Clare's POV

Imogen and Eli? Eli and Imogen? Together? Dating? I know I had dated Jake a week after Eli and I's breakup but I could she likes him. Hell, she is his very own stalker.

Oh my goodness! Did I, Saint Clare, just use a curse word? Whatever.

I'm not even considered a saint anymore due to the fact I dated my new step brother.

I was on my way home murmuring to myself and trying to get the picture of Eli and Imogen making out in the library until I crashed into something. Well someone.

"I'm so sorry." I said reaching down to get my books. The stranger bent to help me. I rose my head and met a pair of dark brown eyes.


I always had a huge crush on him bake in grade nine. I was dating KC then. When Reese started to tell everyone about KC in a group home, there was no way I could leave KC for his cute nemesis.

"Clare? Long time no see." He said standing up, offering me a hand to take. I blushed at the…spark?

When I got to my feet, I began talking.

"Where have you been?" I exclaimed excitedly.

"Booty camp. You really change…a lot." He smirked observing my clothing. I wore my red polo that hugged my sides my skirt was a bit too short. I had on a lacy black pantyhose and black ballet shoes. I also had a white leather jacket that stopped between my wrist and elbow. On my left wrist I wore a neon yellow Baby G wristwatch. I had to admit, I look good.

"Thanks. I also got rid of the glasses."

"And the long hair. You look really beautiful."

I blushed at his words.

I was expecting him to say hot or sexy or something. Not to be a hypocrite but he didn't seem like the guy to call someone 'beautiful.'

"Since when did Degrassi have uniforms?" He say looking at the school's logo by my boobs.

I sighed and started explaining to him about Fitz bullying Adam which led to Eli's and Fitz's wars and the Vegas night hazard.

"Wow. More drama, I'm guessing?" he said.

I nodded.

"I'm coming back to Degrassi!" Reese said out of the blue.