The Princess Tutu Bride

Author's Note: This story is not going to be an exact copy of The Princess Bride with the characters switched out. Things will begin to branch off later on. I do not own Princess Tutu or The Princess Bride. I hope you enjoy this story as it is my first fanfiction ever.


Drosselmeyer scoured his library, searching for the perfect story. His steps became more and more agitated from his fruitless results, which showed from the mountains of discarded books left behind him. His previous story's not-so-tragic ending never failed to grate on his nerves. True, he had managed to destroy his little duck's happy ending and managed to create havoc on his great grandson(okay, maybe more greats, but who's counting?), but it wasn't enough. He wanted them all to live in superb tragedy. The prince and princess had escaped because of his more responsible relations and Drosselmeyer wanted him to pay dearly for it. The fact that that mere duck and the failed knight were content even as they were, finalized his need for revenge.

The perfect stage for a true tragedy was waiting somewhere among the stories and Drosselmeyer intended to find it and twist it until he could squeeze every drop of ultimate suffering out of it.

"I'm bored, zura!"

Drosselmeyer was startled by the doll's call and fell off the ladder he had been on into a pile of books. Drosselmeyer burst forth from the pile, unleashing an eruption of novels with him.

"Uzura! I've no time for-" he managed to flip his cape off of him and batted the drooping feathers from his hat out of his eyes. "Oof! I've no time for your silly games. There's work to be done." Drosselmeyer shivered, hating that his own characters had reduced his fun to something as hideous as work.

The doll's face went sour before she furiously began beating on her drum. "You said we'd have fun! You said you were going to read me a story, zura!"

He clapped his hands over his ears, but it was too late, for his head was already pounding.

"And we will. But, I simply must find the perfect story. After all, it's no fun with a bad story." He reasoned with a dark smile, before clapping his hands together and turning to continue his search.

"Ooohhh!" Uzura realized, her eyes going wide. She gave a nod and raced off, weaving through the forgotten stacks of books.

Thank goodness. Drosselmeyer thought with relief. Sometimes he wondered why he had ever brought her along with him. But, a useless doll was better than no doll at all.

"Here ya go, zura!"

Or, perhaps not.

He turned to face her, forming a plan to entertain her for the next few days, when he noticed the book she was thrusting at him. His curiosity getting the better of him, he raised an eyebrow at her and took the book.

The Princess Bride. Hmm . . . The name certainly struck fond memories for him what with its similar name to one of his own characters. He glanced at the summary for the fairy tale which boasted fencing, fighting, chases, escapes, giants, revenge, torture, true love and miracles. A wide grin spread across his face.

"Good work, Uzura."