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"Ah, nothing like a peaceful, cloudy day." Brock had commented while taking a sip of his soup. The group had taken a rest in a meadow close to town where it was big enough for them to train in and at the same time relax. Dawn was practicing some new tricks with her Pokémon, letting them run loose as their moves sparkled and would soon dazzle those that watched. They were pretty sure that they were all alone though, and that was good for the coordinator since she wanted her performance to be unexpected.

Unlike his companion, Ash, the aspiring Pokémon Master, was learning on a tree trunk on top of a medium-sized hill, closing his eyes as he tried to get his body to calm itself. He would train later, he thought. The boy's mind drifted away in to his memories easily, and soon he found himself reliving his past adventures, remembering each one with clarity. He would recall them from time to time so that he wouldn't forget about them...Ash certainly didn't want to forget the friends he had met in his journey...especially those who made a big impact on him.

He had eventually reached a fading image of a pokémon and his partner...fading, yes, but he knew them. Knew them well.

"Lucario..." he remembered the last time he saw him...lying on that crystal, about to collapse...waiting to disappear and rejoin his own master up there...he hated that he couldn't do anything for him. He could've...he had a chance to save him, yet if he had continued helping him, perhaps he could've died as well. The jackal pokémon wouldn't have wanted that.

His pokémon were playing around, having fun, as always. The trainer could hear their cries and shouts as they were running around in a game of tag. The occasional gentle breeze made him want to take a little nap, but an unexpected voice stopped him. "Your name is Ash, correct?"

He didn't sound familiar, that was for sure. The teen pushed himself up with his left hand, turned around and noticed a boy slightly older than him standing close to the same tree he was leaning on. He had dark blue hair with spiky bangs, a long part of it tied to a thin ponytail, and his clothes were a casual set of blue, white, and black. What stood out were his eyes, which were blood red and seemingly empty. His expression was the same, which made him wary of why he was here.

The trainer then realized that he hadn't replied to the stranger's question yet. "Y-yeah. That's right...who are you?"

He smirked. "I am here to grant your wish."

"My...wish? What are you talking about? I didn't..."

"Subconsciously, you did. Just a while ago." his grin grew even bigger...it was like he was going to enjoy what was going to happen next. For some reason, he turned around, facing the deserted meadow behind him. "Good enough for you, brother?"

"Who are you talking to?"

"Oh, no one important for you." he seemed to be waiting for an answer from his 'brother' who was nowhere to be seen. After a few seconds, he nodded once; his smile still present. "Mm, great. I don't have to wait for another wish then."

Ash suddenly felt scared. What was this guy planning..? Brock, Dawn, or any of the pokémon had seen him yet. Should he shout for help?

"Ah, we're not bringing anyone else. Just you. This is your wish, so it must be you alone that shall fulfill it." out of the blue, a glowing light blue sphere appeared in his palm, letting it float like it was air. Before the teen could react, the stranger had thrust the same ball of energy on to his chest. Time had slowed down...or maybe even stopped...Ash couldn't tell. It was like his fall backwards took forever compared to what he had expected. His vision blurred, the environment started to distort in ways that he never thought possible, and the strangest thing of all was that the person in front of him just stood there...his eyes shining like gems.

What the trainer didn't know was that as soon as the sphere had touched him, he had disappeared in to thin air. The stranger was still standing there with a blank expression on his face. Nothing had changed except for one existence that was supposed to be here but now wasn't. He glanced at the playful pokémon and the two people down the hill, enjoying themselves and having no idea what had just happened. "Hopefully this lapse in his journey would not change him too much..."

With a sigh, he looked away and started to walk in a random direction away from the group. "I hope you're satisfied now, Palkia. This is one heck of a dare you've given me."

A circle of air surrounded him, and in a flash, he was gone, enveloped by the wind which quickly died down as if he had never stepped on the meadow.