Here it is! The last last chapter! The story is now complete!


Some Months Later...

"Henry this dress is amazing!" Charlotte said looking in the mirror.

"It is authentic too," Henry told her, "It was Aunt Becks back in the 20's."

"I can't believe your mother is having a themed fundraiser, what is the name of the place we are going?" Charlotte said fixing her hair.

"The 20's is still my Dad's favorite century and he loved Chicago," Henry said, "And after the owner disappeared Dad took over the bar and named it Rebekah's because she used to love going there."

"Dude this is awesome!" Ben said coming out of the bathroom. "Are you sure your Dad won't mind?"

"Not at all," Henry said, "My family has trunks full of this stuff. They don't mind us borrowing them."

"What's this?" Ben asked walking over to Henry's desk.

"My grimware," Henry answered, "The coven I was visiting in New Orleans wanted to see it."

"This is really cool," Ben said flipping through the pages, "I am jealous of all this, you know? Henry is a wolf and a witch, Charlotte can kick some serious ass, what can I do?"

"I can teach you," Charlotte offered.

"Really?" Ben said and Charlotte nodded.

"And it wouldn't hurt for you to know some of these spells," Henry said, "You might not be able to do magic but translating languages is an important skill, and learning different plants for potions."

"I can make potions?" Ben said excited.

"Sort of," Henry said, "I would need to bless it, but you could do everything else."

"Bless them?" Ben said.

"Yeah, with my blood, but you totally could make them," Henry said.

"Awesome!" Ben said, "Okay teach me some stuff right now."

"We are going to be late," Charlotte objected.

"Mikaelson's are always late," Henry said and she rolled her eyes. Henry put his hands on the book and Ben tried to pronounce some words.

"Seriously," Charlotte said placing her hand on Henry's arm, "Your Mum is going to be mad."

Both boys ignored her and Ben continued to try and read with Henry still touching the book. Charlotte looked out the window and saw the full moon shining down on them.

"Henry maybe we should..." Charlotte did never get to finished her sentence because in a flash of light all three of them disappeared.


What did you think? This is the introduction to the drabble series where I am going to send Henry, Charlotte, and Ben all over the place. It is more for my amusement and fun rather than a full story.

The series is going to be on tumblr because technically none of these characters are of my own imagination and not canon, but Klaus, Caroline and all of them will be making appearances. My tumblr is peacefulvillagefairone.

Thanks again for all the support with this story. It really has been an amazing ride and you are all so wonderful! Thank you!