Prom Night Disasters

By: Tracy Cook

Disclaimer: I do not own anything; these characters belong to the creators of Glee and One Tree Hill.

Pairing: Quinn/Rachel (Glee) and Brooke/Haley (One Tree Hill)

Rating: M

Chapter 2


Haley absolutely hated how stressed things were between her group of friends lately. Prom had been a disaster. First and foremost, Brooke had chosen prom night to announce her feelings for Haley, in front of most of the school, which had been both shocking and embarrassing. Of course, the singer had not been upset with the other woman, if anything she had been flattered. This was Brooke Davis, the captain of the cheerleading squad, the woman that she envied more than anything for most of her high school years, and she admitted that she liked her romantically. It was more second hand embarrassment for Brooke.

The school had not reacted as kindly as she would have hoped to the news, and she ended up leaving the prom crying. Honestly, Haley was still confused about her own feelings on that situation. She had later told Brooke that she could possibly hold feelings for her in return, and now the cheerleader was confidently chasing after her. Insistent upon getting her to leave Nathan for her.

Yet, even with all of this drama, their prom night disaster had not ended there. Brooke had gone to find Peyton, she was supposed to be Lucas' date to the prom and had not shown, and when she found her, the blonde had been tied up in the basement by a man who had been stalking her.

Now things were completely strange between all of them. Nathan and Brooke were fighting over her, Peyton was terrified that her stalker would return, Lucas was worried for the blonde, and finals and graduation were just around the corner. The last thing that she wanted was to end the school year with everyone on such bad terms.

To top everything off, Skills had just arrived at the café in order to tell Lucas and her about a text he had gotten from Mouth. "I think Mouth is in trouble."

"What makes you think that?" Lucas asked.

"I got a text from him, here read it." Skills said, passing the phone to Lucas who started to read over the message. Laughing a bit as he did so, which Haley found to be strange behavior, considering that he had said that Mouth was in trouble. Moving to stand beside her best friend she read the text over his shoulder, laughing as well.

"Please come. Need ass?" She questioned with a smirk in Skills' direction.

"I'm pretty sure he was typing out assistance and his phone died or somethin'. He said he was in Lima Ohio the last time that I talked to him."

Haley immediately grew serious, nodding her head. "I will go search for Lima online."

Just as she was leaving, Peyton and Brooke barged into the café asking about Mouth. Skills quickly informed them about the text message, which Brooke could not help but tease him about, before Peyton focused on the problem at hand.

"If Mouth is in trouble then someone should probably go help him out." She said.

Haley returned from the back room of the café, after looking up Lima Ohio, and she smiled brightly. "I think that we should all probably go."

Seeing the singer enter the room, hazel eyes were quickly distracted and her entire attention was on the beautiful woman. Brooke flashed Haley a dimpled smile before heading across the café. "Hales, you are pregnant and finals are coming up, do you really think that's a good idea?" Reaching out she allowed her fingers to run along Haley's baby bump, smirking as she witnessed the blonde shiver at the contact. She loved that she had such an effect on her. She wanted Haley, and she was Brooke Davis, she always got what she wanted.

A bright blush painted Haley's cheeks and she coughed in order to clear her throat, forcing her bodies' reactions away. 'God… the things this woman does to me… why does she have to be so irresistible?' Large brown eyes met hazel and Haley smiled. "Oh come on Brooke, things have been so stressful lately between all of us and we are all graduating soon. This could be like a last hoorah!"

Brooke still did not look convinced as she once again ran her fingers along Haley's stomach, watching her visibly shiver and her eyes flutter closed. "I don't know Hales, you want to be valedictorian and—"

"—Brooke." This silenced the brunette. "I want to spend time with you—with all of you, before things change." 'But mostly with you… Gosh Haley James you need to stop thinking like this, you are married…'

Although she was disappointed that the shorter woman had added the words 'all of you' to her statement, she nodded. It was true, in a matter of months everything was going to change. She was going to head off to New York City in order to begin her career, Peyton was going to L.A., Haley was going to have her son and settle down. The last thought caused Brooke's stomach to churn uncomfortably, she wanted to be a part of that family, she wanted Haley to want her back.

Haley reached out; placing a hand over Brooke's which was still resting against her stomach. Interlacing their fingers. "This is a great chance to spend some quality time together." This time when she spoke, her eyes were staring deep into hazel, and the other woman was fairly certain she was talking to her. Her attention then returned to the rest of their friends. "I mean, hopefully Mouth is okay and it turns into a great road trip, but if not, at least there's safety in numbers, right?"

They all agreed, but Brooke was not paying any attention to them. Her attention was on Haley as she squeezed her hand reassuringly.

'This could be a perfect opportunity to win her over…'


Tomorrow night was the anti-prom.

Rachel was wearing a brave mask of excitement and encouragement, but she was terrified about what the night would hold, and she was angry with her fiancé and her closest friend. It was irrational anger and jealousy, she knew that, yet she could not seem to rid herself of it.

She wanted to be supportive of both Finn and Quinn, but she could not shake this sickening feeling. The strangest part for her was that she was more upset that Quinn would be spending their prom night with Finn then the other way around. Her jealousy was of her fiancé getting to spend the evening dancing with the beautiful blonde cheerleader, while she would spend it exactly where she had started her high school education, a complete loser.

Rachel knew that the anti-prom was not going to be exciting, hardly anyone had agreed to go and Quinn had gotten rather upset when she had announced it to the glee club.

'I bet that Quinn will look stunning in her prom dress—no! Stop it! This is getting ridiculous Rachel, stop thinking about Quinn and how gorgeous she will be tomorrow night. Stop envying Finn for getting to dance with her, focus on your future husband and your anti-prom arrangements!'


"Okay!" Haley stated enthusiastically, throwing another bag over her shoulder as she headed toward the SUV to put it in the back. "I made sandwiches and I got chips and drinks! We're all set!" She said, throwing the bag in the back before she returned to the rest of the luggage picking up another suitcase.

"I brought some old yearbooks; figured we could read them, reminisce." Lucas said, holding up the yearbooks that he had brought along.

Nathan was still extremely upset with Brooke; the girl had proclaimed her undying love for his wife at their prom and proceeded to kiss her. Haley had kissed back, but he still blamed the other more. "I brought Haley." He said spitefully, his eyes landing directly on Brooke who was now scowling at him. "Who brought the food. What did you bring Brooke?"

Raising an eyebrow, a smirk spread across her face and she quickly decided to use this opportunity to both flirt with Haley and piss Nathan off. Moving toward the shorter woman who was currently attempting to drag a very heavy suitcase to the SUV, she rested her chin against her shoulder, wrapping her arms around Haley's waist. Making certain that her entire body was flush against the other woman's back. "I brought my hot body."

"Brooke, get the hell away from my wife, she doesn't want you!"

Haley's breath caught in her throat and her body shook as she felt Brooke's fingers trail along her stomach and over her hips, her large brown eyes now closing as she hummed out. She knew that she shouldn't be reacting in such a way, especially in front of her husband, but she could not help it. The way that the other woman touched her set her body on fire.

"Yeah, looks like she hates this." Brooke stated, her voice deep and raspy and practically dripping in lust. This alone caused a heat and wetness to form between Haley's thighs.

'Seriously Haley, pull yourself together!' She attempted, but she did not have the chance to do so for herself, as Nathan reached over grabbing ahold of her arm. It was not enough to hurt her, but he was definitely angry with her. "She doesn't want you Brooke."

Rolling her eyes the brunette skipped toward the suitcase that Haley had been struggling with and lifted it into the back of the SUV. "Well, in that case, then I guess I brought Rachel's car. She may have run off with Mouth, but she left this and her keys."

"Sure it's not stolen." Haley stated sarcastically. "Oh wait, that's just calculus exams."

Suddenly Brooke felt a heavy weight on her shoulders that she instantly recognized as guilt. She still had not told the other woman that it had been her who stole the calculus exams from the tutor center causing her to lose her job, not Rachel. Rachel had taken the fall for her. She wanted to tell Haley and clear her conscience, she was just terrified that she would hate her.

"Okay! Let's go!" Haley said jumping excitedly.

'She is so adorable…' Brooke thought shaking her head as she climbed into the SUV.


They had been taking turns driving throughout the night, and now it was once again Brooke's turn to drive. She felt that she had been driving far more often than anyone else, even though they had all agreed on four hour intervals. Hazel eyes were fixated on the road, but she was not focused on driving safely, she was focused on her thoughts.

Glancing at the rearview mirror she watched Haley snuggle up deeper into the seat of the car, she was curled up in a ball. 'She is too freaking adorable…' She thought to herself before refocusing her attention on the road.

Brooke had been thinking a lot lately about her feelings for the other woman. At first she had tried to deny them, she had even been mean to Haley when she first realized that they existed, but with time she slowly started to understand and accept her feelings. Now it just seemed too late. Nathan and Haley were married, and she knew that it was wrong of her to try and get between two of her closest friends, but she also knew that high school was ending and if she was ever going to try, it was going to have to be now.

'Plus I swear she kissed me back at prom… She wants me just as bad.'

Suddenly a loud beeping sound echoed throughout the SUV and she looked down at the dash, seeing the blinking light again, the vehicle began to stall and everyone rustled from their sleep.

Haley was the first to fully awaken, leaning forward so that she could look at Brooke. "What's going on up there?"

The brunette's mouth fell open and she looked around perplexed. "I-I don't know."

Lucas was now attentive; having worked as a mechanic he understood cars. Not that it took a genius to figure out that when a light that reads 'Reduced Engine Power' starts blinking, something is amiss. "How long has that light on the dash been on?"

"Um, just a little while, but it's kind of a pretty color and I liked it." Raising an eyebrow she asked. "Bad call?" Just as she asked, the car came to a stop on the side of the road. She could see that most of her friends were angry with her; Haley looked frustrated as she leant her head back and placed her hand on her forehead. Biting down on her bottom lip Brooke nodded her head in affirmation. "Bad call."


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