Kami's Son

A.N:- This story based on 'Rise From The Shadow' by 'vsizzel'. So first chapter going to be exact same from that story with some minor changes. He gave me the permission to do that. But after first Chapter it's going to be a completely different story. Now there are some things you need to know.

1. In this fic Naruto's going to be extremely powerful. He's going to related to Kami after all.

2. Naruto's going to have a Doujutsu name 'Perfect Eye' who is mix of 'Rinnigan' 'Byakugan' and "Mangekyou Sharingan'.

3. There's going to lot of bashing of Konoha and Minato.

4. Lastly my English is poor. So flame about my English

Pairings: Naruto x Kushina x Narumi x Mikoto x Sakura x Mei Tarumi x F. Kyuubi x F. Haku.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Beta:- Sabaku Ookami

CHAPTER 1: The Forgotten Child and an Escape.


"Tou-san! Tou-San! I did it! Did you see that! Did you!" cheered a girl who looked ten years old. She had bright long red hair with yellow around the end of the hair, bright ocean blue eyes, and a round face. She was about 4'1". She wore a red t-shirt and combat pants.

"That's was great Narumi-chan!" applauded a man with spiky blond hair with two long bangs down the side of the face. He had ocean blue eyes and an angular face. He was more handsome than most males. He wore a dark blue long sleeve shirt and black sweatpants. Stood about a height of 5'10". This man was Minato Namikaze, the fourth Hokage of Konohagakure and the 'Yellow Flash' of Konoha. At the moment Minato was watching his daughter train.

This girl now known as Narumi was daughter of both Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze. She looked an exact copy of her mother with the exception of her blue eyes and the yellow strands that outline her hair and the fact that she is younger. Narumi smiled and continued her training on sensing her chakra and calling it out. She just started training with chakra and her dad was teaching her how to control it.

"Great job Narumi-chan, you will be a great kunoichi in no time." Said a redhead who just came in when she saw her daughter call out her chakra. She stood at a height of 5'8", had maroon hair, and a heart-shaped angelic face. She wore a hairclip on her hair, wore a red t-shirt and sweatpants. She had a body of a Goddess that would make any male or female die of a nosebleed. With long slender arms and legs, and an impressive bust ranging from C cups to D cups. This woman was Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze and Konoha's Red Death.

"Thanks mom! I can't wait until I become a great kunoichi like you!" replied Narumi with a smile. Both Minato and Kushina smiled at their child energy and attitude.

In the distance stood a boy who was the same age as Narumi. He had wild spiky blond hair that went everywhere, electric blue eyes, and a round face. He stood about the height of 4'5" and at the moment was wearing a gray t-shirt and sweatpants. He looked like any normal healthy kid, but one thing different about him was the three whisker marks on each side of his face. His name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, and older twin brother of Narumi Namikaze.

At the moment Naruto was glaring at the nice family scene that was happening at the family private training area. Naruto just sighed and walked away, into his room where he did training of his own with the supervision of Hikari (Kyuubi). Yes, Naruto knows about Kyuubi's soul sealed inside of him and Narumi has the chakra. He entered his room, sealed his room, made a ram sign and shouted "KAI" white chakra started to come out from him and suddenly a puff of smoke cover him and when it clears Naruto stood there with height of 4'10" with long silver hair which tie in a ponytail, electric blue eyes with some purple hint of it and crescent moon symbol on his forehead. How did he know about Kyuubi? And why did he hide his true appearance? It started three years ago with an incident which made him to be what he is now.

FLASHBACK 3 Years ago

"Hey tou-san, can you teach me how to do some cool ninja stuff!" asked a young blond Naruto who was hoping his dad would say yes.

"Sorry Naruto I can't. I have to teach Narumi." Replied Minato, Naruto frowned.

"Why can't you teach both of us at the same time!" argue Naruto ignoring the smug look his sister was giving him.

"Sorry Naruto I don't have the time to do that." Naruto was going to respond with his father until his mother came in.

"Naruto go to your room and don't brother your father. He will teach you when he feels that you are ready." Said Kushina in a demanding voice. Naruto not wanting to argue with his mother looked at the ground and walked to his room.

"Why can't I learn how to be a shinobi but Narumi can? How come she gets everything." Said Naruto out loud to himself when he reached his room and close the door so no one could enter or hear him.

Naruto was consider a genius or prodigy, he was smart beyond measure, and had skills to learn anything really fast, so it didn't take him long enough to figure out that his family favored his sister more than him, seeing as she got everything she wanted. He noticed the villagers treating her like a hero.

Naruto other hand barely got anything he wanted, even on his birthday he would get one or two gifts while Narumi would have tons. He also hated by the villagers. Sometimes when he would walk around the village alone he could see some of the villagers giving him cold glares. His sister also had a lot of friends; every kid would try to get to know her. While he only has one friend, her name is Sakura Haruno. He saved her from some bullies one day, from that day Sakura is best and only friend.

