Ensom Ulv Regn-Hjerte was the last noble of his dying family line. He had everything a man could ever want. He had money, he had a huge house, and a means to live a comfortable life. and he was unsatisfied. He was a tall and slightly pale young man of the age of nineteen and men like him were not easy to come by. He had a silvery white hair in the winter but in the warmer parts of the years it turned stone gray. His eyes were a bright and eerie silver. He wore blue robes, wide brim hat, cotton pants, linen shirt, and a cloak. All of it was blue, the color his noble family persisted on picking. His broach that carried his family emblem hooked his cloak around his shoulders. It was a silver oak leaf with a golden sword running down its center. His home was rented out to the Rowen's Trading Guild.

Ulv, as he preferred to be called, lived in a beautiful city called Gallmire, it was a large stone city west of New Yoitsu. It even had it's own harbor. Ulv often wandered around it's countryside. And that was what he was doing now, next to a wheat field. He rode upon a great spotted gray charger. "Life, it seems to simple and complicated to be a reality, and thus we humans take it for granted so harshly." He said dreamily. "Very few of us are awake and aware to such a harsh reality."

He went back to his manor, now a refurnished guild hall. He was stopped by one of the barn hands. The boy looked up at him a little anxiously. "Lord Regn-Hjerte May I take your horse to the stables?" Ulv nodded and proceeded to dismount a raised eyebrow. "Is there any news boy?" he asked none to harshly but still with a stern demeanor of authority. The boy nodded vigorously. Ulv cocked his head. "Yes sir, Archbishop Beckett comes at the end of harvest. Ulv frowned. "Any good news then?" he asked with a wry face. The boy nodded less vigorously with a slight grin. "Lady Fena gave birth to a babe boy. The mid-wife says he will grow to be strong." The boy replied. Ulv nodded and patted the boy on the shoulder. He slipped a silver coin into the boy's hand before leaving for the entrance of his manor.

"Lord Regn-Hjerte? I'm not a lord." He thought to himself. He chuckled as he walked through the entrance and was greeted warmly by the doorman. "Greeting Master Regn-Hjerte!" the man said bowing with one for arm across his waist to show better curtsy. "I never was use to being treated like this." he thought to himself. "Greetings doorman Bierd. How goes your day?" He asked politely. The doorman smiled. "It has gone well so far my lord." He answered enthusiastically. Ulv nodded and bid the doorman fair well. "Why are they calling me lord?" he asked himself.

It wasn't untill he confronted the guild leader that he finale figured it out. They had a long conversation about his father's will and the city's decisions to make him the lord of the city. They had elected him to be leader. "No." He said solemnly. "A lord is a fine title but I refuse to be their leader. If anything, I should not be the only one to make the last decision, not the only 'lord' of the city either. If they won't make a council then please send a messenger to tell them that I step down." The guild leader, a thin man dressed in a long coat, had short brown hair, and green eyes behind a pair of reading glasses stood wide mouthed. "But sir, the people love you." He argued. Ulv sighed. "They are also terrified of me. Not one man alive outside my blood could have ever looked me directly into my eyes." Ulv said as he sat down from a long moment of pacing. The guild leader sighed and then laughed. "You are one of the most honest men I have met in my life." The man said with a chuckle.

"Haren, why did they choose me?" He said, leaning back in his chair. The guild leader frowned. "Your a very charismatic person for the last noble in your family." The man answered. "They might be unsettled by your eerie appearance but they love you none the less. You could command them to do as you pleased and they would not question you." Ulv's frown deepened. "I do not deserve such power. I do not want it." He said quietly. The other man chuckled. "You might not think so but the rest believe you should." Haren said simply. "What did you have planned if not taking a position of importance among the hierarchy?" Ulv looked directly into Haren's eyes, which turned away from his. "I wanted to leave for a bit. Travel around and see the rest of the world. This manor is to quiet for my liking." He answered. Haren grinned. "Then find yourself a wife." The other said. There was a moment of silence before they both busted out, laughing. "Me married? What woman in her right mind," He gasped "would want to marry me?"

Haren shrugged. "I wouldn't know. One who could see past those eyes and see the man you really are." He said. There was a uncomfortable pause between the two. "Haren. I told you not to long ago my plans. Tonight, I won't come back for some time. The manor is yours till I come home." Ulv said finally. Still an uncomfortable silence. They bid each other good night as it was evening when they finished conversing. He walked out the room and went to a stairwell that led to the quarters. He found his room, unlocked it with a iron key and shut it behind him. "A lord, I don't think so." He said out loud as he closed the door behind him. All night he made plans on how he would escape. He would leave during the wheat harvest which, would be around noon tomorrow. He shook his head at the thought of abandoning his people, but then, he could not allow them to make him a leader. He would deal with the archbishop and then leave. He knew it was the last thing he would do for Gallmire before he became a fallen noble. But he had to leave.

Ulv was staring up at the new moon. The cycle he enjoyed the most, because it worried him the least.