Author: grayglube

Title: Gin Rummy

Summary: They're a suited King, Queen, Jack set. They're Aces strung together. One type of different things or different types of one thing.

Rating: M

Warning(s)/Kink(s): Language, sexual situations, incest

There's a part of her that longs for the symmetry of being the one to take his virginity, like Tate took hers.

But a much bigger part is relieved that he's not so pure.

He fucks her like Tate might have if they'd ever kept it up in abandoned bedrooms and against the dusty attic hardwood and in more inventive locations once they outgrew being modest enough to care if someone saw them.

There are times when she looks at him flushed and damp and panting breaths across her mouth and thinks that he could be his brother.

And then she remembers that he's actually hers.

But she stares at his mouth and realizes that it leaves marks the same shape of someone else's on her body.