Naruto knew that his sister was seen as a hero for an unknown reason, but he didn't understand why he was so hated by the villagers. He sign and think "I wish I had a family who noticed that I am there and tell me why the villagers hate me!" And lay in the bed so that he could get some rest. Unknown to him his wish about to come true.

Naruto lay on the bed try to sleep when he felt some attraction of his body like someone try to take him somewhere. Suddenly a puff of some and Naruto vanished from his room, leaving no sign of where he went.

Unknown Location

Naruto find himself in some type of flower field with a waterfall which create a beautiful lake in the field. Naruto look confusedly left and right try find that how he end up here and where is he.

"Where am i?" asked Naruto. An answer came from his behind by an angelic tone.

"In my realm Naruto-Kun." Said the angelic tone which Naruto could make out was a women at age 25 with marvelous beuty. She has long silver hair, purple eyes and a crescent moon symbol on her forehead. She is giving an aura of life and death so strong that it scared sheet out of Naruto.

"WH…who a..re you? And wh..y ammm I he…here?" asked a fearful Naruto.

The women just smile at him that somehow relaxed him, she bent down to his level and place a hand on his shoulder.

"Well for your first question I am Kami Uzumi (don't know what its mean but I like it's as a last name.), goddess of life and death." Naruto eyes winded hearing that he standing before kami "And why you are here because I have an offer for you." This confused Naruto greatly.

"What kind of offer?" asked Naruto confusely.

"A good kind of offer." Said Kami with a motherly smile, the she spoke again "But before I tell you I want you to meet with someone." She placed her two fingers on his forehead and Naruto suddenly blacked out.


Naruto suddenly woke up to see that he was in a sewer and in front of him was a giant gate with a seal on it. He didn't know where he is now. He looked beside only to see Kami standing beside him. So he asked her "where are we?"

"We are currently on your mindscape." She said Naruto and looks toward the giant cage and called out "Why didn't you come out now Hikari-chan?"

Naruto heard some footsteps coming toward them from the dark cage. When the person came to the light, he saw a girl around 15 with blood red hair, redder than his mother, red silted pupil eyes, DD cup breast, 2 fox ears on top of her head and she had 9 red tails. 7 of the 9 tails looks like ghostly but other two look solid.

"Naruto meet Hikari or otherwise Kyuubi no Yuko." said Kami only to Naruto's eyes widen.

"But…but how is this possible? I thought Kyuubi was dead and its power sealed inside of Narumi." questioned Naruto.

Kyuubi looked at Kami who just gave her nod, telling its ok to tell him the full story.

"Well Naruto-Kun no mortal can kill a bijuu. So he do the best he can he sealed my power inside of Narumi hoping she can use the power and place my soul inside of you, making your life a living hell." Describe Kyuubi to Naruto. Naruto clenched his hands in fist in anger, now he understood why his father & mother favored Narumi most, why he hated by the villagers. From this day he vowed to never call them mother and father, he lost the reason to call them mother and father. How could a father make his own child's life a hell!

"Now Naruto-Kun there some things needed to know, although your father training your sister early so that she can use my power, which is like impossible without the soul, because my chakra is pure hatred and destruction so whenever she go more than two tails of my chakra she going to lost control and killed whoever in front her." Naruto's eyes widened a bit and then laughed at how his father made a stupid mistake. Taking some breath Hikari again continue "Yes Naruto-Kun it's funny, now back to the fact. Your father thought that as a soul without a body I never going to create Chaka, but he doesn't know that my body is made of chakra so as the time pass I am going to generates chakra and came back to the as powerful as I before. Now this time I generate 2 tails worth chakra that why I have 2 real tails and 7 ghostly tails."

This caused him to laugh more about his father's utter foolishness. Then suddenly he becomes serious. He looked at Kyuubi and asked. "Why is the first place you attacked the village?" this time the answer came from Kami.

"She is been controlled." Said Kami and stop some time to Naruto take the information then again speak "She is been controlled by a man name Tobi. When your mother is in labor this man came and rips her from your mother seal, before you asked yes your mother is a jinchuriki of Hikari before you and Narumi, so he rips your mother seal controlled Hikari to attacked the village."

Naruto looked at Hikari and asked "is it true?"

"Yes Naruto-Kun it's true, sorry I can't control myself, I am a part of the cause of your pain." Said Kyuubi a sad voice and looks to the ground not wanting to make eye contact with Naruto. Suddenly she felt two small arms circled around her. She takes looks and sees that Naruto is now inside of her cage and hugging her tightly.

"I forgive you Hikari-Chan; it's not your fault. It's that entire bastard Minato's fault, now that I think correctly he just use me like a scapegoat for reliving the villagers pain. But I don't understand that why Oka-san didn't do anything, she is a formal jinchuriki after all?" said/asked Naruto.

