The school bell rang, dismissing the class.

Yassan pulled out her book, and started reading it while walking out of the room. She is so focused on the story that she didn't hear her name being called.

"Yassan!" One of her classmates shouted.

She closed the book and replied in an impatient tone: "What is it?"

"It is your turn to clean the room today. Don't act like you forgot it!"

"Oh, I did forget it. Thanks for reminding me."

She started cleaning the room. Hurriedly, just so she could read it sooner.

Finally, she is almost done. While placing the chalkboard eraser back to it's holder, she remembered something. She hastily opened her bag and took the book she was reading. Then she shook it, trying to find something inside. When Yassan realized that the thing she's looking for isn't there, she frantically threw her bag until her school things scattered. Still, she didn't find it.

She let out a sigh and muttered: "Ah, the bookmark.. It think it fled.."

Yassan desperately looked for the bookmark. She almost crawled on the floor.

All of a sudden, a guy entered the room. He stands in a slightly crouched position, both hands in pocket. His eyes were puffy, though it doesn't bother him.

"Yassan? What are you doing?"

She stood up. "I- uh.. My bookmark."

"Bookmark?" The guy asked.

"Yes. I lost it earlier."

"Wait for me here." The guy heedlessly left.

Yassan made a perplexed face. Then she continued looking for the bookmark.

After a couple of minutes, the guy came back with a piece of colored paper. He sat down at one of the empty chairs, and started folding the paper until it became a heart-shaped bookmark. The guy gave it to Yassan. She reached for it, and thoroughly observed the bookmark.

"For me?" Yassan asked.

"Yes. The bookmark you lost might not be as good as what I made." The guy twitched his eyes at the bookmark. "But at least, you have something to use temporarily." With that, the guy exited the room.

Yassan glanced at him until he disappeared in the hallway.

"Today, the wind received something handmade for the first time." Yassan said in her usual low voice.

She took her book, searched for the last page she read, and clipped the bookmark to it.