Forgotten Melody

Special: Distant Hearts (Part 2)

Mamoru took a deep breath as he walked out the airport. He was finally home. After six years, he was finally back in Japan. Even if the reason was because of his arranged marriage, he was still happy for he'd be able to see his friends again.

"Mamoru, I want you to meet your fiancée," Hideaki said as he let a girl in.


Mamoru's eyes widened to see the girl that he left before going to Germany.

It was Shizuka.


Mamoru still couldn't believe that his fiancée was his ex-girlfriend. Shizuka, whose heart was broken by his fiancé on their last year in high school, was happy and scared at the same time. She still has feelings for him, but she's scared that he might not feel the same with her anymore.

"Well, it seems that you two already know each other. That's great," Hideaki smiled, bringing the two closer to each other.

Two weeks had passed since Mamoru came back and they already arranged their engagement party. Mamoru haven't had the time to visit his other friends especially the person that he loved. He couldn't wait to see her again, but he had no time.

The day of the engagement celebration arrived and many people came. Their old classmates came to congratulate them and the many leaders of financial groups and other companies also came. Mamoru felt like everybody was invited. He paid no attention to the guests for his mind was full of things he wanted to do with the girl that he loved.

"Congratulations, Mamoru."

Hearing a familiar voice, Mamoru turned around and found a girl wearing an elegant, indigo-colored, floor length, one-shoulder dress and curled dark brown hair. He remembered those blue eyes that he was staring into.

"Maiko," Mamoru said, his heart jumping for joy to see the person that he loved.

Maiko turned around and walked towards the balcony with Mamoru following her from behind. They stood by the arched marble rails of the balcony while looking out to the setting sun, remembering the memories they made before Mamoru left.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Maiko asked with a gentle smile on her face.

"Yeah," Mamoru replied.

The leaves rustled as the wind blew by, giving them light shivers from the nearing fall season. After a moment of silence, Maiko talked again.

"Did you get to see these sunsets in Germany?" Maiko asked.

"Yeah," Mamoru replied, still feeling tensed.

"Shizuka looked beautiful in that dress today."


The wind blew by once again as the silence lingered one more time. Mamoru clenched his fist and took a deep breath to gather his courage to break the awkward atmosphere between them.

"Maiko!" he yelled.

Maiko turned to him and listened carefully to what he said.

"I love you, Maiko."

Mamoru's eyes were full of sincerity and braveness while Maiko looked like she was suffering instead of being surprised.

"Ever since I told you about how I was leaving for college, I've been in love with you. Since we both had our own secret, I paid more close attention to you," Mamoru announced.

"I fell in love with your sparkling blue eyes, your silky brown hair, your smooth skin, and your beautifully carved lips. I couldn't sleep because you were all I was thinking about, but it was too late when I realized my feelings for you. I was already in Germany when I realized that you were the reason for my sleepless nights. You were the reason why my heart would skip beats," Mamoru continued.

"I'm in love with you!" Mamoru shouted.

Maiko lowered her head as she looked at the tiled floor. She remembered all the memories she had with him. She remembered how she fell in love with him and how painful it was for her to watch him leave.

"How do you think I feel?" Maiko quietly said.

"How do you think I feel, Mamoru?" Maiko yelled, tears flowing out of her eyes.

"After you left, I felt like I was all alone…I didn't want to continue in life…All I had in my mind was you!" she shouted, her fists trembling.

"While you were gone, I accepted the fact that…that we weren't meant to be…Do you know how much that hurt?"

Maiko was releasing all the feelings that she had hidden for such a long time to Mamoru, who was dumbfounded and was shocked, not being able to say anything.

"It hurts so much, Mamoru…I was hurting the whole time you were gone! I didn't know what to do anymore! Sometimes…I'd wish you never told me that you were leaving…because after that, I treasured you more than anybody else…I didn't want you to leave more than anybody else!" Maiko continued, her heart reaching its limit.

She was hurt. Her heart was hurt. It wasn't easy for her to come to Mamoru's engagement party especially since the party wasn't for him and her. It was for him and Shizuka. It was for her best friends.

"Up until now, it still hurts, Mamoru…I don't know if my heart will ever be fixed, but I know we can't be together…Even if it hurts to let go...I'm going to do it, but I want you to remember this," Maiko paused as more tears came and more breeze blew by.

"I loved you with all my heart."

