Ariel: Fire

It was almost ironic, the way I asked fate to tell me about fire and how it so brutally showcased its power for me. The vibrant orange glow lighting up the terrifying scene of the disintegrating boat, the plumes of thick black clouds unfurling over the huge ship as the ocean claimed it, the heat, so absolutely foreign to me.

And the fire, the fire of an entirely different kind that ignited in my heart when I first saw you, so absolutely carefree as you celebrated your birthday. You were disarmingly beautiful; I'd never seen anything so wonderful before in my entire life.

A shower of sparks, and everything was ablaze.
So this was what it was like to burn.

a.n. A series of drabbles alternating p.o.v between Ariel and Eric on their relationship over the course of the movie and beyond.
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