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Chapter One: Naru in Konoha

Naru was sitting at a table with all of the other members. Uchiha Itachi sat across from her while Tobi and Deidara sat next to her. To set up a mask in front of the other members, Madara was acting like an idiot Tobi who took orders from Pein who sat at the head of the table as the leader. Madara still gave the orders but acted like he didn't as Tobi.

"Orochimaru left the group and is planning to destroy the Konoha. We need to infiltrate the Konoha, and stop this from happening. So, we can let our little Hime infiltrate the village." Pein stated to the group.

"We should just blow everyone up." Said Deidara.

"No, any other thoughts?" Pein asked.

"I agree with this plan." Itachi said. "The chuunin exams are coming up, and our little Hime is technically still only a genin."

"True, the rest of us have already been declared as Jonin and higher, this would be perfect." Konan stated.

"Then it's decided. Hime, you will have to go and as a group we will state that we have no other examinees." Pein said.

"Thank you." Naru said politely. As everyone left the room she stayed behind with Tobi. "Oh father, thank you so much" she said to Madara, as she hugged him.

"Ah, you're welcome. You have to leave soon so don't waste time, I will see you in the finals."

"Yes father." She ran off to her room and strapped on her double swords and her weapons pouch. She tied her long blond hair high on her head in two pony tails. She sealed at least 5 other pairs of clothes, each was different. She put on her short black ninja kimono with silver trim and an embroidered Kyuubi on the back. She put on her shoes and gloves and walked out with her cloak and hat in her arms.

She went to Pein savoring her time in the Rain Village as she heard the constant rain patter against the windows. "Pein-sama, I'm leaving."

"Yes." He confirmed without looking at her. Naru walked to the village. As she reached the exit to the building, she threw the cloak over her shoulders and placed the hat on her head. Strips of white fabric hung around the rim of her hat covering her whole head.

Once she stepped outside she didn't stop to rest nor eat once. She reached the border in less than a day even while walking and the border patrol stopped her only until she showed them her chuunin examinees badge. She walked the rest of the way till she got to Konoha. She rested that day till the chuunin exams would start the following week.

It had only taken her a few weeks to walk the distance at a leisurely pace and Naru was a little miffed that she still had a week. Naru walked around at night and during the day, she went to a little shop in the village and ate ramen.

She also visited the Konoha training grounds and while others where training she would either hide and watch or sleep in a tree. In this foreign shinobi village, Naru had trouble sleeping and felt hyperactive. Naru could only really sleep with the sounds of kunai clashing and chakra running rampant.

During one of these times, the fighting was happening directly under her. The two men that where fighting each other were named Kakashi and the other was Guy. Kakashi had gravity defying hair and was always late while Guy wore a green jumpsuit and had THE FLAMES OF YOUTH! They were fighting and training but one time when the training got even more violent than normal, Guy used one of his moves called Dynamic Entry splitting the tree Naru was in.

Since she had unfortunately been asleep, she didn't notice Guy using this move and in an uncharacteristic matter, fell out, literally waking into a nightmare. Both Kakashi and Guy just noticed the person in the tree and when she was falling, she focused more on her hat than the ground rushing to meet her. Kakashi jumped forward and caught her while Guy completely grabbed the tree and threw it off into the distance.

Naru had not once taken off her hat or cloak since she had arrived at Konoha so her face was still unknown. "Are you spying on us?" Kakashi interrogated.

"If I where spying on you, I would not have been so surprised that the tree were falling down. Now, get your hands off me, or I will personally slam your face in." Naru said with imaginative venom dripping off metaphorical fangs.

"Yes, who are you, and why were you there?" Kakashi asked clearly surprised by her feminine voice but still shoed his trademark eye-smile.

"You have no right to know who I am, even if I know who you are."

"And who would we be?" Kakashi asked still keeping up his eye-smile.

"You would be Copy Ninja Kakashi and he would be Konoha's Sublime Green Beast of Prey Guy. And I just have trouble sleeping in unfamiliar territory without someone watching my back. The sound of fighting helps lull me to sleep."

"Young lady, do you have the FLAMES OF YOUTH!" Guy yelled with all his might.

"I would appreciate it if you would not associate me with your foolishness. Now, since you both so rudely awakened me, I think I shall go out for some ramen."

"Shouldn't you be training or something?" Kakashi eye-smiled.

"Why would I want to, I am here for a reason you don't need to know so I would kindly appreciate it if you would let me go get ramen." Naru's words grew colder until Guy actually stepped back.

"You are free to do as you please." Kakashi said equally as cold long since foregoing his eye-smile.

"Thank you." Naru sneered and walked away.

"Her FLAMES OF YOUTH are buried deep within her, Kakashi. She's worse than you, my friend." Said Guy sadly, looking at his friend.

"You have to wonder what's she's been through to be that twisted. We need to report to the Hokage about her, come."

"My question is to why she's in the akatsuki."

"I don't know, I don't know at all." Kakashi replied looking sadly at the receding figure of Naru.

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