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Sougo was staring blankly at the medical ward entrance; he had wanted to cut through every single person who stopped him from entering, but his superiors forbade it; Kondo and Hijikata were leaning against the railing behind him, monitoring his movements. They were enjoying their break from the long line of chaos they had to endure from the war. But Okita knew they were ready to stop him if needed; he honestly wasn't sure how much longer he could stand it. China was being operated, and he had no idea what the condition of hers would be until further notice.

"Sougo. You should get your own injuries checked; you fought that Abuto-guy, didn't you?" Hijikata pointed out.

"Unlike you Hijikata, I'm not weak enough to need a break after a simple fight." The younger responded, his hands clenched; that bastard got away. "I just wish these moronic pirates would wise up and let me see, China. Otherwise they're going to witness the wrath of a Sadist-prince."

"Ah. Oi, baldy! How bad were the little girl's injuries?" Hijikata asked Umibozu, who sat several feet away from them, probably worried as much as Sougo.

"…I'm not sure, Kamui's strikes were pretty bad, and Kagura took a direct hit to the ribcage; internal bleeding is a high possibility." Umibozu explained.

"Hmph." Okita snorted. "Once again, the reliable father fails in his duty."

"Sougo…" Kondo frowned.


"THEN YOU SHOULD'VE LEFT HER SOMEWHERE AND FOUGHT HIM!" Sougo shouted. He forced the man's grip away and turned his back to him. "Because you made the virtuous admission of being a dead-beat father, I trusted you to protect China. But you couldn't even make it as her backup, I don't know what I was thinking."

"Sougo!" Hijikata tried to stop him.

"Shut up! Hijikata-san! You have no say in this matter as far as I'm concerned. You're actually not much different than he is actually. Isn't it amazing? The two people who hurt the most important people in my life are both here in this room. Hijikata-san, you'll have a grave-mate it looks like." Sougo sneered.

"Excuse me." The door to the medical ward finally opened. "The patient is ready to see visitors now-" The man didn't even get to finish his sentence as Sougo zoomed past him.

"I apologize about him…that's his girlfriend in there, and he's mighty worried." Kondo explained to the pirate-medic, who still had bloody surgery gloves.

"I see." He stopped Umibozu from going in. "Sorry sir, only one visitor at a time. The patient is still in and out of unconsciousness, and she's still unclear as to what happened."

"Oh. So doc…how bad is she? Will she be okay?" He asked, trying to control his voice.

"Well, I'm not going to lie, it was a pretty complicated surgery, but she'll definitely be fine. She was suffering from internal bleeding, but luckily the cracked ribs missed her lungs, so she didn't puncture anything. But breathing will be difficult for her for awhile, so I recommend she doesn't do any strenuous activities for about two months." The doctor advised. "This means no exercising, training, heavy lifting, and heavy advanced sexual activity; so please forward this message to the young lad."

"We'll do." Hijikata puffed.

"Good. Oh, and no smoking in the medical ward." The doctor advised and walked away. "I'll come back in an hour to check on her, you can go in and observe her through the window, but again- only one person in her room at a time."

"Thank you." Hijikata put out his cigarette, and went in, only to notice neither Kondo and Umibozu weren't following. "Aren't you guys coming?"

"Ah, I have to go join Odd-Jobs and Katsura-san; I want to find out about this diamond too. Anyways, we're going back with Sakamoto as soon as Kagura can move, so see you in a bit Toshi, Umibozu-san." Kondo waved.

Hijikata looked at the baldy, and sighed at the implied order of his commander. "Oi." He patted the man's shoulder, and he turned to him. "Let's go see them."

"Yeah." They walked until they were in the hospital ward, and saw Kagura through the window. She was sleeping soundly, her hair was undone, IVs were in her, and was changed into a white gown. Sougo was sitting beside her, watching her intently, probably making sure she didn't stop breathing. Hijikata had to hold in his vomit; this scene greatly reminded him of Mitsuba, he knew exactly why Sougo was so upset. "He really loves her, doesn't he?" Umibozu asked in a defeated voice.

"Ah. Those two have been together for over a year now; I've never seen Sougo as happy as he is with her. Even before they formed this disturbing relationship, Sougo was still a lot more easy-going around her; he…actually started enjoying himself again. Your daughter's done a lot for him, yah know?" Hijikata answered. "You should go see her next."

"No, he's right…I failed to protect her." Umibozu replied.

"Listen…it was a tough fight, and it was hard on everyone, don't let Sougo's irrationality get to you. When it comes to your daughter, he gets a little crazy." The younger reassured.

"It's not just that fight, which also reminded me of being a failure to my son as well. But it's the fact that I was never there for her as a child, I tried to force my way into her life, and when it truly counts I'm not there. And I found at from my daughter's boyfriend that she's in love, how her mother died, and my son finally told me he found someone because it just happened to come up." Umibozu sighed.

