Prom Night Disasters

By: Tracy Cook

Disclaimer: I do not own anything; these characters belong to the creators of Glee and One Tree Hill.

Pairing: Quinn/Rachel (Glee) and Brooke/Haley (One Tree Hill)

Rating: M

Chapter 2


The group of teenagers all gathered around the SUV. Lucas was looking under the hood of the vehicle at the obvious problem, the entire engine was smoking. It was freezing and they were only a little over halfway to Lima, and they had not seen a single car since they broke down on the side of the road. Brooke had her arms wrapped around herself as she tried to find warmth, ignoring the guilt that she felt and the jealousy as she glanced over at Nathan who had his arm wrapped around Haley who was standing beside her.

It should have been her holding the beautiful woman.

"I dunno." Lucas said as he stepped away from the SUV. "It's all electronic, I can't figure it out." He paused and cast a glance toward his best friend. "But, I do know that we should have stuck to the interstate and not taken the back roads just so Haley could see this sandwich shaped like Elvis."

Haley's large brown eyes widened and she gasped at his statement, a frown forming on her lips. "Hey!" She took this opportunity to pull away from her husband. Ever since Brooke had proclaimed her love to her at Prom, her husband had gotten very overprotective and possessive over her. It was annoying.

Peyton turned to look at the man she loved. "I too wanted to see the sandwich shaped like Elvis, and I'm pretty sure we all did, right?"

They all nodded, and Brooke raised her hand up high with a matter of fact look on her face. She had definitely wanted to see the sandwich shaped like Elvis, she also did not wish to see Haley upset, despite the fact that it sort of turned her on. Then again, everything about the singer turned her on.

"Thank you." Haley said with a pout as she wrapped her arms around herself, not allowing Nathan to touch her again as she moved closer to Brooke. Brooke smirked at this, her dimples evident in her cheeks as she wrapped one of her arms around Haley's back, pulling her body closer to her own in order to "warm" her up. Although, that was only an excuse to get closer to her. She loved being close to her.

"And Lucas." Peyton started, looking up at him with a smirk. "Admit it; you wanted to see the Elvis sandwich too."

He laughed. "Fine, I wanted to see the Elvis sandwich, Okay? But, that still doesn't change the fact that we haven't seen a single car pass by since we stopped."

Suddenly Brooke's face was lit up with the glow of headlights and she lifted her free hand to point at the bus that was driving toward them. A smile forming on her face at the irony of the timing. "Uhm…"

"Until now." Lucas said, turning to see that it was a tour bus and it was stopping right in front of their SUV.

"It's a bus." Nathan pointed out.

"That's a tour bus!" Brooke exclaimed excitedly, already hoping that it was someone that she liked, even if her arm was currently wrapped around her favorite singer's waist.

"Please be the Foo-Fighters!" Peyton exclaimed.

The doors to the bus opened and they all watched anxiously and impatiently as the person climbed down the stairs and jumped out into the street. Their faces immediately fell as they saw who it was. Chris Keller, the man who continuously flirted with every single woman in an obnoxious way, the man who had slept with Brooke Davis, and kissed Haley James Scott. No one was excited anymore, but they were still happy to have a ride to Lima.

"Well, well." Chris said with a smirk as he approached them.

"Stupid Elvis sandwich…" Haley muttered with a pout on her lips. She hated Chris. Not only had he destroyed her marriage, but he had slept with Brooke and that did not sit well with her.


Brooke, Haley, and Peyton were sitting across from Chris Keller in the tour bus. The young man was looking them over and causing them to all feel uncomfortable. Brooke found herself feeling protective over Haley as she wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her body closer to her own. The beautiful blonde smiled up at her and rested her head on her shoulder, hoping that Chris would not say anything embarrassing. Of course, that would not be the case.

"Let's see here. Slept with you." He nodded to Brooke who flashed him a glare. "Kissed you." He said to Haley, before turning to Peyton and smirking. "Got slapped by you." Leaning back against the wall of the tour bus he smiled smugly. "Just like any other night on Chris Keller's tour bus."

The boys all walked in on the conversation, Lucas focused on the matter at hand. "So, they can toe the car to Lima, but I dunno…"

"Lima?" Chris asked. "We're rolling right through there, you guys should just crash with me! Come on, it'll be like old times!"

All of the girls glared at him.

