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"You guys!" Korra yelled as she ran into the room Mako, Asami, and Bolin were relaxing.

They all stopped their conversation and looked at the excited avatar, giving her permission to continue with whatever it was she was going to say.

"I just got a letter from my parents! They said that they want to meet you all this weekend! And, since the equalists have calmed down a bit, we could all head down! Tenzin already said it'd be alright," Korra said with a huge smile. Her ocean blue eyes twinkled with excitement.

"I don't know Korra-" Mako started.

"I think its a great idea!" cut in Bolin. He was just as enthusiastic about it as Korra was.

"Yeah, I think it'd be nice. I'd like to see where you're from," smiled Asami.

Since he was outnumbered, Mako sheepishly agreed and began to pack.

When the weekend finally came, something with the Sato business had come up. Since Asami's father had been arrested, she was in charge of more things. It was an emergency and she ensured that it was alright that they all went.

When the trio hopped on the boat with the large polar bear dog. It was a little cramped at first, but they adjusted themselves, it took them a half an hour, but they got it. Bolin sat next to the dog's slobbery face, Korra in the middle, and Mako towards the tail end. Bolin and Korra quickly fell asleep but Mako stayed up. He felt a little uncomfortable sleeping that close to Korra. He'd done it once before, but he was single then.

Mako shook his head and quickly got rid of his thoughts on the beautiful girl sleeping so sweetly next to him. He then began to think about what it was like in the south pole. He's never left Republic City. It was currently December, so, to his standards, Republic City's 30 degrees was freezing. He could only imagine what it is like in one of the coldest places on the planet.

He began to dose off when the boat suddenly came to an abrupt halt. Korra jolted up quickly with a big smiled pasted across her face. When the doors were opened, a breeze of cold air blew at the fire bender's face.

"We're here! Get up Bolin!" Korra yelled and she shoved Bolin to get him up.

The three hopped on the polar bear dog. Korra ran her over to the two watch towers around the village where Korra trained and was raised. She waved at one of the guards who happily let them in.

The brothers weren't used to the cold. Mako looked over at Bolin. His poor brother's cheeks were already bright red and his lips were turning blue. However, Bolin was obviously too excited to notice. On the other hand, Mako found himself puffing flames out of his mouth and into his cupped hands to warm himself up. The cold nipped at his ears, which was probably the worst part.

Korra brought Naga around and hopped off. As soon as she was off, she ran into the arms of a middle aged man and woman, which Mako presumed to be her parents. Next she gave a loose hug to an old woman with hair loops who smiled brightly at the young excited avatar. What happened next, stung Mako. It shouldn't have, he told himself, but it did. After she let go of the elderly woman, she turned and tightly wrapped her arms around the neck of a young man who looked to be about twenty. Bolin, still didn't seem to give a care. He just hobbled on over to Korra's parents and introduced himself and boisterously as he did when he meets, well, anyone. Mako looked over at Korra who was laughing and having a good time with the male. Mako clenched his fists together. Mako, you have a girlfriend and it isn't Korra, he told himself. As calmly as he could, Mako walked over to the group of people and introduced himself.

"Mako, Bolin. I'd like you to meet my parents, Katara, avatar Aang's wife, and Howl," smiled Korra. Mako and Bolin politely shook the hands of everyone. When Mako came to shake the hand of Howl, he gripped it a little hard because Howl gave him a confused look.

Howl had short curly brown hair, hazel eyes, and pale skin. Not to mention, the guy was huge. He towered over both him and Bolin. He had to be at least 6'3.

"Pleasure to meet you. I've listened to you on the radio," Howl said in a pleasant deep voice.

"Yeah," Mako said, kind of snobbish.

Korra shot Mako a look. He didn't see it, but he had felt that glare plenty of times to know what she was doing.

"I'm going to show you boys around a little but while Korra catches up with her parents and Howl," smiled Katara.

Mako looked back as Katara's dragged him and Bolin along. He saw Howl's arm around Korra and this, for some odd reason drove him mad. What was his problem today? It's not like he was doing that to Asami. Asami. Asami. That's who you're dating. Mako kept repeating to himself. He wasn't even listening to the tour Katara was giving.

Korra, her parents, and Howl headed back to the hut she was born and raised in. There was a small fire going on in the middle of the floor and it was just as welcoming as she remembers it. Back in the "good ol' days" where Howl would be the one who had to fetch her after she ran off during some kind of bending practice.

They mostly talked about how things with the equalists were going. They talked about what the next move was but Korra couldn't reveal too much.

"Oh! I almost forgot," said Korra's mother and she reached behind her own neck. She took off her betrothal necklace and put it in Korra's hands. "I want you to have it. So you can remember us when you're in Republic City."

"Wow. Mom, I don't know what to say. Thank you so much!" Korra said wrapping her arms around the three that were sitting there. The betrothal necklace was a huge deal in the water tribe. It was very generous of her mother to give her's to her daughter.

