The Call Verse


The Call to Silence

Sora Matasuki

It woke her up.

The house was so quiet with Conan-kun on vacation in America with his parents, her father had left to play mahjong and most likely get himself drunk again, so it left her with such a quiet house with no distractions to keep her awake. She had found her eyes slipping and being embraced to the land of nodd.

So in the silence the call had been more than enough to wake her up from her pleasant dreams of Shinichi actually returning and staying.

Still half asleep, it took several precious seconds to answer.

"Moshi moshi, this is the Mouri- "

"Ran." the voice on the other end of the phone cut her off, making her take in a shuddering breath of relief, it was him. The boy that she had waited to hear call for so long.

"Shinichi! You haven't called in so long I -"

"I know. I'm sorry." came his abrupt reply.


Her mystery otaku sighed, she could see him put a hand through his neat hair and ruffle it, just like he had when they were younger, when he had been particularly frustrated or stressed.

"Ran, look…I…" he sighed again. " Ran, just listen, okay?"


"I… oh this is hard. I…"

"Shinichi, when will this case of yours be finished?" she burst out, worry and frustration making her patience be on a very thin wire. "It's been so long, why can't you just let the authorities handle it and come home!"

The voice on the other end choked in a shuddering breath. He clamped down on a bitter chuckle. "I can't Ran." The sentence was filled with such raw emotion it made her freeze in shock. He sounded so desperate and heartbreakingly lonely, all in those three little heart felt words, and it tore her heart apart.

"I'm in too deep, I can't stop it now. There's already plans to take them down, we've got the location of one of their bases and we're planning a raid." his voice was rushed, nearly hysterical. It made her blood run cold.

"'we', Shinichi what have you gotten yourself into? Shinichi?"

"I want to tell you so bad, but I can't. I'm putting you into danger even now." his voice was so broken now, so sad and filled with longing. "But I wanted to tell you…"

She was crying now, had been for a while.

A breath, "I - you need to get out of Japan."


"Get out. Get out, now. Before it's too late."

Then, she hear someone shouting in the background, sounding suspiciously like that one detective from Osaka. "OI, KUDO! They foun' us out! They're 'ere! Som' one ratted us out! LOOK OUT! KUDOOOO!" The chilling sound of gun shots rang through the phone, along with several chilling choked off screams. Then, silence.

"Shinichi?" she whispered into her phone, terrified. Still, there was nothing in reply. Just as she was about to give up hope she heard a groan.

"Ran?" came the soft pain filled voice of Shinichi.

She gasped, clutching the phone to her ear, thankful he was alive. "Shinichi! Are you alright!"

A bitter sigh. "No.… I'm not…" Icy fear struck her, causing her to freeze.

"But…I love you, Ran." hi voice sounded wrong, distorted somehow. "I was going to ask you to marry me, that one time at the restaurant." a humorless chuckle.

"Shinichi?" she choked out, trembling as quiet sobs shook her body.

"Do…you remember…that?" came his hesitant question. It sounded distant and faint.

"Yes, yes I do. You were really going to propose?"

"…yeah, but this case…" he drew in a sharp breath, "stopped me…from… doing…that…But, If I were to…ask…what would…your response…be?"

"I-I'd say yes, you mystery baka." she whispered and she heard him sigh softly.

"…Good." came the breathy response. She waited from more but none came. "Shinichi?" There was nothing, no response at all. She felt more tears streaming down her face. She tried his name again after swallowing several times. "Shinichi?"

There was only the crackle of static reaching her ears.

"Please Shinichi, be alive." she choked out. "Please, Shinichi."

Then after a while, there was a wail that broke the silence. A wail of his name. And Mouri Ran, Childhood Friend and fiancé of Kudo Shinichi collapsed to the floor, sobbing. Phone clutched to her chest.

The silence, had never been so frightening and cruel. The silence had never been so cold to her, as it was then.


Okay, I'm back in action! My laptop freaked out and I decided to pull all my Call Verse oneshots into one thing after I got onto the spare computer and a better document format… heh. Word processer or whatever was on my netbook hated me with a passion! Well, enjoy the rest!