A Ghoul on his Regent

When I found


I thought -


I knew

I was master of my own fate -

Not you, not the virus.

It was sweeter than

The sweetest high

Made by mortal hands.

The liquid life she gaveā€¦

Any wonder that I would

Love -

I see you laugh,

But how could you know

Undying ones

Never having to fight for your lives,

Or deaths, as it may be.

Any wonder that when

He called her

Away -

Away from me -


He had to go.

She cried when he was gone

Though I loved

Her as he never


Never could,

Not as I could,

One who had no choice.


It was then I knew

That she,

She was the master of my fate,

Not you, not the virus,

Not me,

And now

She is gone,

And my fate belonged to the virus again.

Though you,

You undying ones,

You want my fate

But you can't,

Can't have it.

One step,

A few seconds,

Less than a minute,

The wind in my hair,

For one last glorious minute.


The hard concrete,

And my fate

Is my own,

And then it is not.