Jim Moriarty was in his desk chair facing the great expanse of his office windows. He stared, almost unaware, as the sun made its daily appearance on the horizon.

He let his mind drift over the plan he'd put into place. He was curious to see where he'd gone wrong. Surely he was partially to blame - John Watson was a genius, but he wouldn't have succeeded if Moriarty hadn't failed somewhere.

Watson was good, but not that good. He'd proven that by taking that ridiculous voyage to Afghanistan. Although, Moriarty had to admit, that ended rather ideally. Watson was at Bart's now, working with the police. It would be much easier to invite him to play if he was working with the police.

And Jim desperately wanted to play.

He stood, stretching slightly as stepped towards the board that hung above his sofa. My masterpiece, he thought as he turned on the staging lights hanging above it.

The newspaper clippings were arranged in chronological order, each one cut precisely and aligned perfectly. The journal articles, while also in chronological order, were not as neatly kept. The pages were varying sizes, and many were printed on poor quality paper. Jim found it frightfully annoying that so many journals only had online editions.

Where was the appreciation for the classics? He sighed and straightened the first of the pictures. He'd had many photos taken of the doctor over the years, ever since he'd first heard the name 'Doctor John Watson'.

He let his gaze drift over the newest ones, the ones with the annoying Yardie Watson was now keeping company with. This one - this tall, dark, and handsome one - might just be the pawn Jim had been waiting for.

He pulled his mobile out of his pocket and settled onto the soft leather of his couch. He leaned back, closing his eyes as he listened to the ringing on the other end of the line. He knew his call would be answered. His calls were always answered.

"Hello?" he heard, the voice filled with sleep and irritation. He didn't apologize for the hour. There was business to do, and it wouldn't wait.

"I have a task for you," he said. "And you'll need to use that infamous camera of yours."