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She's My Haven 2

Father says I have a few moments to myself before I must return to hear the Continuum's judgment, it would be a finial judgment, one I would have to uphold even if it wasn't in my favor. I head to the Holodeck and stand in a desert. This is a lonely and lifeless place - beautiful but also barren. A place picked to match my mood. I can feel and hear Deanna coming in through the archway but I don't turn around.

"Why did you order up a desert?"

I look her way, I don't believe for a moment she needs a verbal answer, but I will give her one anyway.

Staring off into the distance. "It matches my mood. Empty."

"Yes. It does."

"I had already lost you once before, and now
I seem to have lost you again."

"Are you certain exactly who lost who, Imzadi?"

"Don't use that word now, Deanna..."

"It means 'my beloved.'"

"It also suggests that the same feeling will go on ...tomorrow, and tomorrow...

"It suggests a kind of bonding ... an agreement..."

I silently sit and let the quiet go on for a moment.

"As I said ... I understand."

"Do you? Really? Imzadi... yes, you are my beloved. Today. But I can't lie to you and say I'm certain about tomorrow... and tomorrow ... I can't guarantee it will be something you can share. Because you are my Imzadi, I refuse to promise you a future I can't yet see."

"How... would an Earth woman react to that, Will?"

"To an Earth woman, I would have lied. But you'd know it if I did. I can only ask of you to wait, if I am allowed Deanna I will give you everything. Just wait for me please, I promise it will be the last time you have to, whatever the outcome."

I know I don't have any time left as I feel Wyatt making his way over.

"Hello you two!"

I turn, seeing Wyatt making his way in from the Holodeck entrance. The moment must wait as I get to my feet.


Wyatt moves in and I head toward the Holodeck entrance. Wyatt Head is cocked, spinning around joyously - taking in the wonders of the Holodeck. By the time he turns in a full circle, I am already gone.

"This is incredible! I've heard about this, but I never imagined..."

I hear my father speaking, it's time! The Continuum has made their decision. I seem to have picked up my father's habits, as I wave to leave the Enterprise.

I enter the Judgment Hall of the Continuum and proceed in resplendent robes of blue to the center of the Hall. On this occasion the Hall was Blue and Gold and the walls played scenes from the birth of the Universe continually. In the Center was the Dais were the current and future rulers of the Continuum. Each sat upon one of the 4 thrones. They would be leading today's judgement. Protocol is in place and I first bow to my Grandparents and then move on to my parents. I turn to the consuls of six on each side of the thrones and bow to both groups, then turn to address the remaining 13 gathered Q that where to be my witnesses.

"I "Q" do hereby honor and uphold the judgment and decision of the entire Continuum before me. Should I renounce my oath of honor I do hereby agree to have my position and power removed for however long my fellow Q's deem worthy."

Everyone assembled then bowed towards me to acknowledge my spoken words.

"Let us move on to the matter at hand. A petition was brought before the Continuum that would allow for the betrothal and eventual matrimony or wedlock of someone who is at the moment not Q." Q (Grandfather)

"This is something unprecedented before in the history of the Q. Never before has any Q sought to even cohabitate with a non Q, much less commit for all eternity." Q (Grandmother)

"However, as you have shown sometimes change is needed in order to not just survive, but to truly live. It is the Decision of the Continuum to allow you to have a period of betrothal of at least six human months. If all goes well you will be allowed to enter into wedlock." Q (Mother)

"Do not make lightly this decision for if you should wish for a Divorce from Deanna Troi it will have to meet with the approval of the entire Continuum. A decision that we will most likely not approve without truly dire circumstances." Q (Father)

I bowed my head once more and acknowledge the decision of the Continuum.

"Thank you all, I will take into consideration all the words spoken on this day. I do, hereby acknowledge your decision and your warning will not go unheeded."

I had turned to leave and return to the Enterprise, when I was stopped.

"A moment of your time in private Lord Prince." Q (Mother)

"Of course, my Queen."

We all moved to private chamber that was on the right side of the Hall.

"Mother, I have missed you." (Hugging)

"Me too, son. Your Enterprise takes you away a lot, but I am happy to know that you are enjoying yourself. I called because we all have some words of advice for you."

"Of, course I will listen."

"Son, it is very important that you choose wisely. Your new wife will be the future Queen of the Continuum." (Grandmother)

I am stunned, I didn't understand. I was just an adopted son, I wasn't born to these ways. I never expected to rule over everyone once my parents moved on.