Mamoru trembled as he realized how much pain he gave to Maiko. He slowly took small steps to Maiko to try and comfort her, but he was scared because he didn't want to break her. He could feel how fragile she was and he was aware that Maiko was in too much pain. He, too, was in pain, but Maiko's was greater.

"Goodbye," Maiko whispered as she walked back in, leaving Mamoru out in the balcony.

Realizing that he had lost the most important thing to him, Mamoru fell on his knees and cried tears of sorrow and pain. He didn't want things to end that way. He was heartbroken and was in misery. All he could think of that time was Maiko. His heart and mind were full of Maiko's beautiful face. However, he lost her. She's gone from him forever.

Days after Mamoru's engagement celebration, he found out about Maiko and Hiroki's engagement. He never thought that they're all still with the same people they were in a relationship with, but he knew things had changed. Maiko's feeling changed. His feelings changed. Everything changed.

Mamoru and Maiko never talked after that day they confessed their feelings for each other for they were too busy planning their weddings. Deep inside, they wanted to think that it was their wedding, but they had to face the reality whether they liked it or not.

Days before Maiko and Hiroki's wedding, Hiroki was brought to the hospital because of his disease. Hiroki was diagnosed with cancer two weeks after Mamoru left for Germany. Hiroki received treatment, but his health would deteriorate from time to time.

"This is the reason why I don't want to leave him," Maiko said as she watched Hiroki peacefully sleep.

"I want to give him the happiness he deserves even if it means that I can't have mine."

Mamoru now understood more about how he fell for Maiko. Maiko was kind and gentle. Not only was she beautiful, but she cared for the others. She didn't care what will happen to her. She only cared about what will happen to others. She was sacrificing her own happiness for Hiroki's happiness.

"I was supposed to be your fiancée, you know?" Maiko revealed with a smile of pain on her face.

Before Mamoru could talk, she explained to him how she asked Shizuka to be his fiancée instead because she was aware of how much Shizuka still loved him. Maiko also wanted to be there by Hiroki's side and not leave him.

"That's why I fell in love with you, Maiko," Mamoru smiled before he left the room.

Without their knowing, Hiroki heard the whole conversation and felt horrible for Maiko, the person he loved, was suffering because of him. He didn't want it to be that way. He wanted Maiko to be happy. He didn't want to see her tears.

Weeks later, Maiko and Hiroki's wedding day still delayed, Hiroki's health started worsening. Hiroki requested the doctor to not tell Maiko or Mamoru about his weakening. One night, when Hiroki woke up to find Maiko crying in the middle of her sleep as she muttered Mamoru's name, he was aware that it was time for him to go. He didn't want to see anymore tears coming out of Maiko's eyes. He was in pain, too.

Days later, after strangely saying 'I love you' to Maiko for millions of times each day, Hiroki asked the doctor to pull him out of his life support. Hiroki explained to the doctor that he was in pain and couldn't do it anymore, so he was pulled out of support and slowly passed away. Maiko was in greater pain after losing an important person in her life. She cried for days and nights, yearning to see Hiroki again and regretting everything she had done for him.

After a period of time, Mamoru and Shizuka got married and started a family. Maiko moved on with her life even though she was still mourning for Hiroki. She focused more on her work as her family's company's soon-to-be CEO. Maiko, who was heartbroken twice, used work as a distraction.

Mamoru still had feelings for Maiko, but he slowly fell back in love with Shizuka again. He realized how much distance had done to all of them. He realized how much their hearts were so far away from each other even though they were all together. Their distant hearts caused many pains not only to two of them, but to all of them.

Author's note:

Hey, readers! I hope y'all enjoyed the Special that I included. It wasn't supposed to be that long, but I guess I had to make it that long to give y'all a better story. Anyways, I'm really sorry that the Special didn't come out as early as I planned it to get published because I was brought to the hospital last Monday because I got sick again. I was asleep for two days straight and was really weak on Thursday. Then, I rested some more and was asleep for a whole day. So, I started working on the Special on Saturday. I'm still in the hospital, but don't worry, I'm already working on the plot for the sequel of 'Forgotten Melody'. Well, I hope y'all enjoyed reading 'Forgotten Melody' and the Special, 'Distant Hearts'. Again, I'm willing to message the people who want to be alerted on when the sequel will be published. I'll try to do it as soon as I can. Thank you for all the support! Love always, Mayumi Selnia. (: