okay i have no access to Fruit Basket at the moment so if anything wrong please tell me. My first ever peom please be nice for anyone that care my rhyming pattern was AA BB C

The rat loves the cat but will never tell

Deep down inside the cat love the rat as well

For if they told

Punish they will both behold

Here's a question might I ask

Why couldn't a rat love a cat?

Or a cat to love a rat

For the rat is empty inside

And the cat just wanting to shine

For the cat is to blame for the curse they hold, is it not so

But the sneaky rat is just as much to blame

Tricking to poor rat for the fun of a game

Because the can both control the animals that taints there soul

They used them to send message when Akito is on patrol

Aktio, The main reason they keep there love behinde locked doors

On a stormy day each other love they forever gained

Secertly lover forever they shall remain

A question may i ask again

Why shouldnt Cat love a Rat

Or a Rat love a Cat