"Son, have I not told you that you are "OUR" grandson and your parent's son? You are a nephew to both your aunt and uncle. You are of OUR line, FAMILY, in every sense of the word! Why do you put human thoughts and beliefs to these words? Your father had remade your human body with our very own Q essence, you are "blood" if you must view it in this way. (Grandfather)

"I see you have presumed that once Mother and I had given you a brother or sister that you would no longer be a "true prince." No longer be in line for the throne. When your grandfather said you were of our line, what did you believe he meant? (Father)

"I suppose, I thought, that I was simply adopted into the family until you wished to have a "True Q" Someone born with all these abilities and powers would be better to rule than someone who isn't. I thought that I wouldn't really be an acceptable option because of my human background. I still may never fully adapt to being like this, not truly be able to stop, giving human thoughts and ways up. I knew you loved me, but I thought that once I had a brother or sister I wouldn't be the next king."

"We do not perceive adoption or have the same laws as your human adoption does. We understand your perception of the word of course. Our ways are different. We don't wish to change your past only integrate it with your future. You are special because of your past, not despite it. You have saved us because of your perception of your place in this universe. Your life experiences, how you had to obtain and work for your achievements. We were bored and stagnant because we have never had to struggle, never had to before now. Now, we can survive the future because of you." (Father)

I am not ashamed to admit that I cried, when my grandparents and parents hugged me. It was the first time in my life I had felt unconditional love. Often time with my human parents I was treated according to how well I performed, how well I measured up to everyone around me. The Q would love me and accept me no matter my decisions, successes, or failures. I was loved because I was me, I was theirs, and no other reason was needed. I suppose even after 26 years with the Q I still had a lot of things to learn and understand. I have an eternity to experience and learn from them.

"Son, you will be King after us, no matter what happens the line of succession will go to you. Once your rule is over it might go to your Aunt and Uncle before once again returning to your children or your future siblings. We Q share all stations in life, we like it this way; we share the responsibility in this way. Your Queen will be as wonderful as you, we are sure of it." (Mother)

"We simply wanted to let you know, so that you would be able to prepare Deanna and she would be able to make an informed decision. Apparently we also have informed you of your future. The title Prince is yours now because you are next in line, if it were not so we would have given you another title." (Grandmother)

"Oh, I thought it was because I was your grandson and son. I never knew that the other Q's had also been rulers. It's different in earth history. Rulers are in the same family until someone from another family either conquers or the line runs out."

"Yes, we are rather unique in our ways. We shall have an interesting future with both our ways intermingling. (Father)

"Well off you go back to your ship, and hopefully soon to be betrothed. (Mother)

"Farewell, until I see you again."

I return to the Enterprise and walk to my station. The Tarellian ship is cruising towards us all attempts at warning off the ship have failed and they still refuse to communicate.

"How can you be certain they're receiving us?" Captain Picard

"Because our sensors are showing a responder echo, sir, on the frequency they once used." Data

"Message coming in from Haven." Geordi

"Captain, the plague ship is approaching transport range." Valeda

"We're aware of that, Electorine."Captain Picard

"You realize they can turn this lovely world of ours into a graveyard? Please take action, now, before it's too late." Valeda

I am beginning to get annoyed, how can they expect us to help them, when they won't get out of our way?

"We'll take action in a few moments."

"Please... please destroy them now!" Valeda

"We will not fire on them, Electorine." Captain Picard

"They're coming within transporter range, sir." Data

"Can't delay any longer, then. Ready the tractor beam, Lieutenant Yar. Target ship and activate
on my command." Captain Picard

"Tractor beam ready." Tasha

I look to the Captain.

"Let's hope it buys some communication."

"Engage." Captain Picard

The Tarellian ship is engulfed by the tractor beam and their vessel slows.

"Do we have them securely, Worf? Can they beam out to the planet?" Captain Picard

"Negative, sir. They can't leave that ship."

"I know they're receiving us, sir. At this distance they could reply with their running lights
if necessary." Geordi

"Unless they have all died. Their ship could have been brought in by automation." Data

"Captain! The viewer...!"

The ship image is fading, being replaced
by indistinct shapes which means there is life does on the alien vessel. The image resolving is the woman I've seen in Wyatt's painting.

"It's the woman in Wyatt's painting!" Deanna

Everyone is stunned by this seemingly impossible occurrence.

"What strange combination...of circumstances has caused a woman out of someone's imagination to appear on the plague ship? Commander Riker is this your doing?"

I sat stunned in the chair. Everyone turned I guess they all think I would alter anyone's life to get what I want. They truly have an incorrect idea of my responsibility to the universe and the people around me.

"Of course not Captain! I would not have done this, even though it appears that everyone believes I would. What more do you want from me? I have given my word that I would not use my abilities on board the Enterprise! Apparently my word means nothing to anyone now..."

"Enterprise to Tarellian vessel, are you receiving us?" Geordi

The image of the young woman is gently moved aside by a distinguished looking older man, He looks
out from the viewer, speaks gently:

"My name is Wrenn... and before I inquire why you've trapped us here, is there one aboard your vessel named Wyatt?

