The cave fell silent as the wind paused for a moment. Korra couldn't believe her ears and had to resist the urge to poke her head outside to check if it was safe to go outside. If she was wrong, the storm would sweep her back out into the ocean and away from Asami. As badly as she wanted to get back to the city and save Mako and find Bolin, Korra knew the leaving Asami would be the worst thing to do. She also knew that she was nowhere near her full strength yet.

"We'll make it out of this, Korra. I know we will." Asami said , trying to believe her own words as she spoke them. Part of her worried that those words were just a hollow lie and that this would be the last place she ever saw. If that was true though, she was happy to know that Korra would be right there with her.

Korra smiled slightly and gave Asami a hug. "I'm so sorry about all of this. I shouldn't have stormed out of the temple and gotten us into this mess. I feel even worse about Bolin and Mako getting all tied up in this."

"Don't blame yourself for what Amon did. There was nothing you could do about that."

"Yes there was. I could be a better Avatar and have mastered Airbending like I should have and just beaten him into the ground when I got the chance."

As Asami was about to speak a vision of Aang drowned out any sound Korra heard save for his voice.

"I too, would have struggled with Amon. He plans far ahead and never sets anything in stone and relies on being flexible to adjust his strategies and come out ahead no matter the turn of events. Beating him into the ground would likely have changed nothing. Killing him may not be a solution and would only cause a war bigger than the one he's currently behind. The biggest thing with Amon is that, he believes it is his destiny to remove bending from the world at large."

Korra was a bit surprised that Aang had shown up, but she was willing to listen and let him continue.

"I know what it is like to remove someone's bending permanently and the responsibility that entails. What Amon does is a perversion of the art and something seems to be different about it. It's not natural, the way he does it."

Korra looked at Aang and said, "How am I supposed to beat him?"

"You'll know how when you learn it." Aang said as he slowly vanished.

Asami was staring at Korra and waving her hand in front of her. "Um...Korra? You there?"

"Sorry about that, Asami. Aang had something to tell me. When we get out of here, I know we'll have to figure out a way to stop Amon and get everyone back. Aang said that, when the time came, I'd know what to do." Korra said, feeling a little more sure of herself.

"That's good, now we just have to figure out how to get back to the city." Asami said with a sigh.

A deep rumbling came up from the ground as the earth moved with obvious intent. Korra immediately recognized it as Earthbending and moved herself and Asami away from it as fast as she could.

When the dust settled a familiar face smiled at Korra. "Glad to see you two are okay."

Korra smiled and said, "Lin! I'm so glad you're here. DID you get here?"

Lin smiled and said, "When Tenzin showed up in the city, I figured you had gone missing or had gone after Mako. I decided the best thing to do would be to search the outlying islands in the bay just in case you hadn't quite made it to shore yet. I got lucky finding you, that or destiny has a funny way of proving itself."

Korra hugged Lin and the three of them jumped back into the hole Lin had made. It was a long trek back into the city, but Lin kept them occupied by pestering them with questions about what had happened in the storm. Korra did her best to fill Lin in, but she knew one thing, fighting Amon right now would only end poorly for her and she let Lin know that.

"Hah, you sound like I did when mother was teaching me Metalbending. 'Come on you weak pathetic excuse for my daughter, bend that metal!' was all I heard for weeks. Then something clicked and I got it. Put a coin right into my mother's ribs. It was priceless. Granted we tore up the house and a good chunk of the nearby area in a good natured sparring match afterward, but nothing was as rewarding and seeing that look in mother's eyes after weeks of driving me into the ground. You never know what you are most capable of until you're driven to your lowest point Korra and I don't think you're quite as low as you think you are." Lin said, stopping to give Korra a pat on her shoulder.

The light at the other end of the tunnel was dim and was only brilliant when the flash of lightning lit the area up. Korra stared up the road to where Amon was and felt the rain soak through her clothes yet again. Something about this time would be different. The thought just slipped into her mind like a quiet suggestion and then it was gone, leaving Korra with a sense of peace about herself despite her still healing injuries.

"Let's go get us our friend back and let's go put Amon down for good this time. I'm sick of playing his games." Korra said, her eyes burning with what could only be described as cold fury and passion.

The rush through the city was anything but easy. The wind and rain made it beyond hell to gain any ground with ease. It always felt like, the more steps they took toward their goal, the farther away it got. After a long while they finally reached the place where Tenzin and Bolin had finally come to ground.

"OH thank the spirits...Lin I'm so glad you found her." Tenzin said, his eyes full of happiness at seeing Korra alive.

"It wasn't easy Tenzin, the storm beat the hell out of these two and it wasn't easy to track down someone who had been swept almost out of the city entirely."

"Still…I am glad they are safe."

"Yes, but Mako isn't." Korra said looking like she was just about itching for a fight. "We have to go save him."

"You are not doing anything. Lin, myself and Boiln will head up and take on Amon. You and Asami need to get back to a safe place."

"Asami and I need to do nothing of the sort." Korra said hotly. "We are going to save Mako together or not at all. Amon needs to be stopped. I'm not going to let him terrorize one of my best friends while I sit idly by and do NOTHING. Not happening Tenzin. Not while I can still move."

"I see." Tenzin said gravely. "Very well then. We will all go put a stop to this."

The storm raged around them as they started toward the station. For a place that ordinarily looked like any other place in the city, the station had a very ominous look to it. Maybe it was the storm's doing, but the was a bad feeling that Korra could not shake.

The storm only worsened the closer they got to Amon. The station only provided so much cover, and the winds still howled around them as the five of them worked their way through the station. It wasn't until they were a good ways up the stairs leading to the clock tower that Korra made a comment.

