My Gift

Commander's Personnel Log Stardate: 41591.4

I cannot believe that I was chosen to receive this gift of unimaginable power, me William T. Riker. All I had only ever wanted was a career in Starfleet and to one day command my own ship, now however my possibilities were limitless.

Captain Picard had wanted me to turn down Q's gift but I found that I could not turn down this opportunity. There was just too much good that I could do with my new abilities. I had also stopped to really examine the alien that was known as Q. We had never encountered anything like him before, and I felt that we had passed judgment too quickly.

I began to notice that despite all the power that Q possessed not once did he actually hurt us. He did seem to enjoy playing games with the Captain, however, I began to feel that the trial was just that; a play being performed to show us something, but what, was what I had to understand. If Q had really felt that we couldn't comprehend him, would he have even bothered to materialize before us? Q had stated that he had seen us as a childlike savage race. As adults we teach our children morals through stories and games. Was Q trying to reach out to show us something else through his games? Was what we were seeing the real Q, or just the representation of his teachings?

I had read the Captain's Log about the trial and began to really understand what Q was trying to show us. We said one thing but often did another. Our words and thoughts are not the same as our actions and deeds. All our words amount to nothing if we ourselves contradict them with our actions. We know this yet we still seem to not be able to change our nature unless we stop and force ourselves to think about what it is we are doing, and match our actions with our words and thoughts. Is he looking for, the right thoughts and willingness to follow through we the right actions? Perhaps the puzzle was still too adult for us to completely figure out how to change our nature. Wise parents are not mad when their children do not comprehend adult matters, instead they show their children small bits of knowledge that they can easily understand and grasp so that eventually when we become adults we can connect the small pieces and complete the puzzle that didn't make any sense to us as children.

I could tell that my thoughts were beginning to impress Q, but I really don't know how I had managed to do such a feat with such a powerful being. I was simply following Starfleet protocol about meeting new species; first make no judgment. Somehow, when another being has different rules, such as judging we are not so understanding of their rules and throw our own first rule out.

Q keeps baiting the Captain; he can see the human arrogance that we keep hidden just below our professional Starfleet training. We might say that we have overcome our nature, but in reality we simply try to keep it hidden even from ourselves. I myself proved it when I was first given these powers, I started granting the desires of my team mates and calling the Captain by his first name, Jean Luc. I just couldn't seem to help it, perhaps I still had too much of my human upbringing clashing with my Q knowledge. I had seen for the first time just how much we needed the Q and believe it or not how much they really needed us, but first we had to lay down our pride and arrogance. Q acted the way he did to the Captain because he was putting up a mirror in front of him. This is why the Captain is always so agitated when dealing with Q, he believes him immature and destructive, but it's how we are really behaving when we believe that we don't need any help and that we can handle anything the universe can throw at us, when in reality we can't.

I know I had seen a look of pride on Q's face when I had proved that I could think before I acted. It was quickly covered up and the Captain had never seen it. After being able to put some of the puzzle pieces together I felt that I had to see the complete picture and I shouldn't turn down this chance of understanding one of the first completely alien entities to have shown itself to us. So I accepted his gift and made it my own.