"Baldy-san…can I make a suggestion?" Hijkata interrupted. "Instead of dwelling in the past and running away from the present, move forward and try to form a relationship with her. You're probably worried about your enemies finding out about her and crap, but here's the thing- she has a psychotic brother and every other enemy that the damn permhead has faced that want to kill her. There's no point in keeping your distance…trust me, I know."

"What do you mean?"

"When Sougo said we had something in common, he was talking about his sister. You see, his sister fell in love with me and even though I felt the same way, I rejected her. I pushed her away and made her cry, and even tried to make her hate me for the same reason you did with your family. All it did was cause one of my oldest and closest friends to hate my guts, and she ended up being used at the time of her death." Seeing his confusion, Hijikata elaborated. "She was very sick at the time, and Sougo desperately wanted her to experience some kind of happiness before she died, which happened to be marriage- unfortunately, that guy ended up being slime…and it was bad."

"What does his sister have to do with this?" Umibozu didn't get it.

"Because you pushed Kagura away for the same reason I did, and like Mitsuba, Kagura's extremly important to him. Important enough to kill and die over; she's probably the only thing Sougo has left, other than his sword and his place at the Shinsengumi. So scratch that, she's the only one left he truly cares for." Hijikata confessed.

"I see." Umibozu smiled when Kagura blinked her eyes open; the boy immediately took her hand and started moving his mouth, most likely scolding her. "I guess I can try that."

On Deck with Whitebeard, Ace, Appis, Marco, Vivi, Gran Hall, Gintoki, Sakamoto, Mutsu, Sadaharu, and Shinpachi

"I don't believe this…all this time we were looking for that damned diamond, it was back in that damned desert the whole time." Gintoki muttered, staring at the gem in astonishment. "Oi, little girl, this is real right? You're not trying to fool the nice man in front of you, right?"

"No…it's the real diamond, sir." Apis laughed nervously. "Oh! It's nice to see you guys again!" Obviously addressing the Strawhat Crew.

"Apis-chan!" Ussop cheered.

"Apis-chan! You've grown!" Nami hugged her.

"Have you learned any new dishes?" Sanji asked.

"Good to see yah." Zoro said casually.

"Uh guys…who is this girl?" Franky asked. He, Chopper, Robin, and Brook had not met her previously.

"Oh she's from-" Luffy was cut off.

"Would you guys catch up later?!" Shinapchi exclaimed. "We need to hear about the diamond! Gran Hall-sama, did you have the diamond the whole time?!"

"Of course not! It was on Lost Island with Apis-chan, here!" Gran Hall explained. "I just happened to remember it by the time you left, on the scooter you STOLE from me."

"You stole an old man's scooter?" Ace frowned.

"It was emergency accommodation!" Gintoki exclaimed. "So explain yourself about the diamond!"

"Yes well!" Gran Hall cleared his throat. "Originally, the diamond was forged on Skypia, but after it rose up form Jaya, it supposedly was given to the first ancestors of Apis-chan here. You see, the dragons were originally apart of the sky islands, but the major rift between the islands made it impossible for the dragons to live there, so they were forced to migrate. But as a truce between the humans and dragons, this diamond was forged and it was entrusted to the humans. Should the humans betray or misuse the trust of the dragons in any way, this diamond would forever curse them."

"If this diamond is so important to your heritage, why you giving it to them, kid?" Marco spoke up.

"Well…let's just say her ancestors didn't keep to the contract." Vivi said lightly.

Silence occurred between all the aliens, until Gintoki finally broke it. "So what you're saying is…this diamond is cursed."

"Don't worry! You guys are from a different universe, so it probably doesn't affect you the same way, right?" Apis asked hopefully. "Please take it! My ancestors tried to sell the diamond to some merchants, but then the diamond came right back to them and horrible things have started happening to us and the dragons ever since! Eventually we were able to hide it somewhere or seal it somehow, but ever since you came looking for it, the bad luck started again!"

"Like what?" Mutsu spoke up.

"Well, all of our food got washed away, and the dragons have been super cranky lately!" Apis explained. "Anyways, Gran Hall-sama told us you were looking for this, so take it!"

"Hey." Whitebeard spoke up. "How'd you hear about the diamond anyways?"

"Oh, funny story kind- we were hired to retrieve the diamond by a couple of idiots from our home universe, whom we're never taking jobs from again. Right Shinpachi-kun?" Gintoki answered.

"That's correct Whitebeard-san, Gin-san and I are simply random victims." Shinpachi added.

"Wait, doesn't that mean that the diamond was known beyond this universe?" Robin pointed out.

