The Call Verse


The Call to Immortality

Sora Matasuki

It was so hard, she reflected. Oh so hard to keep on going. She did love him, she knew that now. But he was like water and so like the air, her little thief was. So hard to predict and so adaptable but so unforgiving towards those who wronged him.

But she was like that as well, but better at hiding it. She had had more than a millennia to perfect what was called a "Poker Face" by the little Dove who dressed as a Crow. Just like his father, in almost every way.

Ah, her master Thief. She chuckled fondly at the memory that surffacd, the memory of when they had first met.

He had just stolen a beautiful ruby that she could not remember the name of anymore, it had been so long ago.

The Moonlight Thief lifted the jewel to the moon, almost like an offering.

"Thinking of sending a tribute to Tsuki-hime, Kaitou Kid-samma?" she asked as he sighed almost inaudibly, lowering his hand, jewel sparkling in the silvery light.

"Ah, I do not know your name, though you know mine," the Kaitou said moving his white gloved hand in an intricate pattern that stirred the depths of her memory slightly before she found herself accepting a beautiful rose, creatively crafted out of a beautiful rich red silk that felt like a true rose's petals. It even smelt like an actual rose. She found herself blushing as she tucked the rose into her reddish brown hair. It felt very reminiscent of a fellow wanderer she had met on the path years ago…maybe it was his reincarnation…she smiled.

She felt more alive then she had in averylong time, since a time where magic was more well known, more openly shared though this fellow still held onto the Old Ways well enough even with a modern tint to it. She smiled and curtsied elegantly with her red velvet skirt, still fingering the beautiful creation with her free hand.

The gentleman theif watched her reaction with a gentle smile on his face, one that had broken through his lofty poker face. Somehow he felt it was alright to let down a little of his guard with this woman, like he had known her for a long time and had just remembered the fact. It was actually rather refreshing. He smiled softly and said, " A beautiful flower for an even more wonderful lady." taking her hand and kissing it elegantly, causing her to blush.

Well… she thought,he hasn't changed at all, the charmer. She could see it clearly now, the thief was truly his reincarnation. It was only time until his eyes were unclouded again.

"Though I do not know you name…" he paused amused blue eyes looking her over.

She giggled and curtsied again. "You can call me Akai, Kid-samma." he nodded.

The thief smiled, leaning forwards and to whisper into her ear. "And you can call me Toichi, Akai-hime."

She smirked mischievously towards the reincarnated thief. "Would you allow this princess the chance to leave her tower and escape with her dashing prince?"

The Kaitou smirked back. Giving a slight bow before offering her his arm like any good gentleman. "Milady, I assure you, that I am no prince."

"But my are you charming." she added with a laugh as she took hold of his arm and they disappeared in a swirl of white, just as Nakamori-keibu burst in, only to find an empty roof.

They had met often after that, dating and growing closer again. She had been delighted to accept his proposal. On the night of their wedding, she told him of her secret and he hadn't cared. He also refused her offer of her greatest treasure, merely smirking and saying something rather charming and cryptic to sweep her off her feet once again.

Now in the present she had to worry of how her child would react to being one of the Fabeled. One of the Pandorians.

She looked up as her young doveling opened the door, his face as expressionless as he could get it. But she could see the cracks in his little poker face, the hurt shining in his eyes.

"Kaasan." Kaito said looking at her, "When were you going to tell me?" he showed her the cut on his arm that was quickly closing and knitting itself together until there was only a red mark on his skin, a few more minutes and that too would be gone. "Why didn't you tell me?" he repeated, hurt coloring his tone.

"Oh, Kaito…" Chikage or Akai said saddly, pulling the traumatized boy into her own arms. "I was going to tell you but…" your father had died…

"when, Mom?" his question was muffled but Chikage could tell his poker face that he prided so much was breaking faster and faster. "When were you going to! When I almost make a mistake and tried marry Aoko? Only to find her dead in the blink of an eye! I'm not aging anymore, mother."

Chikage sighed again, rubbing his back gently. "It was before your father died…we had planned on telling you after the show…but I didn't want you to blame yourself for living while he couldn't."

Poker face shattered entirely, leaving behind a broken boy to sob into his mother's shirt, crying the tears that were so sought after by many, that made living a curse.

The price for immortality is to high, Chikage reflected, holding her son closer and making a vow to always be there for her son, and when I find Ryuu again, I'll shove my tears down his throat andmake him swallow it so he will never leave us to Time again. After all, Ryuu always prided himself on his story telling…something Kaito has inherited from his father…

" Hey Aoko. It's me, Kaito... I'm sorry but I can't make it to Tropical Land with you today." Nakamori Aoko blinked and grew angry, "Bakaito! Why can't you!" Kaito sighed, a low sad sound that made Aoko pause. "Something came up, I might not be back for a while."

"Y-You'll be write, won't you?" Aoko asked, blinking back tears and have a horrible feeling that Kaito might never come back..."...Yeah. Sayonara, Aoko."


"Kaito~! I think we should go after your Tantei friends~! They seem to be in quite the pinch..." Kaito nodded chuckling at his mother's antics before growing serious.

"Hai, Kaasan." he said before disappearing in a swirl of white.

Chikage smiled.

Yes he was his father's son, even with her blood running through his veins. But he also held his own heart, her little Dove did, and that made his actions even more heartwarming, despite what the future held.

Those Tantei will never know what hit them, to think my Dove adopted those chaos attracting detectives...we'll just have to welcome them to the family...especially that Shifter, the poor dear, to be stuck in the body of a child while he tries to come up with a logical explanation for so long... I think I need to talk to my brother's decedents about that…

After all, there had been only one Pandora, but who said anything against her having Children?

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