I really like how this turned out, so I thought that I'd share it with everyone.

Hope you all enjoy.



Can you hear it?


My heartbeat.

My heart when it beats through my chest.

Ringing through my ears.

When I'm near you.

When you're near me.

I feel warm.

Like a blanket wrapped around me, but so much better.

You're warm.

You're good to me.

Even though you always run.

But I don't hate you for it.

I understand.

I forgive.

Especially if I can get these moments.

You're always mine in these moments.

We're so close.

You're not moving.

You're not running.

I didn't understand at first, but now I do.

This is something you chose.

This is what you want.

What you want is what I want.


My heart is...


Going out of control.

Beating so much faster.

My face, I can feel it burning.

It's so warm.

I'm blushing like crazy.

I think you understand.

This is all your doing.

You're the only one who can make me feel like this.

I feel strange.

Standing right here.

Somehow, she is...

More beautiful than ever.

I'm nervous.

It's so awkward.

Should I be here?

But you already know the answer.

I'll be right here.

Right with you.

I don't want to leave you.

Not now, not ever.


I'm addicted to this feeling.

Our faces are so close.

Almost touching.

I don't pull away because

I want to keep going.

And yet you don't.

Because of this feeling.

This feeling that somehow,

Just being this close

Is enough for now.

How amazing. I can't get enough of this.

I don't want it to end.

And I pull away from you.


That passion still lingers.

All those sensations.





You smile.

I smile back.

We both understand.

It's this game of ours.

I don't want it to end.

No, not yet.

You make my heart race.

More than anything.

More than when I run.

No matter how fast I'm going.

Nothing compares to this.

Nothing ever will.

Our hands become one.

Tangled in each other.

I can still feel it.

My heart.

Beating so loudly.

Yet it's so soft.

Not quite a distraction.

Not when I'm looking into your eyes.

Those beautiful green eyes.

I'll never tire of them.

I don't want you to leave.

Just like I don't want to leave.

Do I need to say those words?

No, I don't.

My heart...

Is telling you

Is telling me

All I need to know.

I feel safe.

I feel secure.

I feel warm.

When you're near me.

When I'm near you.

Ringing through my ears.

My heart when it beats through my chest.

My heartbeat.


Can you hear it?