Damon's POV

I walked into the Salvatore boarding house and up too Stefan's room to talk too him. I needed some advice about my date with Kol. I really cared about him and I wanted to make our first date really special but I had never actually taken someone on a date. I just fucked em and left em.

But Stefan had always been the gentlemen type. Telling a girl he liked her and how he'd be honored to get the chance to know her better and gave her flowers and take her out and treat her like a princess.

So I guess he was just the person to ask about this stuff. I walked to his door and when I tried to open it, it was locked. I took out my key to Stefan's room. I smiled to myself. Stefan only locked his door when he was jacking off, and I loved catching him in the act and humiliating him.

I walked into Stefan's room when I saw something so horrific.

Stefan's POV


I bolted up from my embrace with Klaus. Too see Damon standing by my bed with his hand over his mouth gagging.

"Shut up Damon". Klaus snapped.

"DON'T YOU KNOCK DAMON". I screamed mortified as I pulled the blankets over mine and Klaus's naked bodies.

"Don't you put a sock on the door"? Damon asked his hands on his hips.

"Stefan was too preoccupied too think about putting a sock on door. I'm surprised he remembered to breathe". Klaus replied.

"Shut up Klaus". I said my face bright red.

"Go away Damon so me and Stefan can get dressed and I can look at your brother's delicious ass and beautiful, mouth watering cock". Klaus said with a grin.

I was now blushing every red ever known to man. I looked at my brother who looked down right ill. He quickly ran out of the room shutting the door behind him.

I looked warily at Klaus. "Did you really have to say that". I whined.

Klaus leaned in and kissed me passionately I wrapped my arms around him, immediately melting into the kiss. He pushed me on my back before climbing on top of me and using his knee to push my legs open.

"HEY STOP FUCKING MY BROTHER I NEED TO TALK TO HIM". Damon yelled from outside the door.

I buried my face in Klaus's neck turning red once again. Klaus got up from the bed as did I and we put our clothes on. I opened the door and let Damon in.

"What is so important Damon that me fucking your brother's brains out had to wait?" Klaus asked testily from where he sat his feet up on my desk. "Isn't he so romantic"? I asked Damon drily.

Klaus smirked.

Damon's POV

I looked at Stefan nervously before asking him what I wanted.

"I uh need your expertise on something Stefan". I said still nervous.

"Ah Stefan's area of expertise". Klaus said knowingly. "That would be blowjobs". Klaus said with a wink.

I looked at Stefan who was looking at Klaus with a broody expression on his face.

"No, dating". I said

Stefan looked at me knowingly.

"Well who's the lucky girl?". Klaus asked curiously.

"Um actually it's a guy". I said rubbing the back of my neck nervously.

Stefan smirked. Now it was my turn to blush.

"Kol". I said turning red.

Klaus glared at me for a minute before busting up laughing.

"Good luck with that". Klaus said still laughing. "What do you mean by that". I snapped. Klaus looked at me with a smile.

"Kol is more high maintenance than Rebekah and has a worse temper than me". Klaus said. "Your going to have to jump through hoops to keep that boy happy. You'll never be able to win a fight you'll always be wrong. You're bank account will be dry. You'll be late every where you go cause he takes about 5 hours to get ready. Is obsessed with his hair. And is more vein than anyone you'll ever meet. And he will snap any boy or girls neck who you dare to look at for more than a second".

I shrugged not really caring.

"Oh your no picnic either Klaus". Stefan said with a grin. "You are the most impulsive person I have ever met. And the most possessive person I can't go anywhere without coming back and having you interrogate me. And you're more horny than a 15 year old boy".

Klaus's smile fell.

"I don't hear you complaining. Unless the moans of pleasures are protests". Klaus snapped

"GUYS". I yelled.

Klaus sighed before looking at me. Before saying.

"Kol is a attention whore". Klaus replied. "When you pick him up give him a dozen roses, tell him how amazing he looks. Take him too a very fancy restaurant, his favorite food is Italian. Oh and open doors for him pull his chair out and open the car door for him treat him like a princes. He loves nature too".

Stefan nodded in agreement. "Thanks Klaus" I said.

"Your welcome Damon". Klaus replied. "Now leave unless you want to see me suck your brother's dick".

Stefan blushed as Klaus grabbed Stefan and began undoing Stefan's pants.

I walked out of the room and closed the door then I heard Stefan moan loudly. I couldn't help but imagine Kol down on his knees sucking me off. "I gotta make this date blowjob worthy", I thought out loud as I walked away.

Tell me what you think and how many dates should it take till Kol spreads his legs for Damon and what should go on during the date what should they talk about and should someone hit on Kol and make Damon jealous. I really wanna hear your thoughts cause I'm cluess about the date chapter and have really no good ideas