Kyuubi is very happy that Naruto didn't hate him and blush at the affectionate suffix Naruto add at her name, she hear Naruto asked why Kushina never help him so she decided to answer him "Because Kushina is now like fan girl of Minato, ever since Minato rescue her from the cloud shinobi she thought that what he do always right."

Naruto growled at name of fan girls/boys he always bombarded by Narumi's fan club. He was now disgusted that his birth mother is now a fan girl.

"Now Naruto you know everything about your condition. I wanted you hear my offer which I am about to make." Said Kami to the hugging duo. Naruto let go of Kyuubi and gave full attention to Kami. Realizing she had full attention she looked direct to eyes of Naruto "Naruto you are the most pure soul ever born in 1000 years & you destined bring peace to the elemental Nation. You know that your parents not think you as a member of the family so I wanted to ask, will you cut everything with them and became by son?" asked/offered Kami.

Naruto's eyes bulge out from his socket, he was offered by Kami to become her son and cut all the ties with his family, Naruto frowned at that, not family... his birth family. He thought about his family and only remembers ignorance, abandon and left behind. He made a decision there and then. He looked at Kami and said "I accept it only with one condition."

"And what is it?" asked Kami.

"Will you promise that you'll always love me, never left me behind and abandon me?" asked Naruto with tears came out from his eyes.

Hearing that Kami eyes softened and she just nodded, suddenly she tackled by a 6 years old crying blond. She just rubbed her hand on his back telling sweet words to him. Hikari just stood there crying, she was happy that Naruto found someone who he could call a mother.

"Th…thank you oka-san." Said Naruto and let Kami go from his hug.

Kami just smile at him and said "Naruto now you accept my offer, there is only one thing to do to make you my official son, and that is the blood ritual."

Naruto just nodded and they faded from his mindscape.

Kami's realm.

Naruto again found himself again his new oka-san. He saw his new mother cut his hand and to make his hand bleed and some of her own blood on it. Suddenly there is white light and Naruto started to changing, his blond hair turn blue and the whisker marks on his cheek stated to fed, his eyes somehow take some purple hint. When transformation complete Naruto stood there with a completely different look on him.

Kami just smile and said to Naruto "Now Naruto you are my official son, not Uzumaki, not Namikaze, only Naruto Uzumi, a demi god. You have a chakra pool that can rival juubi itself, you are now immortal no one can kill you, you had a doujutsu name 'perfect eye' which is mix of 'Rinnigan' 'Byakugan' and "Mangekyou Sharingan', ability to grow up wings on your back. You have the power to control all elements including the sub elements to its fullest. But you don't know how to control them. You already know that I can't take you to the god's realm, so I'm going to watch you from up and come to meet you time to time. Then when I tell you are ready, get out from this hell hole name Konoha and find the mythical Dragon and Phoenix joint summoning contract, they going to teach you further how to use your power fullest. But right now your body is not ready for the training, so I want you train yourself to get to the point, oh I want you to hide your appearance and power. We don't want a certain Hokage to find about it and try to make you weapon for the village. " Naruto just nodded to his mother already knowing what to do. "Oh Naruto when you are ready, give the village some ass kick so that they never try to mess with Kami's son," said Kami with a sadistic smile which Naruto followed. And he vanished from the realm and reappeared on his room.

Flashback End

Throughout the years he has and still has been training very hard. Hikari gave him exercise and Jutsu which he masters in no time. He managed to masters his doujutsu by an army of clones in this years. He managed to break through Minato's library and stole the Jutsu name Hiraishin and Rasengan. Although he hated Minato with passion, but he have to admit that the two Jutsu were work of a genius. He was able to master the Rasengan and when he found that it's an incomplete technique he started to work on make it complete. In 2 months he manage to complete it make wind and fire element Rasengan, he mastered Hirasin such a degree that he doesn't even need a mark to teleport. But he can't use the new Hirasin long distance because his body was not ready for it. He also learned about sealing, now he could call himself a seal master better than Minato, Kushina and Jiraiya. His medical Jutsu is average but he was still trying to master it fully. Time to time Kami visit him and gave him some tips about how to use his god powers and doujutsu. In between this time she told him about a prophecy 'the chosen one is the child born from two great shinobi, holding great power rise from the white light with wings on back, bring peace to the world'. And Naruto already know that he is the chosen one.

As time passed the beating he receives from the villagers started to increases. Through there were very people that befriended him. Them being Sakura, Kurenai Yuhi, Anko Mitarashi, Yugao Uzuki, Uchiha Itachi and finally Uchiha Mikoto.

Now in two days will be Naruto and Narumi's 12th birthday and Naruto decided it's the day when he leave this hell hole, his goddess mother already told him that's its time. So he currently is thinking a way to escape.