Skills just laughed and asked the musician. "Im down for all that, you got some Gin in this joint?"

"Full bar in the back!"

"Lovin' Chris Keller." He said before turning and walking to the back of the tour bus. Lucas was watching the scene amused, Nathan was focused on Brooke who still had an arm wrapped around his wife's shoulders, and the three girls were all staring at Chris like they wanted to leap across the bus and strangle him to death.

"Look, I got plenty of room; I'm going right through there. Haley can sleep on my bed." He said with a grin and a nod in her direction. Brooke immediately tightened her grip on the singer and clenched her jaw at his insinuation. The last thing that she needed was another man in the way of her getting what she wanted, not to mention one so disgusting. "Though, you're looking a little plump Hales."

Brooke cast her hazel eyes down at Haley, who looked as if she were on the verge of stabbing him or bursting out into tears. This hurt her, how could Chris say something so insensitive? Regardless of if she was pregnant or not, that was not acceptable behavior. She pulled the smaller girl's body closer to her own. Trying to comfort her.

Chris shrugged. "What the Hell? I've had bigger chunk in my bunk."

Haley felt tears welling in her large brown eyes as she suddenly felt extremely insecure about her weight and appearance. "I'm pregnant you idiot." She whimpered out.

"Oh, dude, totally not mine!"


Quinn stared at the dress that hung on the door of her closet and she smiled. She was excited for the prom, she was excited to be getting feeling back in her legs, and she was excited to show everyone that she was getting better tonight.

She was still not capable of walking, but each day she got closer to doing so, and that was all that mattered.

Tomorrow she would win Prom Queen and she would finally have everything that she wanted. At least that was what she continued to tell herself over and over, that is what she continued to tell everyone, her mother, Rachel, Finn, and everyone else. More than likely it was because she truly wanted to believe that this was all that she needed to make her happy, that she did not need Rachel Berry.

She did not need to dance with Rachel at prom, she did not even need Rachel to attend prom. Everything would be fine as long as she won Prom Queen.

Still, she wondered what Rachel would wear to anti-prom, she wondered who all would show up, if Rachel would dance with someone. She wanted to share a dance with the beautiful diva, but she would never admit that, she could never admit that. That was social suicide.

Quinn Fabray could not be a lesbian.


"We found him!" Brooke shouted, her arm linked with Mouth's as they walked out of the Lima Heights Jail together. He had gotten in trouble for sleeping on a public bench.

"Hey Mouth!" Haley said with a bright smile on her face as she ran up to him and wrapped him up in a hug. Brooke watching her the entire time with a smile on her own face, she found the singer undeniably adorable. She loved watching her.

Mouth laughed pulling out of the hug. "Hey! I tried texting you guys, but my phone died, I just wanna go home."

Lucas interrupted their conversation now, still focused on the car. "Well, unfortunately the car won't be ready until tomorrow. There are probably rooms available in a motel."

"Sorry guys." Mouth said with a frown.

Haley as usual was quick to try and twist the situation from a negative to a positive as she smiled. "No! Don't be sorry! We wanted to come, we're just glad that you're okay. Besides, I'm sure we can find something fun to do in this town!" She said in a hopeful tone of voice as she glanced around for any sign of something to entertain them for the evening.

"Yeah right." Chris said. "What? Look at this place."

They all started to look around for anything to do and then Haley spotted something, it would be perfect considering. The sign said, 'McKinley High Prom Tonight.' "We'll go to prom!" She pointed at the sign, her heart pounding in her chest as she recalled how terrible, yet wonderful the last Prom had been. Everything had gone wrong, but Brooke had also kissed her and admitted she loved her, which made her happy for some reason.

"Prom?" Brooke asked with a raised brow.

"Yeah! Their prom is tonight! We should go!" Haley exclaimed laughing as she turned around to face the taller woman. "Come on, our Prom sucked, our car broke down." She said with a pout on her lips and a whine in her voice as she reached out and held onto Brooke's hands, trying to ignore the warm sensation that coursed through her body, and the way her heart sped up at the contact.

"Yeah, and we got attacked by a psycho." Brooke agreed, biting down on her bottom lip as she looked down at their linked hands. In a way she felt as though Haley were asking her to prom.

"Not before you kissed my wife." Nathan said with a spiteful tone as he reached out and pulled his wife away from the brunette.

"Okay, so what?" Lucas asked the group. "We're just gonna crash their prom?"

