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Life with the Originals: Chapter One

"You know, not to be snarky or anything, but out of all of us, you're the last one I'd think would fall in love so easily…." Kol's teasing tone implied that he actually had meant to be quite snarky.

Klaus put down his paint brush slowly and sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose in typical frustrated-Klaus-esque manner, "Kol, if you wish to keep your arms attached to your body, than I suggest you stop talking now."

"Don't take out your frustration on me, brother, I'm not the one who's got you all flustered."

If glares had the power to burn through someone's skull or steal their soul, Kol would be a goner by now, "No, you are not, but this is not a particularly good time to be pestering me, baby brother. One more word and I swear I will rip your heart out."

"I just wanted to point it out. What has got you into such a twis-"

Before the final word could leave Kol's mouth, his vocal chords were suddenly enabled unusable by his brother's hand being squeezed tight around his neck, slammed up against the wall, knocking over several paintings and frames in the process. It took longer than 'one word', but give the hybrid some credit for his restraint thus far.

"Kol, I don't have the slightest idea as to why, but I don't really think I will pleased with myself later if I kill you now, so please get as far away from me as possible before I lose my mind and find some white oak," Klaus' words came out as a half snarl, half growl as he glowered at the younger original.

Kol had seen Klaus in a rage before and he liked to think he had gotten use to the mad glint in his brother's eyes, but something about this time was different-he didn't just seem angry, he seemed unsettled, volatile and unstable, like something was itching beneath his skin. He knew the reasonable thing would be to walk away….but when has Kol Mikaelson ever been reasonable?

"Alright, brother. I'll do my best to stop being obnoxious, but I won't leave just yet. I am genuinely curious, what is it about that little blond vampire that gets to you?"

Klaus took in Kol's much calmer and less belligerent tone and he suddenly realized what he was doing. He was about to kill his own brother just because he was in a particularly bad mood today. He released his hold on Kol and took a step back to distance himself. He cleared his throat and turned back around.

As he was picking up his brush to paint again, he decided he may as well answer his brother, it seemed to be the only way he would leave him alone today, "I'm not sure I know," he kept his tone calm, but it was rather obvious he was affected by the topic of conversation, "She's just….light. And you all know I'm… not. I suppose it's only natural that she draws me in. It's the strangest feeling, though," as he spoke he started to forget his brother was there, " It's starting to drive me mad, actually."

Kol could only stare as he tried to make a smart ass remark, but he was too shocked at the look on his older brother's face, "I was only joking…but…you really are in love with her, aren't you?"

Klaus blinked, coming out of his gold-curls-and-bright-smile induced haze, he cursed himself as he realized he'd said all that to Kol, of all people.

He couldn't take the words back now anyway so he only groaned in anger and sighed, "It's a possibility."

Kol couldn't help but to burst out laughing. He doubled over, clutching his sides. That didn't sit well with Klaus. He was not a man to permit people laughing in his face, nor had he ever been. As his anger started to rise, he suddenly got an idea. He may as well have some revenge-related fun with his little brother. He was only asking for it, after all.

"Oh, the hypocrite laughs, does he?" Klaus raised one eyebrow serenely, waiting for Kol to take the bait.

Two mere seconds after the words left his mouth, Kol had straightened up and started to stare at him, worried yet intently curious, "What do you mean by that, Klaus?" his words came out indignant and his face only fueled Klaus' amusement more. Oh, he was going to enjoy this.

"Don't think me for a fool, Kol. I know you're smarter than that. You of all people should know how good of an observer I am. Did you think I wouldn't pick up on the way you look at Miss Bennett?" Klaus tilted his head evilly, in a challenge, almost as if to say 'checkmate'.

Kol blinked from shock, a habit Klaus had long since discovered to be one of his tells, "What are you talking about, Niklaus?"

And again. Did he not notice how shaky his own voice was? Or that he only ever uses his siblings' full names when he's scared or angry? Points to me, Klaus thought wickedly.

Klaus laughed, a full-throated laugh, the kind you hear in really bad horror-movies, "I may hit myself for admitting this vulnerability later but, trust me when I say this Kol- a man bewitched by a woman can tell better than anyone when another man is falling under a spell…."