Naruto & Narumi's Birthday

It's the date of Naruto and Narumi's birthday and annual anniversary of Kyuubi's defeat and national holiday to Konoha. Minato Namikaze was currently doing paperwork, something he hated to do as Hokage. He was currently looking at a paper that said to release the civilians that were in jail, for hurting his son Naruto. He sighed, after Kyuubi attack and when he announced that Narumi had the power and Naruto had the soul, some of the villagers asked that Naruto be killed before the Kyuubi could control Naruto.

As a father he knew that he shouldn't let them go, but he was the Hokage not just any Hokage the best Hokage ever to produce so far. As a Hokage he knew that the village came first and family came later. That's why he trained Narumi early so that she can use the Kyuubi's power to protect the village.

He knew the pain of the village after the attack, and with Naruto having soul of the Kyuubi he knew that village would target him. He knew it was bad but the village needed a scapegoat and Naruto was the only person to fit the job. The best he could do is reduced what they did to him. He signed the paper that releases the villagers from their prison.

He just hopes that Naruto was forgiving and his wife and daughter doesn't find out about what he allowed the villagers to do to Naruto. He was about to go through more paperwork until he felt a presence behind him.

"Jiraiya what are you doing here?" asked Minato while he was approving the request.

"It seems like I could never hide from you." Said Jiraiya.

"I asked you again why are you here? I assumed you were peeping on women like you always do."

"Actually the toads summoned me and told me about a prophecy."

"Prophecy from the toads?" asked a shocked Minato. Jiraiya nodded in confirmation. "What was it about?"

"it said that 'the chosen one is the child born from two great shinobi, holding great power rise from the white light with wings on back, bring peace to the world' I expect that the chosen one would be Narumi since she is your child and has the power of the Kyuubi within herself." Minato nodded slowly then realization came to him and he smiled.

"So my daughter is the chosen one?" asked a happy and hopeful Minato.

"I think so, since she fits most of its requirements." Replied Jiraiya, he saw how happy his student is and what he was going to tell him would make him even happier. "Since its Narumi's birthday today, I was wondering if you let her sign the toad contract." Jiraiya told Minato only to his smile growing wider. Minato nodded to Jiraiya and he smiled another his next student would be another person from his favorite student's family.

"Since that is done I guess I'll continue my research, see you tonight at the party Minato." Jiraiya disappeared using shunshin, Minato sighed and look at his loads of paperwork and frown. He still couldn't figure out a way to beat every kage's enemy.

After working for a while Minato stopped and started to think about his family. How happy they were he, Kushina, Narumi and Naruto. He frowned when he thought about Naruto. After refusing to teach Naruto, he pretty much excluded himself from family. From then He stopped asking them anything, for three years Minato never heard he called them father and mother. He only able to saw Naruto only dinnertime, he would be only silent and only look at the food while he ate never tries to talk to them.

Minato regretted what he did to Naruto and was going to make it up to him. Starting tomorrow after Naruto and Narumi's birthday he is going to start Naruto's training so that he can bring Naruto back to the family.

Later that day

Minato, Kushina and Narumi currently waiting for Naruto to arrive to living room with a smile on their face. When Minato came back and told Kushina and Narumi about Naruto, he became shock when they tell that they also feel the same way and wanted to bring their son/brother to the family so he never be alone again. They ashamed for what they done to their son/brother and they wanted to make it up to him. So when Minato tell them that he is going to start Naruto's training, they tackled him in a hug saying that Naruto was going to be very happy by hearing it and surely he forgive them and come back to the family. So here they were waiting for Naruto to arrive.

Naruto enter the room with a black t-shirt and black sweats, when he arrived, he was surprised that his family waswaiting for him with a smile and love on their face, even Narumi looking at him only love to her eyes. It's never happen before. 'What the hell is going on here?' Naruto thought himself, suspiciously.

"Maybe they finally noticed they have a son and brother." chimed Hikari via their mental link.

'So now they noticed me after all this time! Whatever this change nothing, I am not their son anymore!'

"Good answer Naruto-Kun they don't deserve forgiveness." Naruto inwardly nodded to Hikari. Well since he is going to leave today, he might as well give them a peace of his mind. Naruto took a seat at the couch and waiting for them to tell him why they called him here.

Minato take a deep sigh and look at Naruto with happy smile and said "Now Naruto I have a news for you that will make you very happy." Naruto just glare him flinch a little before he continued "I happy to say that starting today after your birthday that you will be starting your training in family arts." Said Minato proudly.

"Does that mean Aniki will be practicing with me?" asked a hopeful Narumi. Minato nodded and Narumi's face glowed with happiness. Minato then looked at his son and shocked. Naruto's face remains unchanged, his eyes looking at him the same dead cold eyes he always has. Not a single sign that he was smiling or attempted to. Kushina too was shocked, she thought that this plan would work, she was sure it was going to work,

Narumi saw the looked on both her parents face and wonder what made both her parents shocked. She turned to look at Naruto and like her parents she too was shocked.

"Aniki aren't you happy? Now we can train together!" asked a confused Narumi. Naruto looked at her with his cold eyes glaring at her.