"Yeah, why not?" Haley asked.

"Well okay, wait, where are we gonna get tuxes and dresses and all that stuff by tonight?" Brooke asked, looking to Haley for the answer to her question. If she was going to crash some random prom, she wanted to at least dress up for the occasion. Especially if it were her chance to win Haley over.

The shorter girl shrugged her shoulders.

"We go old school!" Skills said. "Check it out." He nodded his head toward a thrift store that had seventies clothing hanging in the windows. The entire group laughed at this, but they decided why not? These people did not know them, and they could probably find something to wear.

"Oh no!" Brooke said, laughing, as they all started toward the store. Haley stayed back with her walking beside her, tucking her hands into her pockets. She could not really explain her behavior lately, but she just wanted to be near the cheerleader at all times.


Everything was going wrong.

Anti-prom was a disaster. The few people who had actually attended were not enjoying themselves, aside from Kurt who was undoubtedly putting on a brave face for Rachel who was in complete disarray. He had made many offers to hopefully lighten the mood, but Puck and Becky had quickly dismissed them all. Rachel knew that he wanted to be at the Prom with Blaine, and was only trying to make his best friend and his boyfriend happy.

Puck and Becky were surprisingly hitting it off, they seemed to have a lot more in common than anyone would have expected.

Currently, Rachel was trying on the prom dress that she had spent days choosing to impress Finn. 'And perhaps Quinn…' She thought before blushing softly and looking herself over in the mirror. Her thoughts seemed to continue to return to Quinn and impressing her, it was starting to grow bothersome. She had no idea why she cared so much about the blonde's opinion of her, and being in her life, but she did.

Rachel wanted to be important to Quinn.

The small diva smiled sadly as she fixed her hair in the mirror and resituated the dress, it looked beautiful. She only wished that more people would get to see her in the dress than the group outside the bathroom door.

Turning on her heels she headed back into the hotel room.

Kurt and Blaine both reacted, but Puck and Becky once again complained about how lame the party was. It was a disaster. And worst of all, Quinn and Finn were probably dancing right this moment. The thought angered her. 'It should be me dancing with her… HIM! It should be me dancing with him…'

A knock at the door drew everyone's attention toward it, and Rachel's large brown eyes widened in astonishment. No one else had confirmed that they were coming, and most of their other friends had been adamantly against the anti-prom, so she had no idea who it could possibly be. "Did you invite someone else?" Kurt asked excitedly, his lips curling up on each side as he kicked his feet against the bed that he was sitting on, obviously happy to see that someone else was showing up.

"Certainly, I invited everyone, but I did not think that anyone would be showing up." Rachel stated with a perplexed voice, her eyebrows knit together as she headed to the door.

"I wonder who it could be, this is so exciting!" Kurt sang.

Rachel was also curious as to who it could be. Extending her hand she opened the door and was shocked to see that Finn was standing at the door with a bouquet of flowers and a dorky half smile on his face. She loved his smile, she loved him. Her eyes widened and she smiled brightly as she reached out and took the bouquet thanking him with a cheerful voice, before leaning up and kissing him.

The rest of her friends seemed a little disappointed, but she could not be happier. 'Maybe if it was—no… I love him and this makes me so happy. Besides, at least this means that they are not dancing together…'

"What happened Finn? I thought that you were not going to come by until after the prom king and queen were crowned."

"I know, I just uh, I dunno things went bad with Quinn and we kinda got in a fight—"

"—Please tell me you didn't get kicked out again?" Rachel asked in a worried tone of voice as she bit down on her bottom lip and stared up at her boyfriend.

"Nah, nothin' like that. Just had an argument and I decided that she wasn't really worth all that trouble, I just wanna go to prom with you. So what do ya say Rach, will you go to prom with me?"

Rachel wanted nothing more than to say yes, but she had obligations. She had set up the anti-prom as a statement, for all people who did not wish to attend prom, and the last thing that she wanted to do was to leave them here and run off with her boyfriend to prom. "I would love that Finn, but I have my responsibilities here—"

"—actually, if Blaine will agree to follow the rules, I would love to go to Prom." Kurt announced laughing at his boyfriend as he rolled his eyes.

"And we will probably have more fun with you guys gone anyway." Puck added. It should have been insulting, but Rachel was too excited to be bothered by it.

"Are you certain?"

"Yeah, it's cool."


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