Klaus really reveled in the irony of using the witch metaphor to describe his brother's feelings for the Bennett girl. Truly genius. Pity Kol is too busy clenching his teeth to appreciate it.

"I do not have genuine interest in the girl, brother. You should know that I only appreciate women the way I appreciate a good wine…or sweet blood. Bonnie is delicious to look at. That is all."

Klaus pressed his lips together to keep from laughing and assumed a mocking look on his face, "Oh, Kol, Kol….I can hear it in the way you say her name. Bloody hell, you should realize it too. Even I can't say 'Caroline' without making it sound like I'm praying."

Blasphemous, he thought with a laugh, Seeing as I never pray in any other context…

Kol stood with his jaw hard, breathing through his nose and all out glaring at the hybrid, "You are wrong Niklaus. As hard as it may be for you to believe," he tried for a smirk but it appeared as more of a grimace."

Klaus wanted to snort in disbelief. Kol was still using his full name, therefore he was still flustered. People assume originals can cover their emotions better, but really…true feelings are true feelings and no one is strong enough to repress that.

"You've always liked women that fought back, Kol. And before you say that you just get a thrill out of the fight and nothing more, consider this-if you had really wanted to feed of her or sleep with her, you would've compelled her by now. Hell, you could've even compelled her to fight back if you'd wanted to. But you didn't. For the very same reason that I did not compel Miss Forbes to accept me- when a person is compelled, it's not really them acting, and you want her, not just her blind participation, but all of her. You have nothing keeping you here. Don't say it's for family because you've lived away from us for over a hundred years before and been fine with it. Therefore, it has to be the Bennett witch keeping you here. Whenever she's in a room, you shoot over to mess with her. You grin when you make her mad. Not smirk, grin, like you used to when we were human. And you forget that Caroline is Bonnie'ss best friend. What Caroline knows I know, whether she thinks I'm 'allowed' to know or not, and Caroline has happened to notice you-how did she put it?- 'stalking' her friend."

Klaus finished with a self-satisified smirk when he saw that his brother was struck speechless. He absolutely fuming, but he could think of nothing to retory. So he simply stormed from the room, speeding out the front door, slamming it so hard it ripped of the hinges and broke into pieces.

The sound made Klaus grin.

However, the other original in the house, Elijah, heard the noise and quickly came out of his study with a book in his hand, ready to see what was wrong. When he saw the door, his eyes traced the pattern of dents in the floor-from Kol's stomping-back to the room in which Klaus was standing.

He sighed, looking slightly frustrated and not at all surprised.

He looks over the damage, probably about a thousand dollars in repairs, and flicks his eyes back up to his brother's tense stance, "Kol being a twit again?"

Klaus simply nods, back to Elijah, trying to refocus his mind enough to keep painting, but Kol had not been wrong when he surmised his brother's mood-Klaus was shaky. He kept seeing flashes of her smile and her skin, hearing her laughter echo in his ears, sounds and sights he hadn't been witness to in over a week.

"Guess I'll have to call the house keeper," he signed in consternation, looking back and forth between the floor and the sight of his up-tight little brother.

"Whatever Kol was annoying you about, that's not the only reason you've been so high-strung lately. I am not a fool either-something is eating at you. What are you in such a mood about anyway?"

Only one word was needed to sufficiently get the reason for his mood across to Elijah, "Caroline."

Elijah said nothing, simply taking a moment to think on it, then he nodded, collected and unaffected, "Did you happen to say something…unintelligent to her?"

Klaus flinched, still facing his canvas, "Maybe."

"And what punishment has she 'maybe' decided to bestow upon you?"

"Silent treatment," Klaus even had to laugh, at the absurdity of it all. He was a thousand years old and he was being given the 'silent treatment'. And worse yet, it seemed to be working.

"I thought you liked silence, niklaus"

"Silence that does not include being banned from touching that woman, yes, I do enjoy that kind of silence," his voice was dripping with frustration and it almost made Elijah a little uncomfortable.

"Ah, I see."

"I'm going to go see if there's anything in the backyard I haven't broken yet."

"Seems wise."

The two men nodded at each other very seriously then proceeded to turn and walk away in opposite directions, one shaking his head and one almost growling.

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