I walked into the Salvatore boarding house I saw my brother sitting on the couch engrossed in a book. I scoffed at my boring brother. Doesn't he have a life, I thought.

I got up too my room and looked for my journal I never told anyone I kept a journal. Yes I Damon Salvatore kept a journal. I find it stupid but I found it an excellent way to let off steam so I don't do something impulsive.

I went to my closet and I lifted a floorboard that hid my journal only too find it wasn't there.

Suddenly it clicked.

"STEFAN!", I screamed

Stefan's POV

Stefan sighed as he put Damon's journal aside. He knew it wasn't right to read his brother's journal. But something had been bothering his brother deeply he could tell. And Damon would never tell him what's wrong.

I knew Damon kept a journal. I'm not as oblivious to my brother's life as Damon likes to think I know what makes Damon tick I know what pissed him off I know what makes him smile. I could name all his favorite songs his favorite foods movies books colors. You name it I can answer it. As could Damon about me, though he would never admit it.

But I had found out something very interesting from reading my brother's journal and I had kind of suspected what I read though I wasn't sure how to go about it. "STEFAN!", Damon screamed.

I sighed. Well I better figure it out quick, I thought.

Damon's POV

"I AM GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS STEFAN, I snarled at him. He looked at me with a indecisive expression as if he hadn't figured out what he was going to do exactly. I snatched the book from the seat beside him.

I was actually more scared than angry. I had wrote something very embarrassing That had to do with a certain cocky arrogant Mikaelson, and me, and a bed, and no clothes and well you get the idea.

The more I thought about what I wrote and the fact he had read it I snapped. I punched him. And ran out of the room at vampire speed.

Stefan's POV

While I tried to figure out what to say Damon punched me successfully breaking my jaw and ran out of the room like a child.

I sighed as my jaw began to heal. He was probaly going to the grill to get drunk and drown his surprising sexual desires. Well that will give me enough time to figure out what to say to him, I thought.

I pulled out my cell phone and dialed Klaus's number.

Klaus's POV

I was drawing some pictures as I listened to Rebekah go on about how amazing and chivalrous and sweet that Matt kid was. All I knew was that he hurt her I was going to snap his neck. Suddenly my phone rang Stefan's ring tone. I wonder what he wants, I thought. "Yes love", I purred into the phone my voice dripping with seductiveness. I never told anyone but me and Stefan had a summer fling. And I still wasn't over it. But Stefan was playing hard to get and I wasn't giving up. "Meet me at my house , Stefan said. We need to talk about my brother and one of your brother's as well". I laughed. "Suuuure Stefan, I purred. Anything for you love" I heard his breath hitch over the phone and then he abruptly hung up. I laughed. "What is it Klaus?, Rebekah asked. I stood up. "As much as I am enjoying this conversation Rebekah. I have a date", I said with a smirk.

Stefan's POV

I was nervous about Klaus coming over. Truth was this was just a excuse to see him. I ached for him sexually and emotionally I was in love with him and I wanted him but I wasn't sure how to say it. Wait, I thought, What was I supposed to say.I realized my excuse for inviting him was lame and he would totally see through it and realize I like him and what would he say would he freak out what if he didn't like me and what if he rejected me and what if he told everyone I was crushing on him and everyone laughed and my world would explode and "OH MY GOD I CAN'T BREATHE, I exclaimed.

"Are you ok Stefan?" I whirled around my hands over my chest struggling to keep from hyperventilating Klaus stood there with a amused expression on his face. "Klaus, I said in shock, I'm fine just saw the Glee finale episode and the Finchel break up and I'm having a panic attack". I struggled to breathe. Klaus looked at me with a smile and said, "Oh dear Stefan, He looked at me with those captivating eyes, "Your so cute when your flustered". My face turned red. He ran his thumb over my lips and leaned in close. His breath was right on me.

When he didn't make any other movements I leaned in and pushed our lips together. And I swear I saw stars. He leaned in closer pushing our bodies together and put his hands in my hair as I wrapped mine around his back. I broke the kiss with a smile. "You know, I said, "Damon won't be home for a while". Klaus smirked before putting his lips on my ear. "Stefan, He whispered making my cock throb, "I am going to fuck you so hard even with your healing abilities you won't be able to walk for days".

At Mystic Falls Grill

Damon's POV

I sighed as sat at a table I have been staring at the wall for about an hour now. I didn't know what I was going to say to Stefan about what I had wrote in my journal.

"Hello Damon". I turned around as I saw the object of my recent obsession/desire.

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