Amelia; Shows Her Butt

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Part One:

As a doctor Addison was alarmed and incredulous at the large percentage of nurses that still smoked and really mad at the candy stripe nurses she saw light up in the nurse's locker room. Something they would never dare to do even in the Nurses Lounge. It was that last group of health care workers that worried Addison the most as the young female volunteers who wore the cute above the knee pink striped dresses that she was most worried were influenced by the white clad too tight visible panty line bottomed nurses with their show me unladylike bottom techniques to attract the male's eye. Addison had allowed her niece to become one of the Candy Striper's working in the hospital for class credit at her high school, but did not want her to pick up nurses bad habits.

Addison as Amelia's aunt was confident the teenager was a good kid, well grounded and had a good head on her shoulders, so she was unconcerned about the nurse's bad health habits rubbing off on her niece. It was her confidence in her teen niece's ability to make good decisions that totally put her pet peeve of the nurses smoking against policy in their locker room completely out of her mind. However, it better not be Amelia with a butt or she'd be wearing a smoking butt.

These were her thoughts as she went down to the nurse's lounge to surprise her niece for a quick visit worked into her busy day of doctor's rounds. The attractive female doctor entered the nurse's lounge and it was surprisingly empty, though it was lunch time. Just as she was about to leave she heard female voices and giggles coming from the locker room. She opened the door immediately and was met with a cloud of noxious cigarette smoke. Addison in disgust fanned the white smoke out of the way and stepped inside, unnoticed into the locker room. She could determine by the sounds of the two voices one was a nurse and the other the voice of a teenager.

Stepping closer she could see them both from the back each with long shoulder length brown hair, a shapely bottoms in very tight white nursing uniform pants with a visible panty line. Next to her was a Candy Striper minion who also had chosen to show off her butt to the doc, displaying her own visible panty line of the bikini variety through the snug hip hugging pink striped dress.

Addison shook her head, thinking. Every time a female hospital worker chooses to dress unprofessionally it makes it harder for other female medical professionals to be taken seriously by their male peers. Now that her niece was entering the healthcare profession it was unladylike dressing like this that caused her to do a slow burn!

Future nurses like Amelia, her niece would have to overcome unprofessional dressing by coworkers like this to have they're mind's taken seriously instead of they're behinds.

What made this even worse they were both smoking those stinking cigarettes and that meant her niece was daily subject to these nurses filthy nasty habit and more importantly the health of her niece's lungs.

Imagine her surprise when Amelia turned around a lit cigarette between her lips the ash being puffed to a cherry red. Addison was furious and the other nurse left immediately letting the candy stripe nurse alone to deal with her aunt.

"Lock the door on the way out and put the red light bulb on for nurse testing."

"Yes ma'am" The sound of a closing door being locked announced to the smoking teenager major trouble was straight ahead and the red light bulb glowed through the transom above the door.

Amelia had been caught showing her butt of to the doc, her glowing cigarette that is and from the look on Doc Addison's face the glowing butt was soon going to have company!

"Amelia we have had this conversation at home when I caught you smoking. At that time I let you preserve your dignity and only gave your butt a dozen spanks over your jeans."

"Well yeah Aunt Addison, but I just slipped today, honest.

"But nothing young lady it is time for me to impress on you the seriousness of smoking and the way I intend to do this is by smoking your butt until it matches the cherry red of the tip of your nasty, stinking cigarette."

"Please I want do it again, just ground me to my room. That will teach me."

"I am afraid not Amelia you have responsibilities at this hospital and I am not going to allow you to shirk them, though I am adding some bedpan duty for my cheery candy striper instead of magazine and mail delivery to patients. Today, my naughty young lady you will be doing it with a cherry red sore bottom that is my promise!"

End of Chapter One: