What I Should Have Said

Author's Note

This is for a very special person some one I really messed up with...

This is set after Dana and Laura get back together but from there on is AU.

Dana was walking into the Planet when she saw her...Alice...of course she would be here she is always here and damn it I just wanted a coffee...I can't face her...Not today not after what I did. Dana just shook her head and walked back out of the little cafe.

Dana got into her car and sat there thinking about everything that had happened in her life, her decision to break things off with Alice to be with Laura and her avoidance of Alice now. She realized she had been a fool, it had just been that she needed to give her and Laura a real shot now that she was out. Things were great between them between the sheets but other than she more and more she was finding every day that they didn't have a lot in common and that other than the physical they didn't have that connection the one that binds 2 souls together in ways that no one understands. She had been so scared that she would lose her shot again with Laura that she didn't think things through. Things with Alice at the time were rough and she didn't want to end up alone again. She knew that didn't make things right but people make mistakes sometimes people choose wrong and yes they have to live with those choices but does that really mean they have to lose everything that mattered to them? No damn it I am going to do everything I can to make this right!

With that Dana got back out of her car and marched back into The Planet she walked right over to Alice and said "Please forgive me I miss my friend I miss that connection we had you know me better than anyone else has in such a long time and I was a fool please say if nothing else you don't hate me...please forgive me and my stupidity." Dana stood looking into Alice's eyes waiting for an answer...