Lenny was walking down to the basement, where he felt it becoming increasingly warm. He wondered what was making it so hot in there. He opened the door which lead to the switches powering christmas lights, the toaster, and kettle. It was on fire.

"Crap." He muttered and ran back out of the room and up the stairs to warn the others. After only being a few meters, maybe seven or eight, he heard a loud bang. Looking behind him, he saw a big cloud of fire approaching him, and he was thrown to the floor.


"What was that?" Zoe asked, after feeling the ground shake.
"Maybe an earthquake?" Linda replied.
"Maybe." Zoe said, and they got back to work.


The fire cloud was still catching up to Lenny, even though he was running at his fastest pace. He turned around, and the cloud was thinning out. But not before it reached the gas canisters. The canisters blew up, putting Lenny flying through the air. He landed on his front. He stood up after the noise had died down, and assessed him self quickly. No obvious damage on the outside, and no pain. So he began to run again, up the stairs, to warn the others.


"Another earthquake?" Zoe said to Linda, confused.
"I don't think its an earthquake..." Linda said, seeing Lenny rush in.

"There is a fire..." He said, out of breath. "In the basement!"
"Pull the fire alarm, now!" Linda said to Zoewho was stood right next to it.

The fire alarm went wailing throughout the ED. Nick ran in.
"What is going on!" He wanted to know.
"Fire.. In the basement." Lenny said, out of breath, bend over leaning on his knees.
"Okay, everyone out now!" Nick said, and everyone started being ushered out by staff.

"Whats going on?"
"Is there a fire?"
"Is this a fire drill?"

Many questions were being asked, but no on had any really answered. Everyone was out, and they did a register for all the staff.

"Lenny?" Nick read out.

And this carried on down the list.

"Zoe?" Nick called, and recieved no reply. "Zoe?"
"She isn't here, Nick." Tess said after looking around.
"She has to be in there still." Linda said. "What about Dylan?"
"Dylan... Oh yes, here he is." Nick said after looking at the list. "Dylan?" No reply.
"Oh no... they were in the O.R." Linda said, and ran off in search of them.


Linda carried on running, and entered the building, against everyones wishes.