"Not really." He replied. Everyone frowned.

"Why not Naruto, don't you want to know my style and your father's fighting style?" asked Kushina hoping to see signs that Naruto was reconsidering his answer.

"I lost interest after you guys refused to teach me when I asked. I don't need training from either of you, since I didn't have one before why start now? I will never train to learn any of your styles. So take your style and teach it to your only child Hokage-Sama, Kushina-Sama." Said Naruto and left leaving his shocked parents and sister. They are totally shocked that Naruto didn't even called them father and mother.

"What do we do now?" asked a teary Kushina. After hearing that Naruto didn't call her mother, she couldn't take it anymore and started to cry.

"I don't know anymore, maybe this was a little too much for him to take in. Now I want you to start the cooking for the party hopefully the gifts I brought for Naruto cheer him up." He said and try to stop the mother daughter duo who thought that they lost they lost their brother/son. Kushina just nodded and went to change and cook for the party, while Minato got the decoration ready.

Naruto slammed the door behind him and checked his things he got ready for tonight. He was still mad from the conversation he had earlier "damn that family! They noticed me now and think that I would forgive them because I get to learn their fighting style!" He mentally yelled at himself.

Nighttime at the birthday party

It was six p.m. time for the party to start. The Namikaze house was filled with friends, children, and adults. There were clan heads and their family. Hiruzen Saratobi the third Hokage and his family, Naruto and Narumi's godfather Jiraiya. There are also some jonin shinobi's who were close friend to Minato and Kushina like Kakashi, Kurenai and Yugao.

Narumi is currently talking with her friends. And Naruto is talking to Sakura on a corner of the party room. She already knows that what Naruto going to do. Naruto hug her last time making her blush and asked her a favor that if his parents try to search him, tell them that he was going to sleep in his room. Sakura just nodded sadly that his first friend and secret cruse leaving, only to Naruto kiss on her forehead and he tell her that one day he is going to come for her and take her with him.

Naruto in his room got his things ready and checked if he had everything he needed. He packed his things up and put on his backpack, put his shoes, he take a red chalk and write something on his room wall then He opened the window and jumped out. He was lucky that the gate is open for incoming people. He sneak passed a couple of people and walked through the gate. He came to the main gate it takes him about 1 hour to get there. He about to leave the gate unnoticed but the two chunin spotted him, realizing that he is Hokage's son and tries to leave the village; they try to stop him only to them knocked out by Naruto. He gets out from the village and started headed to the water country. His goddess mother told him that that is the place where he can find the summoning contract for dragon and phoenix.

Namikaze house (one hour after Naruto left)

The time is seven about an hour after Naruto left, the party getting bigger and bigger. In between this hour Kushina try to search for Naruto only to Sakura tell her that he was gone to sleep in his room.

Two hour later Naruto's left

It's about eight, the party doesn't seem to be getting smaller or tiring down. Minato, who was slightly drunk since he didn't drink much, quiet everyone down.

"Now it's time for Narumi to open her present." Said Minato when everyone quite down and listening to Minato. Narumi, who heard what her father said, smiled in happiness. For a while she was sad that because she hasn't found Naruto so that she can tell him that how much she love him, but the mention of her present brought her out of her sad thoughts.

First off Jiraiya who walked up to Narumi with a giant scroll. Many people were wide eyes knowing what the scroll was.

"Narumi I want to give you the toad summoning contact." Said Jiraiya. Narumi eyes widened she knew what the toad summoning from what her father told her. Narumi started to jump in glee. Jiraiya chuckled while everyone laughed.

"Now sign here with your blood." Said Jiraiya pointing to the blank space next to Minato's name. Narumi bit her thumb so blood could come out, then she wrote her name the best she could. Then an idea hit her mind, she looked at Jiraiya and asked "can Naruto-oni-chan can sign it also please?"

Jiraiya taken a back at the request, he thought about it he never do anything for his godson, so he smiled and nodded.

"Yay. Oka-Chan please calls Naruto-oni-Chan." Shouted Narumi. Kushina was about to do that but stopped when an injured Kotatsu entered the room.

Minato and Kushina saw that an injured Kotatsu coming up into the group panting.

"What wrong Kotatsu? Why are you injured?" Asked Minato.

"It's Naruto Hokage-sama." Replied Kotatsu who didn't get too finished when Kushina interrupted her.

"What about Naruto-Kun?"

"Naruto is leaving the village. He came to the gate 1 hour ago and knocked us out and left." He shouted loudly that the whole party heard and stopped what they were doing and looked at Kotatsu. Kushina and Minato were shocked to hear this. Not wanting to believe what she heard Kushina ran towards Naruto's room and everyone followed her.

Kushina kick the door open only to meet with an empty room and a massage written on the wall. It said 'for this day Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze is dead and Naruto Uzumi is born. Goodbye Kushina-Sama Hokage-Sama, I hope you proud your decision to not train me'. After reading this Kushina and Narumi broke down crying "he didn't forgive us." they said while sobbing.

