Hey guys! For those of you who don't know, this is the debut of the first ever One Piece x Gintama crossover! I couldn't believe it either! And so, for those who don't know my writing style, it starts off fairly slow but then it becomes awesome. For my fans from my One Piece crossover with Case Closed, welcome back and thank you for reading! So this story's going to be completely different in style from my Case ClosedxOne Piece; it'll take about two chapters to actually get to One Piece, and it will be focused around Odd-Jobs trio. But I promise, you guys will like it! So give this fic a couple chapters to get the ball rolling, and you won't be disappointed. Also, this fic will have some romance but not a whole lot, and it will be OkitaxKagura and KamuixNobume. So without further ado, here's the start of my next epic crossover! Read, enjoy, review!

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"So, you'll do it right?" Asked a familiar fat, alien prince, we all know and hate. Baka Prince and his useless assistant were sitting on the couch of Odd-Jobs, while the three members stared at them with obvious loathing and suspicion. This prince had caused them so many problems it wasn't even funny. Currently, they were begging Odd-jobs to do something, they truly found hilarious.

"You got into so bad of debt from amateur gambling at a pachinko parlor, that you borrowed money from the Yakuza and the Harusame Pirates, and once you ran out of money, you went into hiding and came here." Gintoki summarized everything he was told.

"You forgot the part where we were thrown out of our hotel room and given exactly one month to pay off the debt." Tremored the assistant.

"That's pretty generous." Shinpachi observed. "When debt collectors harassed my sister and I, they'd be by weekly. Just how much money have you borrowed?"

"$500,000,000!" The prince wailed.

SSSSPPT! Gintoki spit out his strawberry milk in shock. "No wonder they gave you a month, they're deciding your execution method! How dare you get money like that and lose so badly at pachinko! You insult the very nature of pachinko! You're supposed to lose big, scrap up one miraculous yen and then win big! And then blow it all again! It's one of the most beautiful cycles of life!"

"OI! That's not what you should be angry about here!" Shinpachi exclaimed and turned to the two potential clients. "How the hell could you be so irresponsible with that much money? My sister and I would've used that to renovate the dojo!"

"Mou! The Harusame man said it was a good investment!" The Baka Prince complained.

"And how long did it take you to lose at that money?" Kagura spoke up while chewing senboku.

"Twenty minutes." The assistant replied.

"I'll send you to the Harusame pirates in a box, you turd!" Kagura yelled and kicked them. "Do you know how much Senboku I could've bought?"

"Oi, Kagura…you just knocked out our clients, now we're out of a job." Complained the samurai.

"You weren't thinking of accepting it anyways, were you Gin-san?" Shinpachi asked.

"Yeah, they're nothing but trouble and are parasites to life, Gin-chan." Kagura added. "I'll call Sadist and ask him to help us dispose the bodies."

"What kind of things has that pedophile been teaching you?" Gintoki demanded. "A corrupt cop shouldn't be dating a fourteen year old!"

"You're still on that, Gin-chan?" Kagura asked annoyed. "I might take up Sadist's offer and move in with him."

"NO!" Gintoki placed his hands on Kagura's shoulders. "Now, now…no need to be hasty! You're father subsides our income with you staying here, so there's no need to make a scene and ride off into the sunset!"

"So basically, you're using her as a cash cow." Shinpachi sweat-dropped.

"Cash cow? Of course not! It's her rent; she lives here and needs to contribute to the household!" Gintoki insisted.

"You don't even do that!" Shinpachi exclaimed.

"I'm telling Baldy and Sadist that you've been stealing my money." Kagura warned.

"Hai! Hai! You'll get your normal payment!" Gintoki insisted.

"You've been paying her off this whole time? Have you no shame?" Shinpachi exclaimed.

"It's not as bad as you think Megane." Kagura interrupted. "Gin-chan pays me twice as much as Baldy's allowance, so I don't lose anything from it."

"I'm not sure if that's any better than a pachinko parlor." Shinpachi sweat-dropped. "And that means that you waste away all of Otose-san's rent money on purpose."

"UGH…" The three occupants turned to the old assistant, who had gained conciseness. "So you'll do it?"

"How much are you offering?" Gintoki asked.

"The satisfaction of a job well done!" He replied.

"LIKE HELL!" All three odd-jobs gave him a falcon punch.

"Please! I beg you! Please help us!" The baka prince yelled.

"What the hell do you expect us to do? We don't have any money ourselves! Why would we help you jerks get money?" Shinpachi exclaimed, holding his fist up at them.

"Seriously, how do plan to pay us off to clear a debt when your broke? I don't know if you've noticed, but Odd-Jobs is a legitimate business, and we operate as such." The perm samurai continued.

"Since when did we start making money, Gin-chan?" Kagura asked.

