One life to live 3.0 Episode 1

At Llanfair Jessica is sitting on the sofa with Ryder. When Natalie walks in with Liam.

Jessica- Hey Natalie, how is Liam and you doing this afternoon

Natalie- actually were going over to John's house tonight for a "sleepover"
Jessica- i remember those nights with Ford

Natalie- I'm sorry I brought that up

Jessica- It okay hey i have good news to share

Natalie- are u ok you look pale

\Jessica- that because Im pregnant

Natalie- Oh my god that great

Jessica- yeah another child that does grow up with a father

Natalie- hey jess i'll be there when you need me

Jessica- thanks Natalie i don't know what i would do without you

Natalie- hopefully you'll never have to find out jessica- well(ryder starts crying)
Jessica- i guess i have to get up Natalie- yeah i got to get liam to Johns

At buchanan Mansion matthew and destiny are sitting on their bed.

Matthew- Hey how was he today

Destiny- good, he slept for an hour and drank a whole bottle

Matthew- wow we have the best kid in the world

Destiny- Yeah well the good news I get to Graduate with the class this year

Matthew- that great, what about me and you go out to dinner and my parents watch drew for the night

Destiny- I'd love to

matthew goes into kiss destiny. than they start to have a makeout session.

At Labouile Todd and Blair are under the sheets

Todd- i love you Blair

Blair- I love you too todd

Todd- blair can i ask u a question

Blair- sure

todd- Blair cramer, will you marry me

Blair- I don't know Todd are you sure

Todd- Positive maybe we could move to LA to be closer to Cole, Starr, and Hope

Blair- Okay I will be Blair Manning

Todd leans into Blair for a kiss

In Los Angeles, Cole and Starr are sitting on the sofa Cole- Hey Starr can i ask you something

Starr- sure I cant believe were back together

Cole- me either

Starr- do you ever wonder if you didnt go to prison where would be

Cole- Yeah we might be married and working on another kid

Starr- You want another Kid

Cole- Yes i want a son

Starr- and for the marriage part we could get married right now

Cole- How I'm "dead"

Starr- My dad could get you a new identity and I could be your wife like i want to be

Cole- Hey I'll be right back(he kisses her on the lips)

Cole gets up and goes into his bedroom goes to the dresser and get out a velex box

Cole- Its perfect. Hey Starr can you come here

Starr- Sure what's up

Cole- Starr Manning, I love you with all my heart. You and our daughter are my world.

When i was in Statesvilles you and hope got throught some of the toughest time. (He

kneels) Will you do the honor of becoming my wife?

Starr- Yes yes yes

Cole- really (he leans in for a kiss when Hope comes out of her room)

Hope- Daddy Cole- Hey babe, I'm home for good and mommy has big news

Starr- Hope, me and daddy are getting married!

Hope- yeah. Hope happy

Cole kisses his daughter head.

Cole- Me too you and mommy are the only girl in the world for me

Starr- Hope it time for bed

Hope- Night Mommy Nite daddy