Minato felt that there might be a chance to get his son back. "ANBU" shouted Minato. Then some ANBU appeared in front of Minato kneeling. "Find my son Naruto, he planning to leave the village and make sure he doesn't reach the Hi no Kuni border." Ordered Minato. The ANBU quickly left, doing what they are told. Minato himself preparing to leave when he stopped by couple of people Jiraiya, Fagaku, Hiashi, Kakashi.

Minutes later everyone was ready including Kushina. Minato looked shocked to see Kushina. "What are you doing Kushina?" asked Minato.

"Helping to look for Naruto what else." She replied getting annoyed of why they haven't left yet, and Minato questioning something like this.

"No you can't, you have to stay and watch the children. Don't worry I will bring Naruto back." With that Minato left, leaving an angry Kushina before she could say anything.

Mikoto who was there went up to her longtime friend "Go find Naruto, I'll stay and watch the kids." She told Kushina.

"Thank you Mikoto-Chan." Kushina replied and disappeared via shunshin.

Outside Konoha

Naruto currently hid himself behind a tree and tried his best to conceal his chakra, hoping no one can sense him, as couple of ANBU and Jonin passes the place. It's not that he can't beat some jonin or ANBU, but he decided against it because it's just waste of his time. When he felt there no one left he got out of his hiding spot and began running, only stop when he noticed about three people waiting for him. He sign it's really getting annoying for him, because of the hiding he lost times and caught by them.

In front him stood Kakashi Hatake, Jiraiya of the Sanin and Hiashi Hyuuga. Naruto stopped a few yards away from them, staring of them with cold eyes.

"Naruto you need to come home." Said Jiraiya. Naruto glared at Jiraiya and Kakashi two people he didn't really care for, since they both were somehow related to his birth father.

"Why do I do that?" growled Naruto.

"That because you father, mother and sister want you back home. We want you back home."

"Sensei, Kushina-nee-san and Narumi-Chan want you home so you all can be family again." Said Kakashi jumping into the conversation hoping to change Naruto's mind about leaving. He frowned when Naruto's face didn't lighten up, if anything it was even madder than before.

Naruto now glared at Kakashi and replied, "Since when have I been considered family. I was never considered family to them, to you. I was neglected and ignored for what? Only because Narumi contains the Kyuubi's chakra." Making both Kakashi and Jiraiya filch.

"But Naruto it's for everyone's good, Narumi needed the training, she is the child of prophecy." Said Jiraiya try to Naruto understand about his parents act.

"ah the prophecy, what is it oh yeah 'the chosen one is the child born from two great shinobi, holding great power rise from the white light with wings on back, bring peace to the world' tell me Jiraiya of the Sanin isn't it odd you think of the part 'power rise from the white light with wings on back'?" asked Naruto.

"What do you mean?" asked a confused Jiraiya.

Naruto just at him and smirk and said "let me show you. "Suddenly Naruto stated to glow white and white chakra started to lick from his body. He dispelled the genjutsu and let out his true apparance to everyone to see, he also grow 2 white angel wings on his back. "See this Jiraiya of the Sanin; I am the child of prophecy and I am totally done with the hell hole name Konoha." Jiraiya and others eyes bulge that Naruto is suddenly transform and grow wings on his back, then one thought run into their mind that they need to bring back Naruto to Konoha at any cost. There's no way Konoha going to lost this kind of power is it means to hurt Naruto to be it. Jiraiya, Kakashi and Hiashi looked each other and just nodded.

Jiraiya take step toward Naruto and Make a Rasengan in his hand showing Naruto they are going to force. "Naruto come back with us peacefully or we are going to use force. We promised we give you all the training you want. There's no way you can beat 3 of us alone." said/threatened Jiraiya as Kakashi and Hiashi also take fighting stance.

Naruto spat at the name of training Jiraiya promised, and he glare that Jiraiya for he trying to scare him with Rasengan.

"Oh you use threatened me to use force and I just give up, well lets who kick whose ass. But first make it more interesting." Said Naruto and started write seals in the air with his chakra. This shock Jiraiya great that Naruto writing seals in air only just using chakra. Naruto finished the seals and shouted "fuinjutsu: four Column barrier." The seal glows and create a 300 meter side square barrier around them. Then he activates the 'perfect eye' shocking the group more. He creates 2 advanced shadow clones (advance shadow clone can take more damage than normal shadow clone) and looks at the three man group and said "now I create this barrier so that no one can interrupt our fight. So shall we begin?" said/asked Naruto & his clones and they attack Jiraiya, Kakashi and Hiashi.

Naruto vs Kakashi

Naruto ran towards Kakashi with high speed and try to deliver a punch, but Kakashi barely side stepped and Naruto's fist hit the ground thus creating a large crater.

