And that's how it ended... I'm sorry for the short battle but I was more focusing on Jeri, Calumon and Beelzemon then the others. In any case, if you want to see what happened after the epilouge, just read Digimon Tamers: Fishing Adventure. (Now I can finnaly focus more on Shadows of the Demon Lords and Digimon Shadow Tamers) C ya!

Chapter 9.


Calumon hopped throught the Shinjuku park. He wondered if he could find someone to play with.

"Calu..." He looked around and then noticed a familiar being sleeping on a tree.

"Impmon!" He called out happily.

"Waaaa!" Impmon got awake out of blue and fell down. He was annoyed, and rubbed his head.

"Creampuff, how many times I have ta tell ya that I'm not interested into playin'?" he said.

"We'll play with you." said an another familiar voice. The two turned around and saw Jeri and Elecmon.

"Just do me a favor and keept the Creampuff away from me." said Impmon and walked away.

Jeri smiled, remembering what happened a month ago in the DigiWorld: After they won; when Impmon died, his data got reformated into two DigiEggs (with some help of a few certain DigiGnomes), and her D-Power worked again. It turned out that one of the DigiEggs contained Leomon's data. And the end result was seen a month leater.

"Hey, Impmon!" Jeri called out for him.

"Yeah?" The imp turned around.

"We're leater going fishing together with the other Tamers. Are you coming?" she asked.

"Aha, I just go to tell Ai and Mako." said Impmon.

"Okay." Jeri smiled.

The sunny and warm day was absolutely perfect for fishing.