"Eh. The clients told us it actually belonged to Kagura-chan's family originally, but it was lost several hundred years ago, which fits the time frame of your story actually. It most likely fell into Skypia's land when it crashed here." Shinpachi answered.

"Ah. And oddly enough, whichever unlikely Yato had to babysit that thing, ended up in disasters or dead as well. So it's probably best we take it from you." Gitnoki went to reach for it.

"Hold on! Apis-chan's our friend, so we call first dibs on the diamond!" Nami protested.

"Like hell!" Gintoki, Shinpachi, Chopper, Ussop, and Franky all said at once.

"Lady! We traveled for over a million light years and went through hell while war was being restarted to find this stupid thing, there's no way I'm giving it up!" Gintoki shouted.

"Besides, that thing's cursed!" Franky added.

"Yeah cursed!" Chopper shouted.

"Nami, you already have lots of treasure, so you don't need the diamond, right?" Ussop reasoned.

"I still want it." Nami huffed.

"Forget it, the diamond's ours." Shinpachi stated bluntly. "We travels all over the ocean and a horrendous obstacle course of islands to find it, and even got mistaken for wanted criminals. We're keeping the diamond."

"Yes, you did travel all over the Grand Line, putting all of our home islands into chaos as you did that." Ace glared. "Ah well, all's well that ends well, I suppose."

"Easy for you to say, you don't have to fly home with that." Gintoki gestured to Sakamoto, who was drunk off his ass.

"To make things worse, he's our pilot." Mutsu sighed, but noticed the Shinsengumi commander was approaching the crowd. "Oh Kondo-san, how long's it gonna be until the girl's ready to go?"

"They said about a week, and we're good to go! But they told me she should be off jobs for two months, so it'll be tough on your guys for awhile." He said to the Odd-Jobs men, patting their shoulders. "But don't worry! I'd be happy to fill-in for Kagura-chan!"

Shinpachi broke the man's hand. "Stupid Gorilla-stalker."

"Don't worry, everything will work out fine!" Kondo ignored his broken hand, and then noticed something. "Hey, where's Katsura-san?"

The Revolutionary Ship

"And that is why we must look forward to the dawn of a New Japan." Katsura finished preaching whatever he was saying during the explanation.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!" The Revolutionaries shouted.

"And what the hell island is named 'Japan'?" Dragon added.

The Navy Public Assembly

Kong looked between his two active admirals, his retired admiral, his best Vice Admiral Garp, and his Fleet Admiral Sengoku. After getting a full confession as to what happened, he knew that there was only one thing that could be done. And considering that Spandam and Spandine's actions came into light, and that Aokiji beat Akainu fairly, it was only right that corrections were made.

Turning to the crowd, he began. "My loyal marines, you have fought well in this battle and I thank you for your courage. But there are changes that I am going to announce right now that will go into a affect immediately. First and foremost, the Marital law is banned; the tighter control has only lead to more dissension and rebellion, so therefore, it would be illogical to keep it active. Secondly, Spandine and Spandam are hereby dismissed of their duties for conspiracy and international espionage-piracy, and will be placed in Impel Down promptly. Rob Lucci and the rest of the former Cipher Pole 9 unit is welcome to rejoin the Wrodl Government; the new trainees could use leaders like you. Rest assured, that their punishments will be completely left to your transgressions. Lastly…after careful consideration, I have decided to name the succeeding Fleet Admiral myself- Aokiji, congratulations, you earned it."

Kong let the marines clap, and hesitantly, Sengoku spoke. "Sir, what about the Odd-Jobs people?"

"They are to betaken off the wanted roster immediately; upon learning that they were merely after the Pirate's-Eye Diamond, I had determined them to not be a threat. Therefore, they shall be allowed to leave without incident." Kong sighed and finished up. "The Admirals, Fleet Admiral, and Vice Admirals and I will be making an addendum for new policies and rules for the Navy to follow. It will be announced tomorrow; until then get some rest and congratulate yourself on a job well done."

After the clapping, the crowd started to disperse, leaving Kong to his thoughts. He turned when he felt Garp's hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry old firend! It'll be fine!"

"I suppose." Kong had his doubts though; it'd be a while before the world trusted them again. "I guess we can only move forward."

"Indeed." Senogku nodded, he looked to Akainu who hadn't said a word.

"Kong-san, if you lessen Absolute Justice at all, I'm afraid I'll have to step down as an admiral." Akainu warned.

"Funny, considering what I've heard of your actions, I might just ask you to do that." He replied, causing Akainu to glare. "Your kind of justice is just 'Abusive Justice', it's not even about being thorough or not. You simply are always looking to blame someone."

"By the way sir." Kizaru interrupted. "What were you doing on that spaceship?"