"Your business is with me, sir. I am Captain Picard, commanding this starship."

The Turbolift door Open, Wyatt and Beverly hurry onto the bridge. He carries one of his paintings of the woman being seen on the viewer and exhibits it.

"Captain, I don't understand..." Wyatt

Wrenn appears as startled by Wyatt's appearance."

"Wyatt, you've come to us. Just as you promised." Ariana

"What's happening? Except for dream images, I've never seen her." Wyatt

"I'm not sure but perhaps mother would..."Deanna

Captain Picard interrupting; to Wrenn.

"Our first order of business, sir, is with the threat your vessel poses to the planet below. If you still carry the infection which destroyed your world..."

"Oh, we still carry it, Captain. My daughter, I, all eight of us." Wrenn


"All of us that are left, Captain." Wrenn

"Most of the rest passed on during the years it took to reach Haven." Wrenn

"Sir... if you've come here because of the legend about planet Haven miraculously healing the sick..." Captain Picard

"No, no. We've learned to face the truth about such things. But Haven is a remarkably lovely and pleasant place, is it not? All we want is a resting place until the last of us are gone." Wrenn

"I'm... sorry, but circumstances make it impossible for us to allow you to beam down to Haven." Captain Picard

"We do not ask to make contact with those living below. All we ask is to be on the edge of some sea, some unpopulated island or faraway peninsula..." Wrenn

"This is not our planet, sir. I'll be happy to present your needs to those who govern this world..." Captain Picard

"Present the fact we intend to die here, Captain. And if we die while caged by your tractor beam, so be it." Wrenn

I lean over and speak to Captain Picard, who is eyeing the screen glumly.

"Captain! Someone's transporting to the Tarellian ship." Geordi


"I can't sir. It's too late." Geordi

Wyatt's parents and Troi surround us and Mrs. Miller is wildly emotional.

"How could you let this happen, Captain? My son, surrounded by those horrible lepers!" Victoria

"Mrs. Miller, if I could have prevented this..."

"Then beam him back!" Victoria

"He can never come back, Mrs. Miller." Deanna

Mrs. Miller looks like she is about to faint. Then her attention is drawn to the Bridge Viewer. Wyatt, Ariana, and Wrenn appear on screen.

"You may turn off your tractor beam, Captain. We will not be going to Haven." Wrenn


"Mother...Father... Forgive me, but I must... I'm going to try to cure these people.

"And Wyatt will do it. I've believed that all along." Ariana

Wyatt puts his arm around Ariana and speaks with difficulty.

"I knew I was coming to Haven to meet my destiny. I thought it was to be with you, Deanna. But it
was Ariana who drew me here. I'm sorry. Besides, I could never complete with a 'God.'" Wyatt

Nods in my direction, and I give a slight nod back.

"Wyatt, I'm happy for you. Ariana, I love you both." Deanna

"You've done surprisingly well for a human, Wyatt." Mrs. Troi


"I take that as a compliment, Deanna."

"My respects, Captain."

"And mine, sir."

We all leave and end up in the Transporter Room: The Millers are on the platform. Captain Picard, Beverly, Deanna, and I have come to see them off.

"Keep the chest. You'll have use for it someday." Mr. Miller

Mrs. Troi enters, followed by Homn carrying her luggage.

"Seems such a shame to waste that lovely wedding dress. Perhaps I should stay and be joined to a
new mate." Mrs. Troi

"What?" Deanna

"The captain is highly attracted to me, but he's a little too old." Mrs. Troi

Captain Picard lifts his eyebrows in surprise and Mrs. Troi turns to me.

"Perhaps I should choose you.

"He has other obligations, Mother!"

"Very well. It's his loss. Mister Homn!"

"Thank you for the drinks." Homn

The officers are caught off guard by his voice.

(Telepathic) Try and remember your heritage, little one. (Spoken) "You may energize."

As the transporter activates, she stares at Captain Picard, as if something shocking has just entered her mind.

"Captain! Even Xelo never had such thoughts about me."

Before the Captain can react, Mrs. Troi and Homn are beamed away. He is still at a loss, but Deanna is smiling at him.

"That was meant as a joke, Captain. Weren't you amused?" Deanna

"I was not!"

Before we leave to return to the bridge, I take Deanna by the elbow and Whisper that I would like to meet her tomorrow night for dinner. She agrees and I move ahead to resume my post.

"Take us out of here, Mister Riker."

"Aye, sir."

"Warp two, helm, heading five-seven mark three-one-nine."

I very happily look upon Troi and she returns one of her own.

"Warp two, five-seven mark three-one-nine." Geordi