"What is it how's Naruto punching this strong? It's more powerful than Tsunade's super human strength. If Naruto is powerful, I need Sharingan to fight him" thought Kakashi and lifted his headband and take out the Sharingan.

"Ah! The Sharingan! Do you really think that it could help him?" said Naruto and started to do hand sign at the speed that Kakashi barely followed with his Sharingan.

"Wood release: root binding Jutsu" shouted Naruto and suddenly roots started to came out from the ground and try to trap Kakashi, but he used "Replacement jutsu" to escape.

"Wood release! How?" asked a shocked Kakashi.

"It's part of my bloodline, which allows me to use all the elements including the sub elements. Now enough talk let's just done with it." Said Naruto and attacked Kakashi with taijutsu. Kakashi barely holding ground with Naruto. He can't able to think that he is losing to Naruto a 10 years old child. He came out from a thought when a spin kick connected with his chin, causing him to fly back word.

"This is what you can do Kakashi the copy ninja? I am very disappointed with you." Said Naruto and use Hiraishin to come near Kakashi and look into his eyes and said one word "Tsukuyomi".

Tsukuyomi world

Kakashi suddenly found himself in a black and white world with a blood red moon. His hand and leg binding in a cross.

"Welcome to my world Kakashi. Now for next 96 hours you feel the pain you never felt in your entire life." Said Naruto and shoved a Katana to Kakashi's body and Kakashi screamed in pain, and then a second Naruto appeared and do the same. It's happen again and again for next 96 hours thus destroying Kakashi's mind for short time.

1 second later real world

Kakashi suddenly scream in pain blood coming out from his nose and ears and he lose consciousness.

"One down." Said Naruto and vanished with puff of smoke.

Naruto vs Hiashi

Naruto and Hiashi currently engaged with Jyuuken style taijutsu. Hiashi was nearly shocked that Naruto knew the Jyuuken. Now matter how many palm strikes he tried to hit Naruto are failed because Naruto matched every palm strike with his own. Hiashi jump back word for avoided a palm strike Naruto aimed on his chest.

"Tell me Naruto how are you using Jyuuken? Only a Byakugan user can use it. Your Doujutsu is not the Byakugan. So what is it?" questioned Hiashi curiously.

"Well it's not Byakugan but it doesn't mean it can't do the things the Byakugan does. The 'perfect eye' is mix of Byakugan, Mangekyou Sharingan and Rinningan, oh and the good thing is I can see all 360 degree, my eyes do not have the blind spot" said Naruto with a smirk.

After hearing that Hiashi paled it's bad that Naruto is the child of prophecy but it was worse that Naruto had the doujutsu that not only mixed the Byakugan, Sharingan but also Rinningan. There's no way he could let Naruto escaped.

Hiashi created three clones and circled around Naruto so that he and his clone attack Naruto same times. They jump and try to give Naruto palm strike palm strike. But Naruto suddenly started to rotted and white chakra started come out from his body. Hiashi knows what was coming now and paled, there's no way he was going to cancel his attack. Then he heard the technique name he thought no one other than main branch of Hyuuga can use.

"Hakkensho Kaitan (eight trigrams heavenly spin)" and a chakra dome appeared around Naruto thus creating a chakra barrier around him. When Hiashi and his clones collided with it they fly back ward. In puff of smoke the clones vanished and the original hit a tree behind him and coughed up some blood. He slowly stands up and tries to find Naruto, who vanished from his eyesight. Then he heard his voice from behind which make him even paler.

"You are within my range of division." Said Naruto and take a Jyuuken stance that makes Hiashi shock and paler.

"Eight trigram two-fifty-six palms"

2 palms

4 palms

8 palms

16 palms

32 palms

64 palms

128 palms

256 palms

Shouted Naruto and attacked Hiashi. He strike Hiashi repeatedly with his fingers and stop the chakra point he hits with it. When the 256 palm strike completed he gave Hiashi a palm strike on his chest. Hiashi screamed and fly back ward, hit a tree and lose consciousness.

"Two down." Said Naruto and vanished with puff of smoke.

Naruto vs Jiraiya

Naruto and Jiraiya heard the screams of Kakashi and Hiashi. It mad Naruto smirk at Jiraiya and Said "it seems that my clones take your subordinate out of the fight, now only you and me left and I wanted to make it quick, I have long way to go." Said Naruto and take the fighting stance.

"What the hell? How is Naruto this powerful? If Naruto fight me I may need the sage mode to fight him. There's no way I can let Naruto leave with this kind of power. This power only belongs to Konoha." Thought Jiraiya. He bit his thumb and started to do hand sign and slam his hand to the ground and shouted "summoning Jutsu". But to his shock nothing happen not even a single puff of some or any sign of toad.

"WHAT THE HELL?" shouted Jiraiya try to find out why he can't summon.

