So…..something happened that was keeping me from writing. I know I've been writing a chapter a day and I was hoping everyone would forgive me since i wrote two chapters Wednesday haha…..chapter 9!

Amy's head was rested on the Time Lord's shoulder. Amy had had barely any time to just sit and worry about nothing the past few days.

"You know, you're amazing." She said quietly.

He smiled "I know."

The Doctor mentioned how much he missed being in the TARDIS console room, so Amy suggested they sit in there for a little while. The Doctor enjoyed it because he could see his beautiful TARDIS again, and Amy could care less about where they were. She just wanted to be with the Doctor.

"I was so worried about you, ya know." Amy said.

"Yeah, but it's okay now." He sighed "You saved me."

She sat up and looked at him "What, so you were going to die? Like for sure?"

"Well . . . yes."

"Wow." She rested her head on his shoulder again "How many time has your life been saved by someone else?"

"Lost count." His body jerked quickly "HET-SCHOO!"

"I see the sneezing hasn't gone away." she giggles.

He wipes his nose "Unfortunately, from what I've seen from humans that's the last to go away." he sniffled "and it. Is. Hell."

Amy laughed "well considering twelve hours ago you were dying, I wouldn't think this would be much of a problem for you."

"Well, Amy, I'm still sick."

"So you're one of those 'don't dwell in the past' kinda hippies, huh?"

"At least I'm not a nurse." He mumbled, with Rory in mind.