"Howl! Help me get this on," Korra said. Howl nodded, and tied the necklace firmly around her neck.

"Well?" Korra said striking an animated pose. Howl was used to her nonsense.

"Looks good," he said smiling.

After that, Korra's parents stayed back to make dinner. Howl and Korra headed back, hand in hand, out into the wintery cold plain. Just as they walked out of the hut, they saw Katara, Mako, and Bolin coming towards them. It was no doubt that Katara had told the brothers everything there is to know about being in the water tribe. Everything from the foods the eat to the wedding ceremonies.

Mako looked at the two holding hands. He just about shot a fireball at the guard's dumb head. Katara looked over at Mako and chuckled. Mako had the biggest scowl on his face. Korra waved and yelled, "Guys! Over here! We're having sea prunes for dinner!"

When they all sat down for dinner in the middle of the hut, Mako was awkwardly silent. Bolin sat there scarfing down the food and sheepishly would ask for seconds. Of course, Korra's mother was pleased to give him all he wanted. Korra and Howl were sitting next to each other talking about the past. Mako's never seen Korra giggle so hard. He's always been such a downer.

When dinner was done, Katara and Howl had left. Katara said she was getting old and was tired, so she headed back to her home. Howl had a post he needed to get to so he waved goodbye and headed out. Korra's parents were heading over to Katara's for the night. They had insisted that the hut was too small for five.

Korra, all hyper from the exciting night, got out the sleeping bags coated with wolf pelts. The three all sat on the sleeping bags until Korra starting talking.

"So, what do you guys think?" Korra smiled.

"Its awesome here! A little cold, but wow! I've never seen snow!" Bolin exclaimed.

"I know right? Isn't it crazy! I never thought I'd miss everyone so much," Korra smiled.

"Yeah, it's nice," said Mako. His tone was harsh and sarcastic. Dammit, he let his emotions get to him.

Korra rolled her eyes. "What's your problem? I saw that look you gave Howl earlier. He didn't do anything to you."

"What are you talking about?" Mako snapped. His voice was rising.

"Nothing, forget it." Korra said. She was obviously angry, so Mako felt bad.

"Korra that's an awesome necklace! I think Katara told us something about it..." Bolin said, breaking the silence.

"You think so? Yeah, its a betrothal necklace," Korra said smiling. "It's a little loose though. I think Howl put it on the wrong way."

Mako felt his heart burn. He didn't know if it was out of anger or sadness or whatever. Howl...he put that on Korra? What? Did he? No, he couldn't have. There's no way. Korra was only seventeen. But, in the water tribe, a girl could marry at sixteen. Mako looked down.

"Is it real?" Mako said in a low voice.

"Well, duh. The water tribe has jewelry too, you dumb ass," Korra retorted.

Before Mako could say anything Korra stood up and said, "I'm going out for a bit. I've just got a place I used to go to relax. You guys should go to bed."

Korra walked out in her parka and slammed the door behind her. Almost immediately, Bolin glared and his brother.

"What?" asked Mako innocently.

"Seriously, every time we all go somewhere you two get in a fight. I'm so sick of it. Can you please just make up?" Bolin said sternly. Bolin usually never got mad. So, Mako and Korra was obviously a problem. Mako gave in and walked out into the cold to find Korra.

She had left tracks in the snow so he just followed. She twisted and turned and he even found some tracks that were poorly covered up. Wherever Korra was going, it was in secret. After many winding paths, Mako began to to feel some warmth on his skin. He looked around a bit. Steam? Mako took a few steps forward and found out why Korra had tried to make herself hard to find.

It was a small hot spring. There were Korra's clothes, and there was Korra. Back turned, and only wearing her underwear. Her long brown hair fell like a waterfall on her tan back. Mako couldn't help but stare. He felt his face go hot. He should not be seeing this.

Korra slowly turned her head to see what was behind her. It was Mako. Gawking with his jaws on the floor. His face was bright red and he looked too stunned to move.

Mako was so embarrassed. In fact, he didn't think that he had ever been more embarrassed. Sure Bolin had done some really dumb things in public, but this topped it. He looked like a peeping Tom!

"K-Korra! It's not what it looks like!" Mako stammered with his hands in the air.

Korra was slow to process what had happened. She looked at him for a little while...then she realized she wasn't wearing any clothes. She covered up her chest and let out a scream. She quickly turned around and sank down into the water.

"What do you want?" Korra gasped.

"Look...uhhh Korra umm...I uh" Mako couldn't form the words. Wow this was worse than he thought it would be.

Mako turned. He heard something. What was it? Was it footsteps? Yeah it was. Who was it? Oh no...

"Korra, I heard you scream. Are you alright?" Howl said running in with his spear.

"Sure, everyone. Why don't we all just see Korra half naked," Korra said woefully.

"Korra, look I-" Mako began

"Just leave, Mako."


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