"That's the funny thing. This stupid Sakamoto-moron crashed into the Tenryubutio palace where I was stationed, and he came out looking for some guy named 'Kintoki'. Apparently, he got the coordinates wrong, and had actually been looking for Marineford the whole time. His assistant Mutsu-san, was pretty quick to explain luckily." Kong answered. "Which you guys will elaborate on, Kizaru, don't bother getting out of this, it's not going to work."

"Oh boy." Kizaru scratched his head.

"And Garp." He turned to the Vice Admiral. "There's nothing that can be done to make up for the past against your family, but if you'd consider becoming a marine again, an Admiral to be exact, would you do it?"

"We'll see!" Garp laughed.

A week Later- Punk Hazard

After a week on Whtiebeard's ship, Kagura had made a full recovery, shocking the doctor and Chopper. She explained that Yato healed fast, but…to them she still got hit the force of five sea trains. So now that, that was over, they were now saying goodbye to their new pirate friends, with the diamond in hand. Though Nami didn't want to give up the gem, she had been promptly outvoted.

The Strawhats and Dragon were currently saying goodbye to Odd-Jobs, Sakamoto, and Mutsu; Katsura was currently tranquilized and thrown into the ship; he was in handcuffs by the Shinsengumi officers who were waiting inside with Umibozu.

"Have a safe trip!" Nami waved.

"Yohoho! Make sure to keep your spirits up!" Brook laughed.

"And make sure you don't strain yourself too much Kagura-san!" Chopper told her.

"I will, I will." She smiled, she liked the reindeer. That reminder her, where was her pet? "Sadaharu! Come back! It's time to go!" The dog rushed past her the moment he heard it.

"That thing's eager." Zoro huffed and looked at the permhead. "Too bad we didn't get to fight."

"You'd beat me, I'm too lazy to put up a proper fight. Oh, and give this back to your sensei." Gintoki tossed Zoro Mihawk's sword. "Figured he 'd want it back."

"Ah. Thank you." Zoro nodded.

"I hope you have a safe trip." Sanji nodded. "Mutsu-chan! Be safe!"

She bashed him. "Can we go yet?"

"You're harsh, aren't yah?" Franky frowned.

"I'm in a hurry; I don't want that idiot getting too drunk to fly." Mutsu explained.

"Ah. That makes sense." Ussop nodded.

"So that's it then!" Gintoki looked at Luffy and his father. He smiled and pat the Strawhat boy on the head. "I don't have to tell you this, but remember- every pirate king has a dad, whether he likes them or not."

"Yeah…" Luffy moved his hand. "Thanks permhead."

"Oi, oi..don't be being mean to your elders."

"Sakata-san." Dragon interrupted. "In all seriousness…thank you…for everything."

"It's fine; all in a day's work." He sighed, better get going.

"OI! Will you ever come back?" Luffy asked.

"Who knows? But don't be waiting up on me!" Gintoki waved as he and Shinpchi headed back into the ship.

"Thank you for everything, everyone!" Shinpachi bowed and went in.

And just as abruptly as they came, they exited the world of One Piece

On the ship

"Oi Zura." He sat beside the bound man, drinking a strawberry milk that he hadn't had in so long; he felt like he was recovering from rehab. "Why'd Sakamoto come back and get you?"

"It's not Zura, it's Katsura, and he didn't . My fraction had placed an order, but then the idiot shows up out of nowhere, and grabs me with a mechanical claw. Then his assistant tells me I'm needed for an upcoming battle possibly; she picked up on bad intelligence in that universes through her advanced monitoring system." The revolutionary explained. "It's too bad I didn't get to spread my glorious message."

"Uh-huh, and the dog?" He refereed to the puppy that Kagura and Sougo were sitting against; it seemed to be chewing on something.

"I don't know actually. Knowing Sakamoto, he probably just picked him up randomly." Katsura shrugged.

"True." Gintoki frowned when he couldn't make out the item the dog was chewing on. He got up and walked towards the couple, getting their attention. "Oi, what's that dog got in his mouth?"

"Danna, can't you see you're interrupting a private moment?" Sougo deadpanned.

"There's nothing private about what you're doing, we're in a damned spaceship, and the doctor said no sex for Kagura." Gintoki said plainly.

"That's before he knew a Yato's healing ability, uh-huh!" Kagura leaned on Sougo's shoulder, still feeling tired from her fight with Kamui.

"Oi! What's the mutt got in his mouth?!" Gintoki demanded.

"Gin-san!" Shinpachi ran to them. "I can't find the diamond anywhere! Have you seen-"


Everyone stared at Sadaharu who 'RUFFED' innocently. No one had to ask what the dog swallowed, but it left one very painful question.

"Gin-san…will anyone want the diamond after that?"

"Shinpachi-kun, don't talk…I want to pretend I'm dead or kill the author right now." And that is how the first ever One Piece and Gintama crossover ended.


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