"Surprised Jiraiya? I already know that if you summon a toad I can't win. So I added an anti-summoning seal with the barrier seal. So now you can't summon a toad, not even a tadpole. It doesn't matter how much chakra you use." Said Naruto with a smirk.

Jiraiya is in a pure shock not only Naruto beat two best shinovi but he use a Fuinjutsu that not even he or Minato can make. This boy long since surpassed him, Minato and Kushina in the art of sealing. Finding no other way he made a Rasengan hoping it might work.

Naruto sees it and smirk "oh! The Rasengan! You think that you can beat me with an incomplete technique? Let me show you complete version of it." Said Naruto and make ball like small futon: Rasenshuriken in his hand. He looked at Jiraiya and vanished with a white flash. Shocking Jiraiya completely that Naruto use Hiraishin the toughest Ninjutsu in the world. Naruto appeared behind Jiraiya and shove the small Rasenshuriken in his back. Jiraiya scream in pain as he flies toward a tree. He hit the tree and coughed some blood.

Jiraiya look towards Naruto and asked "How did you use Hiraishinto get behind me? I am sure there's no marker on me."

"It's not only HiraishinJiraiya. I do some upgrade in the normal it's called Advanced Hiraishin it didn't needs marker me to teleport." Said Naruto with a smirk as Jiraiya cuff more blood out. "Don't worry you will live, I didn't use the full power of Rasenshuriken so it doesn't kill you."

Naruto drop the barrier and started to leave the place, he stopped and look at the Jiraiya "Jiraiya give Minato-teme my thanks. If he didn't deny to train me I may not reach this place and may be stay loyal to the damn village." He said and ran out from the spot.

Naruto continue running for 15 minutes when a red blur passes by him and stopped a few feet in front of him, making him stop. Naruto now saw who was in front of him and glared at the person. For the person in front of him was his birth mother Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze. She wore her battle gear, but without her katana since she had to rush.

"Naruto why are you leaving? Is it because of us? If so then we still make it up to you." Kushina asked Naruto sadly hoping to change Naruto's mind about leaving.

"Please you had your chance years ago! I've even tried to become a family by suggesting going to places, but what happens? Oh that's right my suggestions were overruled by Narumi!" yelled Naruto his anger getting the best for him. It's making sadder than before.

"But that doesn't mean you should leave! We can still make it up to you!" respond Kushina as she finished the flashback he seeing about Naruto.

"Like I said you lost your chances and son three years ago when you denied me train me with Narumi. You neglected and ignored me over Narumi for what? All because she holds the Kyuubi's power!"

"But she had to be trained to control the Kyuubi's power, also Minato-Kun said so as he knows is best." Naruto is getting more furious, when his birth mother mention about Minato.

"So what! That doesn't mean you have to neglected me, you could have always gave me books on chakra or maybe basic anything! But NO! You just shoo me like I am some kind fly and told me to go to my room. I asked you did you try to find out how am I. what I am doing? Did you ever think that after the beating from the villagers is I am ok? No! You just take care of Narumi like she is your only child." Shouted Naruto shocking Kushina that some villagers beat him.

"What the villagers beat you every day? But why?"

"You know why? Why ask?" said an irritated Naruto.

"No I don't."

"Are you kidding me you don't know? That because since I hold the Kyuubi's soul, they think that the Kyuubi influences me! So they think I am the Kyuubi and would beat me up!" Naruto stopped to take a deep breathe, he was mad, his face red with anger. Kushina other hand was taking this in slowly, but eventually her eyes started to swell with tears coming out.

"And you know what's funny?" added Naruto, Kushina looked up at him wondering what it might be.

"That bastard Minato allowed them to beat me up, using as a scapegoat for their pain and loss from the Kyuubi attack."

Kushina froze when she heard that Minato allowed her son beating. She didn't know what to believe. She had trusted her husband believing he always knew what to do. But after hearing what Naruto just told her she didn't know anymore.

"But I thank you for one thing, because of your ignorance I find out a mother who loves me as a son. You know what I am not your son anymore. Because the blood ritual I have with her make me her real son. Thus cutting all bond with your retarded family." Said Naruto shocking Kushina more.

Kushina brought out of her current thought and started to thinking about everything Naruto had told her. She started having flashback of all the events with Naruto. She remembered times when Naruto would suggest things only for Narumi to say something else, how Minato along with her agree with Narumi. She remembered the time Naruto asked to be trained only for her and Minato tell him to go his room. Truthfully she could have done something for Naruto but instead she listened to Minato and told that he would be trained when ready.

Going through these flashbacks she felt like an idiot, like a fangirl. She didn't know what to think! She wanted to believe what Naruto said was false, about beating and Minato all of it false. She got back to her senses she was too late because the last thing she heard from Naruto was "good bye Kushina Uzumaki-sama. Hope you may have your happy life with your Husband and only child." And left off. Leaving a teary Kushina who broke down crying not having willpower to chase after him. Naruto is escaped the hell hole village finally.

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