"Something feels off. You'd think with Amon being here that there would be hundreds of Chi blockers everywhere, but we haven't encountered a single one."

Tenzin nodded and everyone was on their guard as they reached the top of the tower and into the room that held the only window in the whole tower. It overlooked the courtyard they had just left, and as soon as Korra and the rest rushed in they noticed one thing.

No one was there.

"Damn it! We missed him again." Korra said, doing her best to hold back her anger at failing again.

"I don't think so." Said Bolin. "Look at these chains. They were melted by Firebending. I think Mako might have tried to escape, and if I know my brother, he probably succeeded."

"No. He didn't." Lin said, pointing outside with a sad look on her face.

Lightning flashed and illuminated the courtyard as they all looked out. There, standing at the foot of the statue was Amon, with Mako at his feet slumped over.

"You BASTARD!" Korra yelled as all common sense left her and she rushed through the window out into empty air.

Everyone near her all yelled after her, not believing what they saw.

Amon smiled to himself as he watched the Avatar toss herself out of the window. Assuming she survived the fall, he had the upper hand. After all, he did have a hostage.

Korra sped toward the ground and gathered the rain around her into a wave to slow her fall by drawing it up into a slowly relaxing pillar, guiding her feet to ground. There was nothing left in her mind but anger and rage as she looked at Amon from the slight indent her impact had created. Her eyes shone with an almost incandescent blue and the sound of her voice was the sound of legion.

"Amon! You have gone too far with your crimes and for that you will pay with your life! The Spirits have cast their judgment and have found you beyond forgiveness."

Amon's body language shifted from that of confident defiance to one of genuine horror. He had thought carelessly about the one aspect of an Avatar no one wanted to see used against them. The Avatar State had always been something he had known about, but he had always assumed the Avatar had to have known all the Bending arts to utilize it.

He smirked in fear and said boldly, "Then the let the Spirits judge. The blood of this child will be on their hands then."

Amon made to strike at Mako, aiming to take his bending quickly and force Korra out of the Avatar State.

The strike went nowhere as metal bands surrounded his wrists and bound them to the earth. He looked over and saw Lin using her bending art to hold him in place. Panic spread over his face as he looked back at Korra who was summoning up a hell-storm.

Fire, Earth and Water swirled around Korra as she directed the three elements and made to strike at Amon. As she did, the last element she had been struggling with for the past several weeks came to her and added to the attack. She morphed the elements into a spiraling spear, each element swirling around the other as she struck out at Amon.

Amon closed his eyes and waited for the end to come. Silently hoping his ploy would work.

Korra's face contorted as her strike stopped inches from Amon's face, her arm contorting oddly. Snapped out of her Avatar State by the sudden attack, she looked around for the culprit.

"Looking for me?" Said Amon. "That's right Avatar. I am a Bloodbender. I have grown so sick of seeing this world fall apart under the guide of the Benders and I want nothing more than to stop that cycle to bring peace. Isn't that a common goal of ours?"

"I will never have anything in common with a monster." Korra spat back at Amon as she dove back into a now familiar feeling, fully accessing her Avatar State, breaking Amon's hold.

"I told you once and I am not overly fond of repeating myself. You are going to pay for your crimes Amon." Korra trapped Amon's feet and hands in earth and made sure to not give him any opportunity to strike back.

Amon's mask fell off and he smiled evilly at Korra as he said, "Your word is law Avatar. Kill me. Stare into my eyes as you do it. I will haunt you until you die. I will…"

Amon's speech stopped short as his body arched and writhed, covered in electricity.

"You won't do a damn thing." Mako said weakly, his face covered in cuts and bruises. "Rot in the Spirit World."

~A year later~

Korra sighed as she sat through another sunset leaning against Asami.

"What's on your mind sweetheart?" Asami asked as she kissed Korra's forehead.

"Just thinking about what happened a year ago."

"That's behind us, no sense in dwelling on it." Asami gave her girlfriend a hug, comforting her.

"I know, but...were we right in letting Amon live?" Korra asked, curiosity getting the best of her.

"I would hardly call what happened to Amon after that living. I'm just glad Tenzin stepped in and stopped Mako. I never knew you could redirect lightning like that."

Korra kissed Asami and quietly said, "You know…I really do love you. That time in the cave on the island made me really think about it. I don't want to ever lose you."

Asami smiled and returned Korra's kiss. "You won't. Besides, rumor has it that it's not against tradition for the Avatar to get married."

"Korra and Asami sittin' in a tree. K, I, S, S, I, N, G!" Bolin said in a sing-song tone from behind a nearby tree.

"DAMN IT BOLIN! WE WERE HAVING A MOMENT!" Korra said as she playfully sent a blast of water at Bolin.

They all laughed as the sun continued to set. Korra couldn't help but think that, everything was going to work out in the end and that, now there was nothing that would keep her from having Asami in her life.

And she knew that, no matter what came next, the adventure would continue.

(Holy. GOD. Worst writer's block, EVER. Couple that with a job that's been keeping me super busy and what do you get? A super late update. Sorry to keep you all waiting. I tried to not spoil too much from the actual series, but with how much time has passed, and now that the series is actually done, I don't think you folks will mind it all that much. So. Here we are at the end of things once more. Needless to say I will keep writing, but it may be a while before anything new comes up here. I had a lot of fun with this one. Hopefully you all have enjoyed the story and will continue to enjoy the things I write as time goes on. The adventures will always continue as long as there are those who will continue to put words to a page and tell the tales.)

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