"We've always made money, Kagura-chan; you just can't see it." He replied.

"WE WERE GOING TO CUT YOU IN!" The assistant of the prince exclaimed.

"DON'T SHOUT!" Gintoki punched the assistant again. "Now, explain in a calm rational voice, of what you mean by cutting us in."

"Recently, I remembered a legend from our home planet about a treasure worth more than a planet." The old alien started. "Legend has it, it had somehow been made with the properties of all precious stones and metals, combing them until the ultimate treasure."

"Sounds like a cliché kid's story." Shinpachi interrupted doubtfully.

"LET ME FINISH!" Old assistant exclaimed. "Anyways, it was originally apart of the Yato clan back when they were so prominent, and it was to have said it was passed on from each family head. I'm sure you know of this, young lady?"

Kagura glared at him. "Pappi never told me such crap, I wouldn't believe it anyways."

"Yes, well…it's real! It's been confirmed to exist!" The assistant insisted. "Anyways, after the first Yato civil war broke out, it supposedly fell into the black market, but it got passed from owner to owner because it kept bringing its owners to their demise."

"And how do you know this thing is real…?" Kagura asked.

"Simple…we were the last ones to own it." He admitted shamefully.

"WHAT?" Odd-Jobs yelled.

"You had such a treasure to begin with and you lost it?" Gintoki exclaimed. "How the hell that'd happen? Are you two the anti-Davy Jones?"

"Don't compare Davy Jones to discredited treasure thieves like these!" Shinpachi protested.

"How'd you lose it, Madao-version 2.0?" Kagura asked.

"Madao-version 2.0?" The old alien twitched.

"Yeah. It suits you pretty well, doesn't it?" Kagura replied. "Now, on with the answer!"

"Er…we tossed it away into the airlock of our spaceship before we arrived on earth. The Baka Prince thought he didn't need it anymore and threw it away. So now it's out there…somewhere in space." He answered

BAM! Odd Jobs struck again with another punch. "Would you lot quit punching me?" The assistant demanded.

"You're not worthy of existence, get out of the shop." Kagura turned away from him.

"Wait! If you find it, not only it will clear our debts, but we're willing to split half with you!" The three idiots stopped at that statement. "Think about it! The most valuable treasure in existence! Even with half, you people would be the richest people in Japan, no! The World!"

"Huh, I like the sound of it." Gintoki rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"Don't give into your selfish greed! It'll drag us down with it!" Shinpachi exclaimed.

"Sounds like fun, uh-huh! But we demand 99%!" Kagura demanded.

"99%? Kagura-chan, that's not how-" Megane was cut-off.

"Quiet Megane! Kagura makes a good point! Yosh! So that's our deal, we'll find your treasure if you split it 99-1!" Gintoki proclaimed.

"Fine…" The assistant really didn't have a choice.

"We're gonna die, I just know it." Shinpachi groaned. "So what is this treasure, anyways?"

"It's not really a stack of gold or money like your thinking, the treasure itself is just one piece. In existence, it's known as the 'Pirate's Eye Diamond'." The old alien explained. "It's net worth is legendary, and its rarity can't be described; you find this diamond, nothing in existence can escape you."

"So it's not on earth you said?" Shinpachi asked.

"No, you'll have to take a spaceship out and find it." The client replied.

"So, you expect us to rent a spaceship for several weeks, going around to different planets, looking for a stupid diamond? How will we know if it's real?" Shinpachi twitched in annoyance.

"Well…I don't know how you'll find it, but…" The assistant took out a picture. "Here's a picture of it, as you can tell, when diamond sparkles, it's blue like the ocean. It was said that its original owner was a pirate from a different world, but it got lost somehow."

"Hence the lame-ass name." Gintoki finished. "Saa…I haven't been out to space in awhile, let's do it!"

"Really?" Kagura asked excited.

"Eh. Sakamoto owes me a favor, so we'll hitch a ride from him." Gintoki replied.

"You guys…" Shinpachi twitched at the situation at hand. "This is going to be a very long odd-job assignment."

Review Please! So what'd yah think? I know, I know, no One Piece yet. As I said, it'll take several chapters to get it rolling, but I promise it'll be worth it. I'm writing this story in Gintama-style, which means a lot of humours build up, and then to a hell of a lot of great action! So in this story, it's set after the two-year time-skip in One Piece, and Luffy and his crew are together again, all strong from training. I'm probably going to have them still be at Punk Hazard in this fic, mainly because I want Odd-Jobs to screw up as much as possible. I'm going to try to hit islands that I didn't with my last crossover, but there are obviously going to be repeats (like Amazon Lilly and Momoiro- can't resist)! The only thing I haven't decided on is, whether or not Ace and Whitebeard should be dead. Anways, review or PM should you have any questions!