AN: I know I already have a full length Shenny story in the works, but I heard this on the radio, and I couldn't help myself! One-shot songfic!
Hope you like it!

Hey, I heard you were a wild one…Oooh…

Sheldon hadn't intended to run into Penny, despite knowing that there was a chance she would be returning around this time. Still, part of his brain nagged at him, the part that always seemed to go against logic. Sheldon didn't want to be frozen in place - hands wrapped tightly around his messenger bag. Penny had obviously not noticed, because she continued to kiss the muscled man pinned to her door.

If I took you home, It'd be a homerun. Show me how you'll do…

Penny wanted Sheldon. Or at least, drunk Penny did. Maybe she had wanted him before the alcohol, but right now all she could think about was how Sheldon Lee Cooper was at a club, for her. It was her birthday, and she was determined to get what she wanted. Sheldon.

She wasn't sure how she managed to stumble up the stairs to her apartment, she had an idea it had something to do with Sheldon. The others had hung back, but Sheldon jumped at the excuse to take Penny home - much to her delight. It was obvious that Sheldon's intentions were pure, but that didn't stop Penny from kissing him before they reached their landing.

And right before she passed out, she was sure she felt him kiss her back.

… Never one, club popper. Got a hangover like too much vodka...

Sheldon knew that Howard had spiked his drinks at Penny's birthday party, unfortunately, he didn't figure it out until it was too late. Although he wasn't inebriated by the drinks, he was slightly off. Perhaps that's why he had kissed Penny… Perhaps not. He held his head as a soft knock sounded at his door. Penny herself.

"Hey Sweetie, Howard told me what he did to you…"

"Penny, will you sing me Soft Kitty?" He asked as he rubbed his pounding head.

"Soft Kitty is for when you're sick." She said cautiously sitting on his bed next to him.

"Hungover and confused is a type of sick…" They locked eyes a moment before Penny softly started to sing.

I am a wild one break me in, saddle me up and let's begin…

Sheldon hadn't foreseen Penny sitting in his spot this time, mostly because he was still in it. In the quiet of the empty apartment, Sheldon found himself pinned under Penny, her eyes burning.

"Do you want me, Sheldon?" Her voice wasn't seductive or teasing… It was Penny.

"…Yes." He was surprised by his own answer.

He was more surprised when he found her lips on his. How his hands got to her hips, he'd never know.

I'm a wild one, tame me now. Running with wolves, and I'm on the prowl.

They lay in Sheldon's bed, surprisingly comfortable with their undressed state. A sense of relief and content hung around them as Penny traced circles on Sheldon's chest - counter clockwise.

"I love you, Penny." His voice was soft, like in a dream.

"I love you too, Moonpie." Hers was sure.