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Sweet Candy

A Special A fanfic

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Chapter One

It was another normal day in Hakusenkan. All of the SA members except for Hikari and Kei stayed at the greenhouse while eating Akira's prepared snacks. The four of them, Akira, Ryuu, Jun and Megumi sat peacefully while drinking their tea. The greenhouse was quiet because Hikari was out attending classes, Kei was working inside the library and Tadashi was nowhere to be found. A few moments later, the quiet time broke when Tadashi rushed in.

"Bear woman, do you have some food? I'm starving!" Tadashi shouted. As usual, Akira threw a chair at Tadashi.

"Get it yourself you wanderlust!" The other three ignored the everyday scene.

"Where's Hikari and Kei?" Tadashi asked.

"Ah. Hikari went to classes and Kei said he's doing some work in the library." Ryuu answered.

Tadashi went to the table and saw a large amount of sweets. He gobbled them up and stuffed it in his mouth. "Stop stuffing your mouth with food! And leave some for Hikari!" Akira's temper raised and threw a tray at him. Tadashi quickly recovered from the strong impact and sat back into his chair and tried to eat the sweets slowly. Just then, Hikari walked in the greenhouse.

"Good morning everyone!" Hikari greeted.

"Hikari, you're back! I prepared some tea for you." Akira placed a teacup in front of Hikari's chair. Hikari smiled and went to the table. "Where's Takishima?"

"He's in the library." Ryuu answered the same question.

'What's that in your pocket?' Megumi wrote on her pad. Everyone looked at Tadashi with curiosity.

Tadashi held up a small red velvet pouch from his pocket and lifted it for everyone to see. "A woman gave me this while I was wandering in the mountains. She said that these candies can make your life happy. I haven't tried it before, when I tried to eat it, I felt my stomach saying not to eat it."

'His stomach can do such a thing.' Everyone thought.

"So, I'll give this to you guys. Hoping you could tell me what it tastes like." Tadashi dropped the pouch, everyone saw seven candies, wrapped in different colors. Hikari was the only person who took it.

"You're not going to try it?" Tadashi asked.

"Of course not! You got it from an unknown person, and she's also wandering in the mountains! Don't you find that odd?" Akira said.

Ryuu smiled. "I agree, and Megumi's throat hurts, so we don't want to eat it when she can't." Ryuu as always, cares for the twins.

"Come on guys! Maybe it's not so bad. The lady looked nice too." Tadashi answered.

"What did you say?" A vein popped on Akira's head, her temper raised again and punched Tadashi that sent him flying.

"Maybe I should try it." Hikari said.

"But Hikari, that's dangerous." Akira said. "It came from a stranger."

"Maybe it contains poison." Jun added.

The three nodded in agreement. "It's alright, I have a strong immune system! I can eat this candy without getting sick!" Hikari raised the candy and unwrapped it.

'If Kei was here, he probably stopped Hikari. Wait, maybe he can't?' Everyone thought. They concentrated their eyes on Hikari as she ate the candy. A few minutes later, nothing happened.

"It's just normal candy." Hikari said. Akira sighed in relief. "Yosh! I'm going to study now and defeat Takishima!" Hikari placed a stack of books on the table. Akira served another cup of tea for everyone. Hikari was done studying and drank her tea. Once she took a sip, her body started to feel odd.

'What's happening? I feel weird, it must be the candy, oh no! Will I get sick? or worse, will I die?' Her sight went dark and turned unconscious.

Akira saw Hikari sipping her tea, then she stopped. Then a large amount of smoke covered Hikari. "Oh my gosh! What is happening to Hikari?" Akira tried to reach for Hikari to pull her out of the cloud of smoke, but she can't feel Hikari inside. Then the smoke disappeared.

Everyone gasped by the sight. 'Hikari disappeared?' But her clothes were still there, and there was a hump from the stack of clothing. 'Wait, a hump? What is that?' The clothes started moving then came out small arms and legs, then a head popped out from the uniform. It was a young girl with onyx eyes and black hair.

"Hi-Hikari?" Akira asked.

The young girl looked up and smiled. "Yes? Who are you?"

'Oh no.'

"Tadashi?' This is all your fault!" Akira slowly approached, charging her fist for the strongest punch of his life. Tadashi backed down. "Uh- Think about it Akira, Hikari looks cute." Tadashi tried to save his life. Akira relaxed and Tadashi sighed.

"Aww~ Hikari is so cute and innocent! I'll buy her cute dresses for her to wear." Akira fidgeted.

Tadashi laughed. "You're going to spoil her, devil woman?" Tadashi made a wrong move, everyone knew that.

"Who are you calling devil woman?" Akira kicked Tadashi a countless times and stopped when Tadashi's whole body was flat on the ground. Akira grew flowers on the background. "I'm going to spoil her with all the cute dresses!"

Everyone looked at the chibi Hikari in front of them while the innocent onyx eyes stared at them. "What is your name? How old are you?" Jun asked.

"I'm Hikari and I'm six years old, and who are you?" Everyone flinched. "So she turned ten years younger, and she doesn't remember any of us." Jun said.

Megumi scribbled something on her notepad. 'Do you know your parents?'

"No, I don't have any. Why do you write on a notepad, you're weird."

She flinched. 'This kid... I'm gonna strangle you if you weren't Hikari.'

"So you don't know anyone, but you know your name. Where are you right now?" Ryuu asked trying to test Hikari.

"I'm in Japan. In Hakusenkan's greenhouse." Hikari answered flawlessly.

"Can you name all the countries of the world?" Ryuu asked again.

"Do I have to? I'll say it in alphabetical order, if you want."

Ryuu giggled. "Ah. It's alright."

"The only thing she forgot is our names." Megumi wrote.

"Hooray! We have to start over! Hikari, I'm your older sister." Akira said.

"Tell her the truth, Akira. You're being selfish."

Akira sighed. "Alright, I'm Todou Akira, daughter of an airline company president. Rank six, and I'm your best friend!" Akira cuddled Hikari.

"Are you a lesbian?" Tadashi asked.

"Huh? What did you say?" Akira glared at Tadashi and kicked him countless times again.

"I see, you're always hurting this idiot." Hikari said bluntly.

"Pfft. She called you an idiot, loser!" Akira teased.

"I think Akira likes him very much." Hikari smiled.

Akira blushed and looked away from Tadashi. Tadashi giggled and stood up. "Karino Tadashi, son of the board chairman of the school. Rank five." Tadashi smiled.

"Tsuji Ryuu, son of a sports manufacturer president, rank seven."

"Yamamoto Jun, son of a music producer and a vocalist, rank three. This is my older twin sister." Jun gestured at Megumi.

'Hello. I'm Yamamoto Megumi, rank four.'

"We are the members of the Special A of Hakusenkan. The best of the best students, the top seven can only get in."

Hikari nodded. "But you're only five. Where is the other two?"

Everyone froze. "We forgot about Kei." Tadashi said. "Ha-ha how are we going to tell him." Ryuu said.

"Tell me what?"

Everyone was surprised except for Hikari. "Ah-ha. Kei, you're back." They turned around and covered Hikari.

"What are you going to tell me?" Kei asked again.

"Ah nothing. Ha-ha. We were just bluffing." Tadashi said.

'He won't buy it, idiot.' "We were playing a game. We were, uhh.. Telling how beastly you are." Akira laughed.

'He will not buy it.' Everyone thought.

"I don't buy it. Now tell me or I'll slowly punish you. If this is about Hikari, I must know everything." Kei's evil aura came out and frightened the other S.A members.

"Kei onii-san?"

Chapter One End

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