I don't own anything related to Harry Potter. Oddly, the only part of this submission which is especially identifiable as belonging to the Harry Potter universe is the title.

A Harry Potter Sonnet

The folk of space stepped down upon the Earth.

Learn ev'rything, that was their long-term plan.

To their delight were things most study-worth,

Especially the magic-using man.

Man lived with hominids both great and small

One more would bring no scrutiny to bear.

The folk moved in to study wall to wall.

Wizards accepted them without a care.

'Twas not all rosey for the scientists.

The magic man was prone to arrogance.

Only pure wizards counted in the lists

Not caring birth was merely happenstance.

"You stupid creatures! Go punish yourselves.

Why do we tolerate these worthless elves?"

Author's Note: Yes, this is a continuation of my experimentation with odd genre combinations. The Shakespearean is the easiest sonnet pattern. But c'mon. It's a humorous little fanfic poem. I wasn't going to put in the effort of writing an Italian sonnet.

PS: ${*)$( FFN ate the formatting. Let's see if this change is somewhat legible.