Something that just came into my mind. Don't worry, I'm still writing the Digimon Tamers Saga but I really wanted to get this published.

1. Chapter

Pieces of Past

Jeri sighed as she got out of the house. School finished and she had no idea what to do. Of course, she could always go to Guilmon's shed and meet with the other Tamers, but why bother. She couldn't help them if a new Digimon emerges. Since Leomon isn't anymore with her, she had no reason to hang around with the Tamers. It's not like the other Tamers don't want her in the group but she felt sticking out like a sore thumb without a Digimon partner.


She gave sigh. She missed him much. Destiny was a rough girl and she was especially mean to her. Jeri felt like the whole world was against her. What's worse, today was the day when she met Leomon for the first time. She deceided that she should maybe today wander around the town and visit the places (though there were only two, not counting her own house) which were conected with Leomon. The street where she got her D-Power and the park where Leomon Bioemerged for the first time. She deceided that she'll first visit the street.

The street was populated with people who hurried to come home and have a meal or a rest. Jeri walked through the street towards the place where she became Leomon's Tamer. She remembered how Leomon was injured and she healed him. She always knew that they were destenied to become partners.

She didn't twitch as she passed the spot where Leomon was lying.

Instead, she started to run towards the park.

Impmon sulked on the street lamp. He was eating a chocolate the twins gave him. He gave a smirk. Everytime he left them to seek a fun on his own, those two promised to give him sweets when he comes back. Impmon didn't want to use them just to get some chocolate or other candies, but it was worth to come back home.


It was such a strange word for a Digimon who spent his life homeless, going from one street to the other, scaring humans and annoying the Tamers. Or wandering around the DigiWorld.

Impmon deceided to enjoy the day. Well, he did enjoy it and would countine if he hadn't notice Jeri running towards the Shinjuku Central Park. She didn't seem to be very happy. With a frown, he deceided to follow her.

"Ow, you are strange." said Calumon watching two butterflys on a flower. Both butterflys flied away. Calumon's ears expanded and he jumped in the air. "Hey wait, I can also fly!"

He heared someone running and turned around and saw Jeri passing by. She didn't seem to notice him.


"Hey Creampuff!"

Calumon turned around and saw Impmon running towards him. Impmon still clutched the half-eaten chocolate in his gloved hand.

"Hey Impmon! Do you know what's wrong with Jeri?" asked Calumon.
"I have no idea. I just saw her running away and I deceided to follow her." replied Impmon.
"Let's follow her together. We're gonna find out what's wrong with her." said Calumon and followed Jeri.
"Wait for me Creampuff!" yelled Impmon.

They found Jeri standing in front of the fountain where Leomon first Bioemerged. Calumon recognized that place, but Impmon had no idea why Jeri was there. Jeri heard them and turned around.

"Oh, hi." she greet them with a sad expression on her face. Impmon nodded.
"Hi Jeri."

Though she DID forgive him what he had done, the relationship between them was strained. Calumon hopped to Jeri.

"What's the matter Jeri?" he asked. Jeri picked him up with a sad smile.
"Everything's alright Calumon." she replied.
"But, Jeri..." Calumon wanted to protest. He was sure that something's wrong with her. He twitched as Jeri tighted her grip. Though her face had the same sad expression, her voice went to a much colder tone.

"I said, everything's alright."

Impmon twitched. He noticed Jeri's cold voice, but he felt something coming.

"Jeri, Calumon, watch out!" he yelled. Jeri and Calumon turned around and saw a Digital Field behind them. The field soon sucked them all in and disappeared.

"Yamaki, something strange's happening in Shinjuku Central Park." said Riley.
"A Wild One?" asked Yamaki, playing with his zippo.
"No, the Digital Field seems to be empty." replied Tally.
"Now it's gone." replied Riley. Yamaki frowned.
"Whatever it was, I wanna know why it appeared." he said.

"Jeri wake up!"
"Creampuff's right, it's not the time to take a nap!"

Jeri opened her eyes slowly. She looked at Calumon's and Impmon's worried expressions. She rose, cleaning her dress. She soon realized that they were in a kind of crater in the middle of a desert covered with stones.

They were in the DigiWorld.