It was quiet for a moment. No one said anything. It took a couple of minutes before Asami squealed and hugged Korra.

"Oh my gosh, Korra! I had no idea you had such a hunky boyfriend!" she giggled and she held her lady friend tightly.

"Heh, uh thanks?" Korra chuckled.

Meanwhile, Bolin patted Howl on the back and smiled. "Way to go! Looks like you took my advice this morning after all?"

"Yes, thanks for helping," Howl smiled.

Mako stood there speechless. Korra had a boyfriend. Bolin helped Korra get a boyfriend. Asami wanted her to have a boyfriend. Mako took in a deep breath an exhaled.

"Yeah, great." Korra rolled her eyes at Mako's "enthusiasm."

"And have I got an idea!" Asami smiled deviously. "How about a double date?"

Mako and Korra both tensed up. Neither of them were too keen on the idea of a double date. Howl and Korra had just started to date. Hell, they were more just trying things out. However, Howl eagerly agreed.

"Oh okay! I see how it is, leave Bolin out of it!" Bolin joked.

"Sorry Bo," smiled Asami. Bolin told her not to worry about it. Pabu needed a bath anyways.

Asami said that a night out in town would be fun. However, it wouldn't be a date if Asami didn't get to make Korra up. Before Korra could object, Asami grabbed Korra and dragged her into her room. She sat Korra down on her bed and smiled.

"Oh you're going to look so cute!" Asami said happily.

"Eh, I don't know Asami. Howl and I are just kind of trying things out," Korra tried to explain.

"What do you mean 'trying things out?'" Asami asked, confused.

"Well, I don't know if I really like him or not. We've been friends for a really long time. I'm not even sure if we're really considered boyfriend girlfriend."

"Oh, I see. Well that doesn't mean you can't look hot," Asami stated. She went for her makeup bag.

Asami started with Korra's face. Since Korra had beautiful skin, she just added a small amount of liquid foundation and some blush. She then gave Korra a brown smokey eye, in order to compliment her bright blue eyes. Since her eyes were played down, she added a beautiful deep pink lip shade to her lips. Asami stood back a bit, admiring her work. She then went for her brush. She'd have to admit, it took awhile to comb through Korra's thick hair. Her brush even got stuck a couple of times. Asami left Korra's hair down. She added a silver clip that was in the shape of a butterfly to the right side of her roots.

"Asami aren't you going a little over the top?" Korra asked, not so sure about the hair accessory.

Asami ignored what Korra had to say. Korra didn't really know much about what was fashionable. Asami went through her closet, looking for things Korra could wear. She pulled out a short blue dress. The dress was a v-neck that had fur on the bottom on the dress and throughout the neckline. The silk dress was a little big on Asami, so it would fit Korra's muscular frame like a glove. She gave Korra a pair of silver heels to wear as well. Surprisingly, they had the same shoe size.

Korra reluctantly changed into the dress. When she stepped in front of the mirror Asami had presented to her she sighed.

"Asami...I don't know...I just don't look like me," Korra said.

"Oh, nonsense, you look fantastic!" Asami said flinging her hand at Korra. "The necklace you're wearing really ties in well."

"Thanks. It's my mothers betrothal necklace," Korra said smiling at the necklace.

Mako and Howl sat and waited by the ferry. Jeez. The girls sure did take awhile. Mako was just wearing his usual outfit. Nothing special. Howl was wearing gray pants similar to Mako's. He wore black boots and sported a dark blue sleeveless shirt. It was weird seeing him out of his uniform.

After about fifteen minutes of waiting, he saw Asami come down the hallway. She looked beautiful, as always. She was sporting her usual hair and makeup look but she a small red dress. It was strapless with a golden seam at the top. She wore glittery stilettos to complete the outfit.

"Where's Korra?" Howl asked curiously.

"She said she had to go to the bathroom," Asami sighed. "Oh well speak of the devil."

Just as stated, Korra came wobbling over. She obviously wasn't used to walking in heels. She looked up and smiled sheepishly.

"I have no idea what I'm doing," Korra smiled.

"Wow, you look great," said Howl smiling. He clearly had never seen Korra in a dress. Neither had Mako. It was a totally new experience and she looked great. The dress fit her every curve. The scene from the hot spring replayed in Mako's mind. He blushed and coughed a bit.

"You think so?" smiled Korra. Howl nodded and took her into his arms. Howl then bent down and whispered into Korra's ear. Mako wasn't sure what it was, but it made Korra blush. After saying whatever he had said he winked at her. Still blushing she gave him a gentle shove and whisper "Howl."

"Okay, c'mon guys. Let's just get this moving," spat Mako. He was in a fowl mood. What did Howl say? It was going to bother him all night if he didn't find out. He would try and ask Korra later.

As they walked down the street, Asami had pointed out several places that looked like fun. Mostly little shops that sold nicknacks. They all seemed to be having a good time and were getting along fairly well. Even Korra was being nice to Mako. They saw some guy selling kites. Mako ended up buying one shaped like a fire ferret for Bolin. Even though Bolin would never use it, it was the thought that count. He'd get a laugh out of it. Asami bought herself a new hair clip. It was a golden flower with a few beads hanging off it. She decided it would go well with her current outfit and accessorized. Korra and Howl didn't buy anything. They were saving up for dinner, because, apparently, they were wanting something big.

The group finally decided on Narook's Noodles. It was cheap, but it was authentic. You could get a lot for your money. Since Korra had extra cash, she decided to bring back a bowl for Bolin since it was his favorite. The night had gone well. There were no fights amongst the guys and Korra and Mako didn't argue.

When they arrived back at the Air Temple, Howl needed to get back into uniform. He went out to the gates by the other guards to work for a few hours. Asami decided she needed a bath. When Asami wanted a bath, she was in there for hours. That was probably why her skin was so nice.

Just as Korra began to take off her hair clip, she heard a light knock on the door.

"Come in," Korra said turned her attention to the doorway. To her surprise, Mako walked through.

"Hey," he said quietly.


"Look, I'm sorry about recently. I've been such a jerk lately," Mako sighed.

"Yeah, you have," Korra smiled. It was an odd way of going about it, but it was her way of forgiving him.

"So, how long have you and Howl been together? I mean, with the engagement and everything-"

"Woah, woah. Engagement?" Korra interrupted.

"Yeah, that necklace-"

"Mako, this is my mother's necklace. She gave it to me as a keep sake. Howl just help me put it on," Korra laughed. He was such an idiot sometimes. "Is that why you were so pissy?"

Mako put his face into his palm. He was so dumb. Korra would have told them about a boyfriend if that were the case. He was worrying for nothing.

"Howl had asked me out the day we left. We're not even officially together. We're more just trying things out," stated Korra.

Without thinking, Mako moved himself forward. He gently placed his lips on Korra's. After a few seconds, Korra returned the favor. However, that didn't last very long. Just as they drew themselves away from the kiss, Mako felt a fist hit him directly in the nose.