The sun started to rise over the Pridelands, illuminating the sapphire sky, bringing forth a new day. The light shined over the hills, buildings, towns and streets. The new light slowly bringing the capital city to life, the new light to lead them to a new face. Even at 6:48 am, people had already left there houses and were on there way to the Royal palace see the reveal of the King Mufasa's son live. Every single inch of road was packed with cars, each with the same destination. Every single television was tuned in, each with the same program running.

While the Traffic Jams raged and horns tooted and wailed, One car sped past them all, escorted by police. The black Mercedes belonged to none other than the king's majordomo and head of security, Zazu. He raced along the freeway and eventually came to his exit: the only one that lead to palace. Thank God I bought the supercharged model. Zazu thought as he shifted the gear down. He eventually came to the palace security gate. He stopped next to the booth and lowered his sunglasses. "I.D Sir?" The guard in the booth requested. Zazu reached into his shirt pocket and revealed his badge. "Welcome sir." The man said with a smile. Zazu rolled his eyes, any more stops like these and he would be late. He stamped down on the accelerator and his car disappeared with a screech of tires and some smoke. He eventually reached his designated parking space. As soon as the car came to halt he pushed open the door and ran towards the elevator. He entered his security PIN and pushed the 38th floor button. Come on, come on. He thought to himself as the elevator ascended painfully slow. He wouldn't be late because of some slow elevator

He waited anxiously in the elevator until he heard the important Ding Dong the 38th floor. The doors opened and charged down the corridor. He finally reached the door he'd been rushing to reach. He could hear the commotion on the other side. He took a moment to straighten his tie and fix his grey hair before he knocked. The door opened and Zazu saw the sight he'd rushed there to see. A muscle bound King Mufasa stood in the doorway. Tall, reddish brown hair combed back; an expensive suit and gentle smile all matched his personality. "Welcome old friend!" The King said as his smile grew larger. The two embraced for a moment. "How's the family? Zazu asked. "We're all ready for the presentation, how about you?" Mufasa answered. "As ready as I'll ever be." Zazu said wiping the sweat from his forehead. Mufasa chuckled, knowing what he'd just been through. They made their way to the window overlooking the Mohatu Monument Park. Thousands upon thousands of people had made it to the presentation. Big screens and television cameras mounted all over the place. People stood crammed in next to each other waving Prideland national flags and poking cameras and phones out above them.

Mufasa closed the window. "Bigger turnout than ever, more than 100,000 people." Zazu nodded. They were then interrupted by another knock on the door. A security guard opened it for them. It was the family priest; Rafiki. He also gave the King the same warm greeting. "So where's the little guy?" Rafiki asked with his usual grin. "Right over there." Mufasa pointed to the sofa on which his wife Sarabi sat, cradling a baby in her arms. Rafiki hobbled over and sat down. He picked up the baby and gave him the traditional blessing. "Simba..." he whispered. He looked at Mufasa and he nodded. They all made their way to the balcony overlooking the Monument Park.

The crowd suddenly silenced. The cameras then started to focus in on the 5 of them. Mufasa saw his face on the big screen and swallowed. He pulled the microphone close to his mouth. " Ladies, Gentlemen, Citizens of the pridelands, you are all here today to celebrate the dawn of a new era. A few days ago a baby was born to myself and my wife, your future leader and heir to the throne. May we all hope that he will lead us in the future as well as my predecessors and I have done in the past, May he continue this unending Circle of Life. The massive audience applauded him. He turned and nodded at Rafiki.

Everyone made way for the wise old priest. The crowd hushed. Rafiki took one last glance at the crowd and thrust the baby high into the air. The crowd then burst into cheers, several cameras flashed and the Television cameras focused in on Simba. Then a large majority of the crowd dropped to their knees or bowed. The baby opened his eyes. He saw how everyone knelt for him, and all the noise that followed. That child did not know the Royal position he was in, or how lucky he was.