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Simba forced his eyes open and looked at a sobbing Nala, who knelt next to him. He couldn't believe she was pregnant. "Really? t-that's wonderful..." Simba muttered as he started to die. His trembling hand fell off her belly and collapsed onto the floor, his head also slumped back, he no longer had the energy to tilt it forward. He blinked a few times, and thought: At least the Pridelands can live in freedom.

His eyes shut and his breathing stopped. "NO! You can't leave me...Please Simba!...I love you." Nala cried out and tears streamed down her cheeks. She dropped down and embraced his lifeless body, like she did at that night in Timon's garden. She hugged onto him and sobbed, until another medic put a hand on her shoulder. "You need to get off now." He said calmly and tried to pull her away. "NO!" Nala snapped and grabbed onto him again, but two NATO soldiers forced her off and restrained her. Nala screamed in anguish and hopelessly tried to return to Simba, but couldn't due to the two powerful French soldiers holding her back. Another medic approached Simba with a defibrillator and turned it on, hoping they could revive him. They pressed it up against his chest and the machine whined...then FWUMP!

Simba's body lurched upwards, but he was not affected. The medic team tried again and again before giving up. One picked up the radio and spoke. "Overlord...we have to report that Kingfish is...down." The radio operator paused for a second. "What's his status?" The PRF command asked. "K.I.A" (killed in action) The operator said solemnly. The response was met with gasps everywhere, from soldiers listening in on the radio elsewhere, Woods' command room and all those around the scene. Nala started to calm down and looked at Simba's limp body. Nala wondered what the hell she would say when her child asked about its father.


"Yes Kiara?"

"What happened to daddy...where's my daddy?"

Nala pauses and starts to tear up.

"Sweetie...your father was a hero. He died so we could all live in peace."

Kiara starts to cry and Nala puts her on her lap.

"It'll be okay, he'll always be here for us...always."

Simba awoke in a fright, the pain had suddenly disappeared and he was now standing up in the middle of a strange environment. Clouds rolled next to him, and he heard the faint howling of wind, but felt none of it. He looked around, the area was dimly lit and he seemed to be walking on nothing. Where am I? Am I dead? He thought, the last thing he remembered was lying down next to Nala, he was bleeding out when suddenly everything went black, now he was here. "Son..." A familiar deep voice said.

"Dad?" Simba turned around and saw a shadow walking towards him through the clouds. The figure emerged from the clouds and Simba looked into the eyes of none other than the great King Mufasa. The two rushed towards each other and embraced for a moment before Mufasa pulled away. "What happened...did I die?" Simba asked. "Technically yes, however..." Mufasa started and Simba raised an eyebrow. "Your job on Earth is not complete. You are still needed as a leader, husband...and father." Mufasa said deeply. "You have fought courageously today, with virtues of a leader. The title of King is not taken; it is earned. I am very proud to call you my son." Mufasa said and kissed Simba on the forehead and his image started to fade away. "Remember..." Simba heard his father say before the clouds started to roll away. The whole setting started to fade and Simba awoke.

Simba woke on a hard cold surface with a blanket pulled over his face, and the burning pain from the bullet wound in his chest had gone. He yanked the blanket off his face and sat up straight. He looked around, his squad sat down around the room, with solemn expressions on their faces. He turned his head and saw NATO soldiers rounding up prisoners of the conflict and talking on the radio. Nala sat in the corner of the room, with tear marks on her face and bloodshot eyes. Simba stood up, walked over to her and put a hand on her shoulder, soldiers gasped as he walked. She turned around and when her eyes met his, a joy swept over her that words could not describe. She didn't even manage to say the words: You're alive! Before she leapt to her feet and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him long and hard.

She pulled away and started to cry to tears of joy. "You're alive..." She finally said. "Yeah, I thought you of all people would know to never rule me out...a certain someone said I could stay a little longer." Simba replied. "And now that reminds me...now that you're pregnant..." Simba started as he dropped to one knee. "Nala you know I love you, and I know you love me too, so I'm going to do something I should have done before I got myself 'killed'." Simba said and pulled out the pin to the grenade that he had used to take down Scar's helicopter, he held it up like a ring. "Nala...will you marry me?" Simba proposed, he had just found his queen. Nala didn't hesitate and shoved her finger through the ring/grenade pin. "Yes...of course it's a yes!" She said and kissed him again. They didn't notice all of their soldiers watching them from behind.

They started cheering and whistling. "WAY TO GO SIMBA!" EJ yelled out, making everyone laugh. Simba and Nala blushed a little. Simba walked away from Nala and made his way to the elevator, he still had one more thing left to do. He reached the famed 38th floor and stepped out onto the balcony. He slashed the rope to the communist flag with his knife and it slid down. He then raised Scar's Desert Eagle pistol into the air and fired a solitary shot. A shot to symbolize the end of a terrible era, and the dawn of new bright one. A shot to symbolize victory, a mixture of NATO and PRF troops marched in the memorial park below and cheered when they saw him, firing bursts of gunfire in the air and yelling out in joy. Simba then left the balcony and went inside to celebrate with his squad. It was that day on the 11th of October 2015 that the Pridelands were liberated from the terror of Scar, and it would forever be celebrated throughout the country's history.

Simba's story was told on news headlines around the world, he became an inspiration for people all over the globe and became a hit in popular culture. He was named number six in New York Times' 100 most influential people of the decade. A famous English author also wrote a book about his experiences called: Simba: The King has returned. 2006-15. Steven Spielberg also made a hit war movie about his story called: To Retake a Nation. (Of which the main character was Sergeant Matthew Weaver, who was honored for his sacrifice in the film's credits.)

9 Months Later, 2016

Simba looked out from the balcony, hundreds of thousands of people stood in the memorial park, waving Prideland National flags and taking pictures. Nala stood next to him, waving at the crowd. The country was now prosperous again, and considered by many to be an economic superpower. He had managed to rebuild all that Scar and the war had destroyed, and even clean up East Side. He had done all of that in nine months, a feat his father would probably not have been able to achieve. Simba noticed that the TV cameras were all pointing at him and Nala, so he gave Nala a little kiss on the cheek, making the crowd go wild. That was the main difference between him and his father's style of rule. Simba was a much more casual, fun loving character, and it had a lot to do with the way Timon and Pumbaa raised him. Rafiki then appeared behind him, carrying his new baby girl. He had shown great responsibility in taking back the country and rebuilding it, but he now had an even greater responsibility: Fatherhood

Rafiki looked at Simba and he nodded. Rafiki thrust the baby high into the air, and the TV cameras focused in on her. The crowd then burst into cheers like it had done twenty-one years ago. Another circle of life was complete.

11th of October 2015, I am here to say that the Pridelands are free, no longer will its citizens live in fear, no longer will they be worked like slaves. They will live in freedom, now and for the rest of eternity. I am here to say to all those that have fled, you are now welcome home to a friendly country now. I am here to say that all the damage that has been done will be solved, sooner or later. I would like to honor all the brave men and women that gave their lives on this day, and that they rest in peace, for we will remember them. Unlike the country's previous leader, I am here to respect the balance of the country and acknowledge the great circle of life in which it exists, may the great leaders of the past look down on us, and guide us to a brighter future.

My name is King Simba, I am here, and I am waiting, waiting for you.

The End.