, ladies pick," I said.

"Who said chivalry is dead? I will take Oswald the Lucky rabbit," she said.

"I got my sister, Brielle," I said.

"I will take Alex," Cassie said/

"I will take Sam."

"I will take Baby Fangs," Cassie said, with a slight grin

"Then I got Erica," I said.

"I will take Shaggy, then," she said.

"I call Scooby, then," I said/

"I will take Martin Mystery," Shaggy asked.

"Then I will take Alex Rider," I replied.

"So like, what are the rules?" Shaggy asked.

"last one standing wins and first to lose has to wear a loser pin for the rest of the day," she said. We started to set up pranks. I set up an automatic tomato launcher and Oswald the Lucky rabbit was hit by it first. He was the first to lose.

Cassie shot down Sam first and it narrowly missed Scooby, knocking out the machine.

I set an old rope trap which failed, but made Shaggy eliminated. My sister was very evasive and dodged the attacks. It wound up knocking Martin Mystery out which was sad, since he got not even one prank done but it turned out to be a projection which hit Alex first. Scooby was then knocked out by a paintball. We were down to the final seven. My competition was the now extremely reflexive Alex Rider, Cassie, My sister, Baby Fangs and Erica and finally Martin Mystery.

"Come over here, brother," Erica said. He did not fall for Erica's trick and she threw a pie which missed and hit Martin Mystery. Cassie advanced to put rotten fruits in her cannon which she shot out. It missed my sister, hit Baby Fangs, missed Erica and missed Alex Rider.

I aimed my cannon and it hit Alex Rider and he was out. Cassie advanced and I speed ran and booby-trapped the stairs. Erica tried to climb, but was stuck to the glue I used. She got out and was out. It was down to Cassandra, my sister and I. She dodged the trap and Cassie fell for it, but got out of the stairs.

"How about we call a truce?" Brielle asked.

"Sure, it would save the trouble of falling and being hurt," I said. I was about to shake her hand when I saw it. She had the old classic joy buzzer and I transformed into Nightclaw.

"Not today, Drew," I said.

"Well, you asked for it," she said. She saw the moon and changed into Drew.

"Well, how will we ever end this?" I asked.

" rhe remon's rhere," Scooby said. Time Slime walked through the door.

"Whoever pranks green head first wins," I said.

"Deal," she said. Our traps worked and both captured him.

"Well there was only one thing to do, Drew can you get me some cake?" I asked. She went to grab it and it shocked her.

"That was a cheap move, Nightclaw," Drew said.

I snickered. "It was a pretty cheap move," I said. I turned back into my human form.

"rell, rhat rare re roing ro row?" Scooby asked.

"How about going swimming?" I suggested.

"Sounds like fun," I said. I opened the door and more water fell on my head.

" Exactly how it started," I said. I glared and Cassie bolted for the door